Heroes: Outlook Not So Good

I’m completely shocked.  What began, early on, as a potentially promising arc is ending in a quasi-farce.  I miss the Heroes I used to love.  It’s like the writers decided on plotlines and character development with a damned Magic 8-ball.  Should we give one Emmy nominated Masi Oka ridiculous storylines?  Signs point to yes.  Shall we inject the show with creative, interesting or even fun ideas?  My sources say no.  Will the viewers have any idea why they spent the last three months watching Heroes by sweeps time?  Outlook not so good.

As we saw in last week’s teaser, the eclipse has returned.  What was a sign of new dawn during season one, has now become the warning of doom apparently.  How it fits into the whole villains storyline is dubious at this point.  It just seems like another fact the writers have thrown in and said, we’ll see how this pans out.  Or maybe this will jog our memories, and we’ll remember some cool ideas we didn’t use during first season.

Part one of this two part finale epitomizes all the things I dread about where this season has taken us.  The largest detail about tonight’s episode is that they’ve decided to take away all of our heroes’ powers, effectively making them completely boring to watch.  If I wanted to watch normal people in dangerous situations with big egos, I’d watch Chuck or even My Own Worst Enemy. (Chuck is, at least, always fabulous, and MOWE is looking up right about now compared to this!) This new development has left our heroes in some AWFUL predicaments. (I mean that literally.)

First, Matt and Daphne are dispatched to find Hiro.  Time travel would be a useful power in the battle against Team Arthur.  At least, someone’s using their brains.  The boring part is the lovers quarrel we find Matt and Daphne in for the entire episode.  They luckily do find Hiro, but we know where he’s at already.  He can’t speak English because he is ten, but apparently, has learned the words “holy crap.”  Matt, Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to her hometown where they subsequently lose their powers.  Unfazed by the fact that they are supposed to be building their ranks, Hiro and Ando decide to go in search for the next issue of 9th Wonders, and Matt bangs on Daphne’s door until he’s let in.  It’s then revealed, absurdly, that Daphne is partially paralyzed.  They still love each other, so I guess no worries.

Nathan and Peter are sent to find The Haitian, another one of my favorite heroes who’s been completely wasted this season. (Remember the shock when you found out what he could do or that he could speak?  Genius!) Peter hasn’t had powers so he’s not surprised by the eclipse, but it is shocking when he and Nathan plummet from the sky.  Luckily, there’s a body of water nearby.  Our heroes couldn’t smash into the jungle floor, now, could they?  The discover that The Haitian is on a quest to wrangle in a Level 5 baddie who turns out to be his brother.  Is this some Nathan/Peter foreshadowing?  Either way, machine guns versus three guys who can run isn’t really a battle, and Nathan sacrifices himself so that Peter and The Haitian can escape. (Of course to save him in the end anyway.)

Elsewhere, Claire is tired of the lame lines and action the writers have given her.  It was fate to tease us with that “Puppet Master” episode where she actually displayed some cahones.  With her father as her baby-sitter, he takes her to the one place where Sylar and Elle easily find them!  But while they’re waiting for our new love duo to catch up, Noah teaches ClaireBear how to protect herself and fight. (I think it may be a little too late for that.) And of course, it is.  Sylar and Elle arrive just as the eclipse takes effect.  With all powers down, the only weapon is Noah’s gun which he quickly loses in his tussle with Sylar.  Elle gets her hand around it and aims at human Noah, and Claire takes a bullet for her dad, thinking she would heal up in a jiffy.  Noah gets Claire out of there while Sylar and Elle are on the ground.  At least he put some faith in her, and she proved she could be useful. (Who would have thought it would be without her powers and leave her hanging on for life.) At least she’s happy she felt pain.  Elle and Sylar on the other hand kiss each other’s booboos and make them better. (Hot!)

At Arthur’s headquarters, Mohinder is the only one who’s been changed for the better.  That “rash” covering his whole body is worse, and he cocoons himself to the wall.  Yet post-eclipse, it’s as if he never injected himself with that super gunk.  His thoughts quickly turn from miracle to Maya. (I thought she was dead and buried writers!  Please no.) Thankfully Arthur has other plans which include Mohinder spending more time toiling away in the lab.

Sounds like a whole lot of crazy, right?  Can Mohinder’s discovery really bring all of this into perspective?  Do you have any clue what’s going on?  Does any of this setup make any sense?  Only one more episode to go, and it’ll all be put into perspective.  I think….

Season 3, Episode 10: The Eclipse Part 1 (originally aired November 24, 2008)

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