Grey's Anatomy: George had a line!

greys-anatomy-5183::Tear:: ::Tear:: It’s another week of romance and dramedy at its best. On the tissue necessity scale, it was more travel Kleenex pouch, but, then, not every episode can require whole toilet paper roll!

A brief synopsis: if you thought the interns couldn’t get any crazier, well, they proved us wrong; Izzie and Christina hashed it out over what to do now that one of them is terminal; Derek remained contemplative in the woods but sort of came back to his senses; As George said, this week Meredith was “very Bailey.” (Yes, George had a line. He actually was in a few scenes. Hard to believe, I know!)

I’ve been wondering when they’d get back to addressing this random group of interns that they just plopped onto our computer screens. We saw them get a little wacky when they decided to perform surgeries on eachother. They also got a little competitive over the Intern Olympics, but what we haven’t seen is them act a little lovecrazy like our now residents used to be when they were but wee ones. Luckily this week, all that changed.

Seeing the interns all battered and bloodiereminded me of the good old days. How much did we love our favorite group of interns when they were, as my mom says, actin’ a fool. I guess Megan used to date Pierce but then slept with Steve and then got back together with Pierce. I, also, guess that Steve is text inept because he sent a message about their love affair to everyone in his phonebook causing a crazy raucous.

Meredith was there to whip them into shape though. Who she hasn’t seemed able to whip is Derek, who’s still moping in the wood. When Bailey sends Callie out to convince him to return to the hospital, she ends up moping along with him. Owen is then sent out as further reinforcements, but we know that boy has problems too. So pull up a chair and grab a beer, this is going to be a whiny night.

The Chief arrives, and I think, ‘Don’t these people have jobs!!’ It’s gets all heated between the friends. Derek even goes so far as to blame the Chief for pushing Meredith away, but the Chief shows his sweet side.

greys-anatomy-5181The most surprising statement of the night, however, goes to Meredith. When Derek asked her if she’d still love him if he wasn’t a surgeon, she flatly said no. I can see her point of view. She fell in love with a surgeon, perfoming surgeries.  Most of their time is spent at work on top of it, and all of their friends are doctors. And if you delve even deeper, could she really love a quitter? Derek is a winner. He’s the best! What this spells for our two lovers is still a mystery, but I hope Meredith stands by her words and by her man.

Things aren’t so sweet between Christina and Izzie either. Christina was the obvious choice to confess her secret to seeing as she’s the most unemotional doc in the group. Well, the obvious choice should have been her smoking hot, new boyfriend, but he’ll find out eventually.

Being the responsible friend that she is, Christina sets up all these consultations but Izzie still isn’t sure she wants saving. It’s clear when a patient comes in to get a face replacement, backed by his support group, that she’ll need people around her too. (This patient storyline was sad, compelling and grotesque. I really mean it. But it made you feel for this guy even more, especially when the interns call him Blowhole. So cruel!)

Izzie eventually comes to her senses though when Christina asks her to fight, and when everyone finds out what’s going on, they rally around her. The montage at the end where everyone hops into bed with her made me cry, man! It was beautiful!

The question now is will Derek come to his senses in time to save Izzie because what neurosurgeon can top him?

Season 5, Episode 18: Stand by Me (originally aired March 19, 2009)

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