The Closer: The Short Stick of the Law

This week’s episode opens to Deputy Chief Johnson and her detectives investigating the murder of a twenty-nine-year-old Missouri transplant who was murdered in her apartment.  After scouring the apartment, detectives discovered the victim was about to turn thirty, had a fiancé, and a cat.  They make sympathetic glances with each other, then realize the front door had been unlocked.  While they exchange theories, including one that the victim had left her front door open, Deputy Johnson scoffs back that a woman from Missouri would never have intentionally left her front door unlocked.

They drag in a man with scratches on his face who had been found in a tree near the scene and looked as if he had been in a struggle.  They bring him in for questioning.  Unfortunately for the detectives, the distraught man is not only unable to answer any questions and is a sex offender, but is able to call in a crack defense attorney.  A witness, Mrs. Evans, is called in to identify the suspect in a line up.  The witness has a hard time trying to determine the man who attacked the victim.  After Johnson discovers the suspect was a delivery man whose previous rape victims left their bathroom windows open, she tells his lawyer she will arrest him.  But the lawyer offers to make a deal and admits Chris Dunlap had a partner who committed the rapes and murders.  Johnson still has him arrested.

Office politics still plays a role as Pope tries to delay Johnson’s arrest after still holding a grudge for her actions during the mall shootings.  As Fritz tells her another criminal could be out there and her cops tell her its “another guy did it” defense, she struggles to decide whether to pursue another partner or arrest Chris.  They look at other possible delivery men as suspects.  After investigating Chris’s house where he lived with his mother, they discover Chris had lots of lingerie ads and was saving for plastic surgery.

The paramedics report that they went through the back door of Jessica’s apartment, not the front door.  The DA’s office offers a sentence of 8 years if they can get the accomplice.  Chris’s attorney refuses to offer the information unless Chris gets the best deal possible, probation.  Johnson’s office has no evidence linking Chris to Jessica’s murder, and decide to let Chris’s lawyer go over all evidence of previous victims so the lawyer will turn over the name of the other partner.  They have nothing other than Chris being seen near Jessica’s apartment.  The DA and Pope decide to split the difference of 8 years in jail for Chris and his partner if Chris and his lawyer give up the partner.

Johnson goes in to interrogate Chris with his attorney in the room.  Chris signs the deal and gives details of his partner’s preference for blondes.  But it seems the case has only just begun when Chris gives Johnson the doozy of a name for his partner.  Oh, Johnson, it seems you and your band of merry detectives just weren’t so clever this time.  In fact, I was surprised to see the tables turned this week on Johnson who always seems to catch her guy while chomping down on a chocolate bar.  Looks like this one will just have to be a cliffhanger to reappear somewhere down the line when ratings are low.

Season 4, Episode 13: Power of Attorney (originally aired February 9, 2009)

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