Life: Operation Fun in the Sun

life-2172Murder takes a vacation at the beach on this week’s episode, “Shelf Life,” as Crews investigates the stabbing of an unidentified suspect who is found dead on the boardwalk.  But first, Tidwell asks Crews to come into his office and shut the door and blinds for an exercise in the usual office hijinx.  Tidwell asks Crews to stomp on his foot, which is asleep.  After a few attempts, Tidwell tells Crews to stomp harder, adding that his ex-wife had the best technique likely because of her shoes.  As Tidwell begins to feel his foot again, Bobby, having recovered from the previous episode’s attack of the lethal homemade shroom pill, walks in with news that there’s a dead guy at the beach.

At the beach, Crews kneels over the dead guy’s body, pondering where he might have put his key since he had no pockets.  He pulls out a key to the motel, Sea Sprite, from under the victim’s hat.  Crews and Bobby find military gear, including a very small pair of boots that likely belong to a female, in the motel room.  They exit the room to find themselves surrounded by three people who had been lounging by the pool earlier.  Crews and Bobby take out their guns and order the three to put their hands up and get down on their knees.  The three suspects shared the motel room with the victim, Travis Slocum.  It turns out all four were soldiers who had served in Iraq and were supposedly in L.A. for Operation Fun in the Sun.  Tidwell and Crews are both suspicious about a woman sharing a motel room with three men, along with the fact the soldiers had left their dog tags behind.  All the clues point to a possible argument over the female soldier, which may have led to violence.  But video surveillance playback of Slocum’s stabbing on the boardwalk reveals that he was quickly stabbed after walking past people who were fighting and creating other distractions. The people on the boardwalk later turn out to be street performers who later admit they were paid $100 by an unidentifiable man in a hoodie who asked them to do performance art on the boardwalk timed perfectly with the stabbing.  To complicate matters, Crews and Bobby follow the female suspect, Marion, to her part time security job on a private jet for Chem Tech.  The dead body of a junkie and Desert Storm veteran found later and a bowl of mutated grapes found in his fridge lead to a murderer that is not a jilted lover, but a high tech game of military sabotage.

life-2171Reese, not completely MIA despite being holed up answering questions for the FBI, still manages to help Crews with his case by occasionally calling in.  Ms. Purrier returns to a rude awakening when she finds Crews has caught onto her little spy games with Ted.  With a little help from a techie geek also named Ted who helps hack into the Purrier database, Crews and Ted are able to convince Ms. Purrier to release the Rayborn records to them so that Crews can find out what happened.

Season 2, Episode 17: Shelf Life (originally aired March 11, 2009)

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