The Office: Three Words: Michael Scott Paper Company

officenup_133439_0353The Office, like our economy, was in a bit of a decline, sinking into despair, but then some bold decisions were made, management was switched up and now we have a new idea we can believe in. There’s even an inspirational new montage video. Yeah, there’s a new Office in town, and this season’s looking up.

In a two episode laugh fest that brought back some favorite – or heavily despised – characters and shook up Dunder Mifflin’s direction, Michael and Pam assembled a “Dream Team” and officially started “The Michael Scott Paper Company”.

But first, back in Scranton, unrest was rising. Kevin, as predicted was rubbish on the phones. Stanley wasn’t more efficient, and Jim resorted to sucking up to VP Charles since he still hated him.

Dwight, however, was thrilled that someone was not charmed by Jim’s adorableness. When everyone in the office became a soccer fan like Charles over night, Dwight challenged Jim’s ability to play soccer by suggesting they have a game after work. But Jim couldn’t play soccer, ducked when Charles hit a ball at him, and Phyllis got hit in the nose. Jim got blamed and Charles still hates him. Also, I’m starting to hate Charles – which I’m pretty sure is the point of his character.

While the seeds of hatred for Charles were brewing at Dunder Mifflin, Pam dropped by Michael’s to start their paper company. Michael was in his bathrobe and made a lot of French Toast because he was afraid and freaked out. Pam calmed him down, assured him he could do this, and made a list of things for them to do so that they could check things off – which was actually a pretty shrewd thing to do.

After opening the mail – Michael can’t run a business from his condo – they were off to find their dream team which turned out to be Vikram from Michael’s old telemarketer job and Ryan with bleached blond hair and a tendency to steal bowling shoes.

Then the dream team met with a potential investor: Michael’s grandmother. She didn’t want in (ouch!) and Vikram wanted out (eh). On the car ride back it was time for Pam to freak out – what was she doing being so impulsive? And then it was Michael’s turn to calm her down. They balanced each other shockingly well and could just be a real dream team.

So Michael’s had his people, but he still needed an Office. However, Michael couldn’t afford much, and the team ended up back in the Dunder Mifflin office park in a closet. And there were some conflicts among his stellar staff.

Pam refused to be the receptionist again and refused to make copies – even though she likes making copies. Ryan continued to be despicable, describing someone on the phone as “a six in New York, but a seven in Scranton”. And Michael hosted a failed pancake breakfast as they continued to be unable to gain clients. Pam even got so desperate that she hopped upstairs and asked Charles for her job back. But Charles had already hired a pretty new secretary named Kelly who was causing some trouble of her own.officenup_133439_0831

First off, she has the same name as Kelly Kapoor who decided to hang out outside Charles’ office and pop in every time he called for the receptionist. Each time she came in she said “you wanted me?” in the hope that if she says it enough he will want her. Not her worst idea.

But the real mischief receptionist Kelly caused was between budding buddies Dwight and Andy. You see they hated each other so much that their hatred had to become affection. So they’re going hunting, jamming together, and fighting over the same woman: Kelly. I was thinking, here we go again. We were about to have another Dwandy Duel, but instead we got a Dynamic Dwandy Duo. While competing on their banjo and guitar for Kelly’s affection, Dwight and Andy ended up getting caught up with each other, ignoring the lady entirely. I must say I’m enjoying the bromance.

But two bros still not on romantic terms were Jim and Charles. Charles asked Jim for a rundown of all his clients. Jim spent his whole day trying to figure out what the heck that meant, and when he finally put one together, Charles didn’t even look at it. Raise your hand if you think Jim’s heading toward Michael Scott Paper Co. (Yes he can!)

Speaking of Michael Scott Paper Co., after an episode of fighting in which even Michael was fed up with Pam and Ryan’s bickering, the fledgling company scored themselves a client. And MSPC was off the ground and running.

Next week: Dwight gets naked. Prepare yourself.

Season 5, Episodes 20 and 21: Dream Team and The Michael Scott Paper Company (originally aired April 9, 2009)

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