Rescue Me: "Say Inkling Again!"

This week, Rescue Me opens with a signature Tommy Gavin dream sequence-perhaps the funniest and simultaneously most disturbing one in the show’s history. The crew is racing to a scene where a pregnant woman is about to burst, but when they get there, Tommy sees that the woman is his daughter Colleen. Garrity faints but Tommy is surprisingly calm. He helps Colleen deliver the baby and yep, it’s definitely Black Sean’s. Then another one starts popping out and Mike faints too. Colleen keeps pushing and telling Tommy how much she loves him and that she will name her son after him. Oh yeah, this is definitely a dream. Then a third one starts popping out of the oven and Black Shawn himself arrives. Tommy looks over at his finger and sees a wedding band. Colleen and Black Shawn have married. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy wakes up in the firehouse.cast-larenztaterescueme

And the hits just keep on coming for our favorite self-destructive, acerbic firefighting maven. He’s getting three hundred calls a day from Derek, the loser Tommy’s cousin Mick shanghaied him into sponsoring at AA. Plus, even though Tommy beat Chief Feinberg’s bogus section eight hearing, the old gasbag makes it abundantly clear that he’s still on his ass. Even better, bitter-psycho-pill-extraordinaire Sheila is still knee-deep in her latest obsession, psychodramaturgy. She brings her, uh, psychodramaturgist (how much does that pay?) to the firehouse and introduces him as Kirk, her friend from cooking class. Mr. Cooking Kirk is there to observe Tommy so that he can impersonate him better during sessions with Sheila. Tommy doesn’t buy it: “If he’s Kirk, I’m Spock.”

Now after Black Shawn finally got the nerve to tell Tommy that he was with Colleen at the end of last week’s episode, I was expecting all hell to break loose, as was Lou. But working a fire, Tommy acts perfectly cordial toward Black Shawn. Lou commends him on his mature behavior and Tommy explains that the guy’s a firefighter, he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke…he may not be his first choice for Colleen, but he can’t really complain. Then Lou mentions that Tommy must also be pleased about the whole not having sex thing. Tommy does a double take. Lou informs Tommy that they’re waiting until they get married. This time, when Black Shawn walks by, Tommy isn’t so cordial.

Let’s just say that Tommy only has to look at his own life to understand that Gavin and marriage mix about as well as spaghetti and Bavarian fruitcake. He needs to get Colleen and Black Shawn away from the entire concept of marriage, so he boldly goes where no father has gone before: he encourages his daughter to have premarital sex in a scene that is so perverse that it’s hilarious.

The other really funny part of the episode involves Mike still trying to come up with the right theme for the bar. Last week it was lumberjack. This week, his stroke of genius is to have a bar where everything is black: black walls, black bar, black glasses, black floor, etc. He asks Franco if he can guess what the bar is going to be called. Franco jokingly guesses “White.” Unfortunately, he guessed right. Yep, it’s a bar made completely out of black called “White.” Only Mike. Funny scenes ensue involving the guys falling and getting lost in their own bar because they can’t see anything.

Speaking of Mike and Franco, the most interesting and surprising scenes in the episode involve the two of them. Franco is spouting more of his thoughts on how 9/11 was an inside job to French journalist Genevieve when Mike comes by and makes his objections apparent. Mike thinks that Franco is being disrespectful to the memories of the heroes who died while Franco says Mike has no idea what he’s talking about because Mike wasn’t even there. After watching four seasons of Mike the probie getting walked all over by everyone, it’s really surprising and dramatic to see him take charge so forcefully and stand up for what he believes. There’s another scene later on where Mike talks to Franco about why he became a firefighter. I’m really digging the evolutions of the principal characters that Denis Leary and Peter Tolan are cooking up for this season. Meanwhile, it looks like we may be on the brink of a love triangle between Tommy, Lou and Genevieve. Personally, I hope Lou wins because he’s had nothing but bad luck with women for the entire series. Can’t wait to see Michael J. Fox again too.

Season 5, Episode 3: Wine (originally aired April 21, 2009)

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