Grey's Anatomy: All About George. Kidding!

Did you make it or was it too much to bear? Fans were close to rioting when Denny was reintroduced to Grey’s Anatomy, and I don’t blame them. Yet it seems the Izzie-Denny crazy saga has come to a close. And with that, Bailey fights to keep her little patient alive, Owen asks Christina for a second chance, and Meredith and Derek’s criminal bites the dust.

It was a busy day at Seattle Grace, as it seemed like everyone was experiencing their own personal hell. I knew it would be an interesting episode when I heard Denny’s voice as the narrator. We all know that Izzie has chosen Alex, so why doesn’t Denny, um, disappear? It’s clearly more than just Izzie’s inner demons battling to let go of her dead fiancé. On the other hand, this is a medical drama, and the answer can’t simply be that he’s a ghost. Every time Shonda introduces something like this, it’s always been accompanied by a coma or being under during surgery. Low and behold, Izzie realizes that Denny’s insistence that he’s “here for her,” has really meant that he is here to take her as death personified. Things get a little murky in the explanation of why him? and why he didn’t he tell her?  Is this his heaven her hell? I have no idea about all that, but at least now we know all this insanity has to do with a serious medical condition.

Meredith faced an extremely tough decision when she got sucked into Prisoner William’s mind games. After following her subtle hint that he basically break his skull, Meredith chose not only to let Bailey know that there was a potential donor for Jackson, but she also decided to ignore the fact that to save William’s life she should probably be calling in her brain surgeon boyfriend. Instead she chose to hold the phone which almost brought William the control over his passing he so desired. Or so we thought. When Christina pushed Meredith aside to actually use medecine on the man, he seems to have a change of heart when he asks her to help him because he doesn’t want to die.

When Bailey realizes that Jackson won’t be able to hold on for very much longer and that Derek is going to save a man who only has five days left to live, she holds the OR hostage, begging Derek to stop the surgery. When he points his scalpel at Bailey and asks her to choose if he’s an executioner or a doctor, Bailey snaps back to reality, realizing her feelings for the young patient has clouded her judgment so much that she was willing to throw the most important oath that she ever made out the window.

Luckily, Bailey didn’t need to compromise her heart or her head when the Chief convinces a grieving wife to become a widow since her brain dead husband is a perfect match for Jackson’s much needed transplant. He’s saved just in the nick of time. So often Chandra Wilson puts in Emmy and Globe worthy performances, and this week’s episode can’t be doubted. She’s vulnerable and grieving yet thankful and  all at the same time, and she doesn’t have to speak a word in her final scene by Jackson’s bedside.

If the most emotional scene goes to Bailey, the most heart warming scene goes to Meredith and Derek. With mama’s ring in tow, he presses Christina to make-up with Meredith because she’s going to need a friend when he proposes to her. Christina’s not quite ready to make that step yet. However when Meredith goes to William’s execution because William asks for a friendly face in the crowd, Derek is ill equip to handle Meredith’s endless leaky eye faucets. She  knows he doesn’t get her, but just the fact that he was there waiting outside the prison for her when we know how he felt about William proves how much he cares for her, and when he goes to Christina’s because he can’t console Meredith, it’s obviously that she cares for Meredith too. Have the friends made up? We’ll have to see next episode, but they’ve definitely taken a step in the right direction.

For some comic relief, Little Grey, who no longer allows Mark to call her that (Listen men, her name is Lexie, and she’s a woman. W-O-M-A-N!), gets a little too frisky and breaks his you know what down you know where. Now I always knew some dangerous things could happen when you weren’t too careful, but I couldn’t even imagine what an awful horror it must have been to see it all go down in real time. (I am sort of intrigued as to what it could have possible looked like. My imagination is struggling with that one too.) When all the interns find out a mysteriously flexible woman injured Mark’s manhood, Lexie can’t hide her discomfort at all of their speculation. Sweetly, Sadie comes to her rescue and claims herself to be the human pretzel so that Lexie can breath a little easier. I guess they are friends after all, and with the pressure of being off her back, she can be the woman Mark needs even if he’s too humiliated to look at her. She hops into that big ole hospital bed, cuddles and strokes his hair to make him feel all better.

This episode had every emotion known to man. There was happiness, sadness, laughter, reconciliation, death, mourning and rejoicing. And that’s everything you except from a Grey’s Anatomy episode. Now I want to know when and how Derek will propose.  And will Owen and Christina finally make something out of their obvious connection? What’s really wrong with Izzie, and will Alex be able to handle it now that Denny’s gone for (what seems like) good? George has about another three minutes of screen time, so why don’t they just write him off already? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Season 5, Episode 13: Stairway to Heaven (originally aired January 22, 2009)

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