Life: Cowboys, Indians, and Cops with Money

It’s kind of a weird feeling when the detectives on a crime show lead more exciting lives than their murder victims (especially when those murder victims are L.A. residents).  I don’t know, I guess I’m just used to workaholics whose personal lives take up less than half of the plot-if that much, unless, of course, it’s one of those rare episodes in which the writers throw the characters a bone by intertwining their usually dull lives into the murder-like the guys on CSI or little, old ladies who have overly keen powers of observation and a whole lot of time on their hands like on Murder, She Wrote.  Call me old-fashioned.

Take this week’s episode of Life, “Evil… and His Brother, Ziggy,” for example.  I couldn’t wait to watch it after seeing the commercial in which Crews and partner, Dani Reese, are forced to solve a crime on a Native American reservation out in the middle of the desert.  And the crime-death of Sheriff Hawes-seemed gripping enough.  A local sheriff, hated and considered basically futile by the people living on the reservation, as they have their own tribal police and resent Hawes’ constant presence.  Because he was so disliked, everyone on the reservation is basically a suspect.  Add to it a brother and sister pair in which the brother’s name is Eval and sister’s name is Ziggy brought in to help build a new casino for the reservation, and you have a recipe for one complicated and hard to follow murder.  In fact, there were so many suspects and so many ways in which they could all be traced back to the murder victim that by the time the murderer was discovered, I really could have cared less who the murderer was or that deep down inside Sheriff Hawes had really always wanted to be an “Indian.”

To top it all off, there were the usual antics of Crews sucking in all the wonderful energy of the quiet desert while eating spoonfuls of Sheriff Hawes’ deer stew and Tidwell’s jealousy when he discovers that Reese and Crews have to share one of the available casino hotel rooms.  Mix in a couple of more scenes in which Rachel ends up spending the night at some musician guy’s apartment because she’s mad that she never knows where Crews is-even though she is always going on about him not being her uncle-and Crews paying a visit at a party on Rayborn’s penthouse rooftop deck with a pool and an amazing view overlooking L.A.  As Rayborn puts it, he and Crews are in a very small, elite group, Cops with Money.  The episode ends with Rayborn cryptically telling Crews he has a secret, and me hating the writers of the show for wasting time in the desert when we could have been learning secrets.

Season 2, Episode 10: Evil…and His Brother Ziggy (originally aired December 3, 2008)

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