I Love You Man

iloveyouman_image3Look. I Love You, Man will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and if you’ve seen previous films of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel like Role Models and Forgetting Sarah Marshall respectively, you might not find this film as laugh riotous. Yet to me, this was everything I was looking for a 24 year old who can understand the difficulties of balancing serious relationship with those girl friendships that need and deserve attention as well. I laughed from start to finish and would watch it again just to catch all the subtle nuances I’m sure I missed. The best part about the film was they reminded me of real people, of people I know and love for their endearing quirks and ticks. The humor was never too over the top, though of course there’s are a bunch of full on gags that are designed to be over-the-top. And though there’s a great cast in this film, Rudd and Segel are the shining stars. Hopefully, they’ll be spending a lot more time on the big screen together after the comedic chemistry that oozed of that screen.

Director John Hamburg (Along Came Polly) joined Seinfeld writer Larry Levin on writing the script. It’s a pretty cliché plot, a guy is getting married and realizes that he has no guy friends. Who’ll be his best man? The main storyline is Peter Klaven’s (Rudd) quest to start a bromance and find a new best dude. No future bride wants the bridal part to be three times the size of the groom’s party. Hello! Lopsided much?! Things don’t go so well when he meets dud after dud after gay dude after dud. But its as if the heavens part when he meets Sydney Fife (Segel). Though they’re completely different, the two mesh like peanut butter and jelly.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Sydney is a little bit of a rebel without a cause. Clearly, the type of guy who can iloveyouman_image1make friends in a instance, but is always left behind when those friends grow up. He not only brings out the best in Peter, but he brings out a little bit of the worst too, and their relationship grows so close, so fast that even Zooey, played by Rashida Jones from the office, gets jealous. I’m sure you can see where the story goes from there.

Some of the funniest parts include a great supporting cast with the beautiful Jaime Pressley as Zooey’s best friend, Jon Favreau as the BFFs asshole husband, J.K. Simmons, the go to funny pop (Juno) and a scene stealing gay brother, played by Andy Samberg. However, like I said earlier, the funniest scenes of all are owned by Rudd and Segel. Whether it’s their silly nicknames for each other, Peter’s inability to act anything but awkward or the crazy that ensues whenever Sydney lays out some advice for his buddy, not a beat is missed between the two. All I can say is, thank you, man! And I love you too.

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