Lost: A Tale of Two Charles Widmores

Thankfully this week’s episode does not jump around much, which for that reason alone I’m pleased with the episode.  Our dueling stories are between Desmond and the folks left behind on the Island after they started jumping through time.

When we last left Desmond he had woken up on a ship with Penelope, suddenly remembering that years ago Daniel Faraday told him he needed to find Faraday’s mother at Oxford.  We next see Desmond running to get a doctor back to his ship because Penelope is about to give birth.  She does, to a boy, named Charlie.  That was in the past.  About three years later, we see Desmond, Penelope, and Charlie sailing toward another mysterious island full of self-appointed, magical leaders and disgruntled locals.  That’s right, Great Britain!

As Penelope vicariously wonders for the audience how Desmond all of sudden remembered these things, he brushes it off and leaves the boat to find Mother Faraday.  At Oxford there’s no record of any Faraday ever working there.  Desmond gets all Nancy Drew and finds Faraday’s old lab that he remembers visiting during his time jumps.  The lab is abandoned but we recognize familiar items: Eloise’s maze; the brain microwaver; and a photo of Faraday, a woman, and his crazy mullet hair.  A wise, old janitor tells Desmond there was an accident with a girl and Faraday left.

Desmond finds the girl, Theresa, but she’s a vegetable now from Faraday’s experiments (or maybe she’s jumping through time without a constant).  Theresa’s sister is no fan of Faraday’s but says he ran off to America after the accident.  Thankfully his benefactor, Charles Widmore, stepped in and pays all of Theresa’s medical bills.

So Desmond goes off to Widmore’s office to get the name of Faraday’s mother.  Widmore gives him the information: she’s living in Los Angeles.  Before Desmond leaves, Widmore tells him to go back and hide with Penelope wherever it was they’ve been hiding.  He looks worried.

Back on the boat with Penelope, Desmond tells her that he doesn’t want to continue with his mission to find Faraday’s mother; he only wants to be with her and Charlie.  She isn’t hearing it and they head to Los Angeles.

* * *

Back on the Island, it’s the day after the fire arrow attack and Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, and two other extras are walking toward the creek to meet up with Sawyer and Juliet.  Because the two extras are unnamed, we know they’ll be the first to die.  And boom, there they go, just like Artz.  A spunky, young English woman, Ellie, appears with other mercenaries and takes the remaining three captive, believing they are from the American Army.

Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet wonder what to do with their captives and then the captives start talking to each other in Latin.  Juliet replies in Latin and we learn that the Others all communicate in Latin.  Well lah-dee, dah.

Ellie takes them back to the camp, where we see Richard, still looking ageless as always.  He introduces himself and says he presumes they came back for their bomb.  Faraday & Friends don’t know what he’s talking about but he plays along, hoping it will buy them time until the next jump.  It comes out that the American military has been testing nuclear weapons at or on the Island.  Faraday says he’s there to dismantle the bomb and that he won’t trick them because he’s in love with Charlotte.  Richard trusts him.  While Faraday waits to leave for the bomb, he tells Charlotte that he meant what he said about her.

As the Locke party head back to the Others camp, Juliet asks them to bring them to their camp.  One of the guys starts giving her answers once she reveals she knows Richard Alpert, but the second captive doesn’t like the answer, breaks the guy’s neck, and runs into the jungle.  Locke can’t shoot him, though, because “he’s one of my people.”

Richard explains to Faraday that they found 18 American soldiers setting up camp about a month ago. They asked them to leave but they refused, so Richard had them killed.  You see, he, like Faraday, also answers to a chain of command.  They’re interrupted by the escaped soldier running to tell Richard about his capture by Locke.

Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet see the camp from a distance.  Locke wants to finish his conversation with Richard, who Juliet says has always been on the island and is very old, but Sawyer and Juliet go to help free Faraday. They mistakenly think Faraday is being death marched into the jungle by Ellie.

Faraday and Ellie share some cryptic banter, namely that she looks like someone he used to know, and then they’re at the testing site: a wooden tower with a hydrogen bomb, “Jughead,” hanging down the middle.  Faraday gets closer and sees there’s a crack in the weapon and radioactive material is leaking out.  Ellie isn’t buying this trick, but he doesn’t care.  He says they need to fill the cracked casing with lead and then they should bury it with concrete.  She doesn’t know how he knows it will be safe, but he slips and says that he knows the island will still be there in fifty years.  Oh yes, he’s a time traveler.  Sawyer breaks the tension by pointing a rifle at Ellie’s head.  She drops the rifle.

Locke storms into the camp shouting for Richard Alpert.  The escaped solider doesn’t trust Locke, but Richard orders “Widmore” to put the gun down.  Surprise, y’all, it’s a young Charles Widmore.  Locke is pleased to meet him.  During his summit with Richard, Locke confuses Richard with all of his future talk.  Richard sort of believes him but won’t reveal how to get off the Island.  He doesn’t believe, though, that Locke becomes his leader because the selection process starts at an early age.  Locke tells Richard the date of his birth (two years from then in 1956) and tells him to go visit him at the hospital.  (Remember that from last season?)  Just then, Locke and friends jump in time.  At the next stop, the camp is gone and Charlotte collapses while hemorrhaging from her nose.  I’m not a doctor but I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.

Next week, Kate returns and I’m sure to be disappointed.

Meanwhile, some things to consider:

  • How obvious is it that Mother Faraday is Ms. Hawking?  After this week, I’ll move it up to 90% yes.
  • Is the concrete structure next to the Hatch where the Others buried the hydrogen weapon?
  • Who else in the 1950s Others crowd will we see in the future?  Ellie?  If so, who is she?

Season 5, Episode 3: Jughead (originally aired January 28, 2009)

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