Heroes: Evil League Of Evil

The crazier Mohinder gets, the better this season gets!  The once wretchedly tedious geneticist continued further down the road towards unstoppable predatory freakshow territory with the revelation that he’s taken to abducting drug dealers, noisy neighbors, and pretty much anyone who ticks him off and plastering them to his walls in heinous goo pods.  Yeah, that’s not normal.  In fact, his actions have officially become villainous enough to put him on the radar of The Pinehearst Company, a previously unseen organization aiming to gather the worst of the worst for god knows what.

Claire’s quest to become a one cheerleader army bears fruit when she tracks down Company escapee Stephen Canfield, who bears the power to conjure vortexes in time and space, but winds up realizing that not everyone the Company incarcerates is necessarily a villain.  Their soul searching session gets cut short, however, when Sylar and her dad rush in, causing Canfield to panic and flee in a visually stunning black hole that tears his house apart and threatens all inside.  Sylar rescues Claire and, with the help of his recently-acquired power to feel the history of whatever he touches, appears to have an actual moment of remorse over what he did to her.  I’m not sure I’ll every buy Sylar as a good guy, but his inner torment makes for some interesting scenes.  This particular story ends with Noah pleading for Canfield to make Sylar disappear forever, but the tortured soul instead opts to send himself into the void, and Claire’s opinion of her daddy falls another notch.

In what becomes both the most amusing and most surprising plotline of the evening, Hiro freeing Adam goes completely sideways after visiting a bar specializing in superpowered mercenary work.  The former Mr. Kensei escapes, only to be abducted by Knox.  He returns with Daphne to offer Hiro employment with Pinehearst, but only if he kills Ando.  Shockingly, Hiro agrees and reams his best buddy in the chest with a conveniently placed katana.  I refuse to believe Hiro would make such a character-changing sacrifice just to find the formula, but it doesn’t mean Ando’s not at least seemingly dead for the moment.

Back at Pinehearst HQ, Daphne is seen taking orders from Linderman, eventually revealed to be the work of Matt’s evil father Maury.  More surprising than that, however, is that Maury and, it would seem, the entire Pinehearst organization are taking their orders from none other than the presumably dead Arthur Petrelli.  The coming war between the heads of the Petrelli household and the organizations they control has the potential to be like nothing ever seen on TV.

Two last notable news briefs: upon his return from the future, Peter loses control, snaps Sylar’s neck, and tries to snack on his own mother’s power.  Still clearly enjoying Claire’s regeneration, Sy pulls himself back together, takes down his little bro, and helps mama put him into a chemical coma.  Can’t say it seems like a bad idea.  Finally, in what promises to lead to an incredibly creepy faceoff next week, Meredith falls under the power of a man who can play mental puppeteer with anyone he chooses.

Seeing this show fully returned to the peak of its talents with a constant stream of fresh ideas and twists is one of the great showbiz comeback stories of recent memory, and it makes me proud to call myself a fan.

Season 3, Episode 5: Angels and Monsters (originally aired October 13, 2008)

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Mondays at 9/8C on NBC

Photographs courtesy of NBC

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