Dream A Little Dream of Me

What started as a fairly boring season opener turned out to be a pretty good two-part episode.

The season premiere opens with the doctors of Seattle Grace learning that the hospital has dropped in rankings to twelfth place. This in turn affects everything subsequent in the episode as the doctors scramble to prove to themselves and to the world that Seattle Grace is a top-notch teaching hospital. Trauma patients are diverted to another higher-ranked hospital in the area, forcing the docs to wait outside for new ER patients like hovering vultures. They don’t have to wait long, as a limo carrying three older women careens toward the hospital doors. The women were on their way to a ball when the vehicle crashed, injuring its driver. Their husbands were traveling in a separate vehicle and are also injured. Things get complicated when it is revealed that one of the women was sleeping with her best friend’s husband. This friendship/betrayal angle is juxtaposed with Meredith and Christina’s friendship. Meredith wants Derek to move in with her and spends the majority of the episode spazzing out over it. She’s not the only one spazzing though, because the Chief and Bailey are going nuts over the decline in ranking, causing them to make knee-jerk decisions that could arguably jeopardize a patient’s safety. Of course this wouldn’t be sappy Grey’s Anatomy if there weren’t angst-filled musings by nearly every character, from Izzie to Christina, and of course Meredith.

I missed the last season of the show, but apparently the fling between Izzie and O’Malley was short-lived, as was the dalliance between Sloan and Torres. Torres is now toying with the idea of dating (gasp!) Dr. Hahn. She’s getting her Katy Perry on. We’ll see how long that lasts. I never would’ve put those two together.

If I could sum up the episode I’d say that it was a typical episode of Grey’s: a compelling storyline acted to perfection. I was crying at the end of the episode, which again is customary for this tear-jerker of a show. The knock on Grey’s is that it is way too “emo” and sappy. This is partially true, but I also think the show has a powerful poignancy that still touches viewers. The writers really have a way of encapsulating life and human emotion. I don’t think it has jumped the shark yet, but it’s true that once you’re on top the only place to go is down. We’ll see, but so far so good.

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Grey’s Anatomy (Season 5, Episode 1, “Dream A Little Dream of Me”)

Thursdays at 9PM/8C, ABC

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