90210: There's No Place Like Homecoming

On the last episode of the Troubled & Privileged, Adriana overdosed on cocaine and Naomi was left holding the bag.  Or in this case, the coke.  Though it initially appeared that she was a goner, Adriana was revived at the scene, had her stomach pumped, and is now enjoying a luxurious stay at a star-studded rehab.  How convenient!  I don’t mind her character surviving, I just don’t like the way this storyline was picked up again.  The writers didn’t address her situation as soon as they should’ve.  As a matter of fact, it took a while for everyone to find out what happened to her.  She’s getting help and trying to redeem herself, with Navid and Naomi’s support.  Apparently Navid has always been in love with her, though I can’t recall the two of them having a single conversation in any of the previous episodes.  Again, how convenient.  Her character is very messy, so I find it rather odd that the writers are tying the loose ends up with a neat little bow.

The backdrop of this week’s show was the Homecoming Dance, which was awkward for a few people, such as the newly broken up Ethan and Naomi.  Naomi seemed like a superficial, spoiled character in the beginning, but she actually is a pretty decent person.  She thought enough of Adriana to put her neck on the line for her, and in this episode she reaches out to Annie.  When she realizes that Annie and Ethan have feelings for each other, rather than lash out at Annie she calmly explains that Annie will have to choose between the two of them.  She can’t be friends with Annie if she is going to begin dating her ex-boyfriend. This may seem mean at first blush, but Naomi was basically saying that she values friendship and loyalty.  Naomi knew that she wouldn’t be a good friend to Annie if Annie and Ethan wound up dating.  Annie chooses friendship over love, and tries to explain to Ethan.  He seems to understand…until they end up kissing.  There was a lot of hooking up in this episode: Annie and Ethan, Navid and Adriana, and Mr. Matthews and his “student” Kim, who is really an undercover police officer.  After enduring her relentlessly inappropriate, flirtatious comments, he finally pounces on her when she reveals her true age and identity.

90210 is an entertaining show, and I appreciate the attempt to address some of the real issues that teens deal with, but sometimes it’s a little too snarky.  I don’t think real teens are as consistently cool as this fictional bunch, even in Beverly Hills.  It gets a little old.  Even the so-called outcasts on this show are cool.  There are no geeks!  Come on, every high school is filled with some cornballs, so where are they?  It feels a little unrealistic at times.  I’ve seen hints of real substance in past episodes, but the superficiality prevails more often than not.  90210 is becoming a “guilty” pleasure, and I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Season 1, Episode 8: There’s No Place Like Homecoming (originally aired October 28, 2008)

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Tuesdays, 8/7C, The CW

Photograph courtesy of The CW

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