Observe and Report

observe_image3The question on everyone’s mind this weekend was whether America was ready for yet another overweight bumbling mall cop comedy.  Well, thankfully, Observe and Report is not much of a comedy, unless you count as comedy Seth Rogan‘s rambling f-bombs, outlandish fight scenes, alcoholics soiling themselves, or Anna Faris getting drunk and having unconscious copulation with Rogan. (Don’t worry, it’s not rape because she mumbled for him to not to stop.  At least that’s what he’s telling his public defender!) If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, then I suggest you rent Rogan’s last film, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, which was quite good.

In Observe and Report, Ronnie Barnhardt (Rogan) is the head of mall security, obsessed with shop girl Brandi (Faris) and filled with delusions of grandeur that become overwhelming when the police, lead by Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta), arrive to investigate a serial flasher and then a burglary of a store.  Ronnie decides that, in order to get the girl, he’s going to become a real police office.  I’ll spare you what happens with that or how it ends, but it’s rather predictable for these anti-hero type of stories.

So did I like anything about this film?  Well, Seth Rogan is good at playing this type of character and he does it well.  I’m just observe_image2tired of seeing it, I guess.  Similarly, Anna Faris does a good job playing the ditzy type, but again, I’m just tired of seeing it.  And Ray Liota, he’s back and delivers more scathing comments about Ronnie’s “special needs” than President Obama on the Tonight Show.

But on the plus side for you Friday Night Lights fans, Jesse Plemons shows you what would happen if Landry grew up and became a security guard trainee named Charles.  No word, though, on whether Tyra dropped out of UT to go work at the Taste-A-Bun.

Now while the premise of a delusional mall security officer seems like comedic gold, it helps if you have a more developed story.  Otherwise you get a series of mildly amusing scenes loosely strung together, i.e., this film.

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