Heroes: Prison Break Edition

Hello, Prison Break: Heroes Edition!  With our superfriends post-crash and on the run, I’m just banking on the fact that this arc is better than said season on Prison Break. (Its premature end was one of the few good things that came out of the writers’ strike.) Luckily, our heroes don’t have to fly solo during this escape mission.  It’s great to see everyone group up and act as a team, even shoddily so.  So what is everybody up to?

Nathan is sweating.  With the plane smoldering and its contents either dead or on the lamb, our man with the sinister plan is definitely feeling the heat.  It didn’t help to have an insubordinate employee in The Hunter.  Seems that he really hates people with powers and would rather exterminate them than actually kidnap them.  Wonder what he’d do if he found out that Nathan’s one of them.  When Claire tests Nathan’s patience with her continued escape plots, the obvious agreement between Noah and Nathan surfaces.  Noah will be his bad ass self if Claire is protected.  They agree on sending her back to Costa Verde where she’ll pick up a part-time job and hang out with mom and Lyle. (Though, I wonder how long the partnership will last since Claire is the queen of sneaking out after curfew!)

Peter catches up to Tracy, and it’s clear these two have a bone to pick with Nathan.  Tracy doesn’t understand how he could do this to either of them, and Peter reminds her that he’s no longer her boyfriend.  She taps into the one thing that can help since she sucks with her powers, and that’s the fact that they could possibly outwit Nathan because she thinks like him.  Tracy promises Peter in return for a trip back to her normal life, but Nathan sees through their lie, bringing Noah and The Hunter’s team as back up.  With a clear shot, The Hunter presses Noah to take Peter out, and Nathan backs up the command though we know he’s bluffing.  Peter, having been so close to Nathan, flies away, leaving Tracy to the wolves. (I like that we get to see a bit of the new Nathan’s old, caring side.  Good continuity.) And Nathan later thanks Noah for not taking the shot and saving his brother.

Sylar, having eluded capture, tortures that SWAT Ninja guy for information on his father, but he’s that annoying nut you can’t crack.  Instead he finds an empty house, waits for someone to come home and proceeds to torture them in front of the guy instead.  Will this work?  Unfortunately for a mother and her “recently released from juvie” son, arriving at home means realizing the part they’re supposed to play in Sylar’s sick game.  He starts in on the mother first by tele-suffocating her until her son Luke retaliates by using powers.  Sylar’s intrigued.  The kid can nuke things, ie melt plastic, boil water.  And when the SWAT Ninja frees himself, in perfect range to take Sylar out, Luke kills the man and saves Sylar instead.  Luke asks Sylar to take him along, insisting that he knows why Sylar’s searching for his Dad and that he can help him find him.  I think someone’s listening!

Ando and Daphne catch up, realizing that both Hiro and Matt were kidnapped by the same people.  With her super-speed they zip to Hiro’s GPS locator which plants them smack dab at the Arkansas crash site.

Matt, Hiro and Mohinder barely escape recapture when Matt falls into a pre-cog trance.  It leads him to an empty trailer where he finds some drawing tools.  To preoccupy themselves, Hiro and Mohinder change out of their bright orange jumpsuits to blend in better.  When Matt resurfaces, he’s drawn Daphne, by the crash site, getting shot.  He leaves to rescue her, but can’t.  Although she appears, and he gets to hold her in his arms in relief, she’s shot as predicted moments later.  Though mostly powerless, Matt does push his powers even farther by telling the shooters to turn on and kill each other. (Sweet move!)

In the end, Peter reunites with the rest of our Heroes (minus one fallen one) in time for a rousing (sorta) speech about being ready for the fight when it comes or something about bringing the fight to Nathan. (It was probably a mix of both, but the fact that I don’t remember doesn’t say much for Peter’s leadership skills.) And with Claire back in Costa Verde, you’d think she was as far from the action as possible. (Tsk, Tsk.  You’d have thought wrong!) Yet, she receives a text message from someone named Rebel that tells her she needs to be prepared as well.  She may be down, but she’s not out!

And neither am I.  With the pace kicked up a notch, I can’t wait to see what Prison Break: Heroes Edition comes up with next.

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“Our superpowered friends seem to have no concept of teamwork-especially where Ando’s booster-power is concerned.  Claire’s self-healing + Ando = maybe saving Daphne?  Mono-power Peter + a shot of Ando = Multi-power Peter?  Powerless Hiro + a jolt from Ando = restored powers?  It’s worth trying.” – Charliy

Season 3, Episode 15: Trust and Blood (originally aired February 9, 2009)

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