So You Think You Can Dance: In Which Brandon and Janette Rule the World

soyouthinkyoucandance2It’s top 12 week! Which means we’re about to cut two people and leave us with the top 10, at which point the competition changes and we’re voting for individuals but people are still dancing in pairs, or something like that. What, I never claimed I knew anything about this show.

So, since my predictions are always wrong, let’s make some new ones, shall we?

The following pairs have never been in the bottom three yet:
•    Randi and Evan
•    Melissa and Ade
•    Brandon and Janette

I think it’s safe to say that all of those people will continue on to the top 10. Even if they land in the bottom three this week, I assume the judges will give them another chance. After all, we’ve never gotten an indication that the judges secretly hate any of them and are waiting for a chance to axe them. And I don’t give these judges much credit for subtlety.

Of the dancers who have been in the bottom three:

•    Kayla and Phillip are obviously safe.
•    Caitlin and Jason have been in the bottom three more than once, and have both narrowly escaped getting cut in the past. And I strongly suspect that if they’d wound up in the bottom three last week, that would’ve been the last we’d seen of them.
•    Kupono… I’m not sure about Kupono. I would’ve said he was a goner, but the judges seemed quite taken with him last week.
•    Jeanine I think is probably safe. The judges seem to like her, but she’s constantly overshadowed by Phillip. I can’t see them keeping Caitlin and getting rid of Jeanine if they had the choice, but who knows who’ll wind up in the bottom three this week.

So, through very simple process of elimination, I predict that our top 10 will consist of everyone but Caitlin and Jason. However, if those two don’t end up in the bottom three we could be into a wild card situation. (Unless the judges rig the results to put Caitlin and Jason into the bottom three no matter what, but, since 19 Productions has already reaped the PR penalty for poor Kris Allen’s Textgate, I don’t think they would do that.) So, the obvious potential wild cards are Kupono and Jeanine. And, if worst comes to worst and the bottom three consists entirely of the judges’ favorites, I can also see them eliminating Ade and/or Janette, simply because they’ve gotten less attention so far than some of the others. (Although I would cry for days if Janette didn’t make it to the top 10.)

All right, let’s get started.

Cat is wearing a little black dress and has her hair up. Or did she get it cut? No way, she can’t do that mid-season, the Fox people wouldn’t have let her. She looks awesome with it up though. You know, if I could be reincarnated as anyone in the world I think I would want to be reincarnated as Cat Deeley.

Intro dances. Randi’s in a unitard again. Evan is in a jeans variation of his usual outfit. Janette is doing backbends and generally looking awesome. Melissa thinks it’s 1984 and she’s in Dirty Dancing. (I suspect this may actually be a recurring problem for Melissa.) Brandon does a more awesome than usual flip. Kupono is rocking the guyliner. Evan’s gangster walk gets funnier every week. The part where they all dance off the stage into Cat always looks really awkward. Don’t the contestants know that when Cat’s on stage we don’t care about them anymore?

Oh my lord, the shows are still two hours long? We’re only going to get six performances tonight and that’s going to take up two hours? I mostly like this show, but look, I’m a busy lady.

Tyce is this week’s guest judge. I vaguely recall liking him during his previous appearances, even though so far I haven’t been into his choreographed routines thus far. Sounds like this is his first time officially judging so we’ll see how that goes.soyouthinkyoucandance.4

First, Melissa and Ade, doing disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez. Melissa, predictably, has never done disco before. Maybe they’ll let Ade keep his pick in for this one. Melissa and Ade have developed some strong-looking off-screen chemistry, I must say.

Melissa’s performance outfit looks more like something a figure skater would wear than a disco queen, but what do I know. I was born in the height of the disco era but oddly enough the infant care centers of Roanoke, Virginia, were not teeming with sources of disco knowledge for me to acquire. Ade, on the other hand, looks astonishing in his sparkly suit (no pick though). They’re dancing really fast and it’s cool. I’m not really getting a disco vibe from it, other than the music and the costumes and the lights, but they both look fantastic, just like always, and again like always they do some amazing lifts involving Melissa being more flexible than any human being has a right to be. Then Melissa falls down at the end. Whoops.

Nigel loved it. He fills some time by talking about ballet and then compliments Melissa for falling cutely. Mary screams half-heartedly, and Tyce helps her out. Mary points out the difficulty of the lifts and notes that Ade “just let go” for the first time. Really? I haven’t been noticing much restraint in Ade thus far. Tyce says the performance was “friggin great” and compliments Melissa’s growth and her body, which didn’t bother me because he said it in a kind, non-gross way. (And lest you think I’m giving him a free pass unjustly, let it be known that I have heard plenty of gay men compliment women’s bodies in gross ways before.)

Next, Kayla and Kupono, doing a contemporary routine choreographed by Mia. It’s about Addiction, symbolized by a sinister smirking Kupono. Kupono has issues with playing this character due to his past experiences with family and friends who struggled with addiction. I feel for him, but I suspect Mia is thrilled with this added significance to her choreography (although I’m sure she considered it very powerful already).

The dance starts, and Kayla is wearing an outfit that is not appropriate for an 18-year-old. Am I seriously the only one bothered by this? Is there something magical about her having passed that birthday that makes this not offensive? Also, she’s wearing no makeup or made up to look like she’s wearing no makeup, and her hair is wet and stringy, and thus she would be unrecognizable as Kayla were it not for the helpful caption. The dance involves a lot of Kayla being a rag doll, which seems to happen to her a lot. The addiction concept comes across very clearly in the performance, which I can’t remember thinking before about a dance on this show that was supposed to be directly symbolic like this. They’re both acting pretty well, especially Kupono, who it turns out is very good at smirking sinisterly. Overall, it’s very convincing. And rather dark. Creepy, even.

Nigel calls the choreography powerful and says Kayla and Kupono were brilliant, but he doesn’t like that Kayla’s hair is always in her face. Kupono looks choked up now that it’s over. Mary compliments Kupono’s intensity and says he’s always good at staying in character, and that Kayla has been flawless every week, and puts them on her train. Tyce sucks up to Mia and compliments Kayla and Kupono’s acting. Then he says Kupono could be “stronger in your body” and calls Kayla a beast. I hadn’t noticed Kupono’s weird cravat thing, hmm.

Next, Jason and Caitlin, doing the foxtrot choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin. Caitlin is happy to get to be a girly-girl, which I can certainly understand after last week. And she looks gorgeous, as always, in her outfit, doing the spangly rich-lady look that I’m currently associating with Public Enemies. The dance is kind of dull though, except for a couple of cool lifts. And their smiles look very fakely plastered on, but I wonder if that’s intentional? Maybe that’s the style for the foxtrot.

Nigel says Caitlin had a Grace Kelly vibe and made the tough stuff look easy. Then he compliments Jason’s footwork. Mary agrees that the style suits them but doesn’t really shriek or put them on her train. Then Tyce and Mary have a snapping competition and he kicks her butt. Tyce says Jason and Caitlin looked like stars and tells Caitlin she could have “glided more.”

Next, Jeanine and Phillip, doing Russian folk dance (well, obviously) choreographed by Youri Nelzine and Lilia Babenko. Phillip’s rehearsal footage is hilarious. As are their performance outfits.

Man, Phillip is lucky he’s guaranteed a spot in the top 10. He looks like he’s just bopping around with a lot of makeup on. This dance is like something you’d see at Epcot. Okay, maybe it’s totally authentic, I have no idea, but it looks like they’re doing a parody. I think it’s mainly Phillip’s facial expressions and just general freaky Phillip-ness that’s causing that. Jeanine looks like she’s giving it her all, but Phillip looks like he’s biting his lip to keep from laughing. At the end they do a pot stir but it’s nowhere near as fast as the one that one couple did during audition rounds.soyouthinkyoucandance1

Nigel gives them a slow clap, and points out the difficulty of the dance. Then he announces that he regrets assigning it to them, although he adores Phillip and so adds the qualification that “it’s nothing to do with your dancing.” No, no, nothing at all. He insults the choreography and says it was “a little too folky.” Jeanine is near tears. Nigel points out some good footwork by Phillip and says Jeanine is beautiful. I’m pretty sure Jeanine already knows that and would rather have been complimented on her footwork but I’m also sure Nigel wouldn’t believe me on that point. Mary compliments a particular sequence by each of them, starting with Jeanine, so that hopefully helps some. Mary points out that any random person off the street couldn’t have done that dance, and says the routine just wasn’t hard enough. Make up your mind, Mary. Was it too challenging or not challenging enough? Then she says they have another routine to do. They do? Oh, good. That explains why Cat seems so hyper about moving everyone around speedily. Tyce wants to “honor the dancer” and says Jeanine and Phillip executed the dance well.

Next, Randi and Evan, doing hip-hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. The story behind their performance is that Randi and Evan are a young couple who just learned that Randi’s pregnant. Poor Randi is distressed by this, and I’m not sure why. Randi seems to be way more self-conscious about most things than the other contestants. I feel for her, though. And, wait, I take that back, because some of the others – Brandon comes to mind – also do give off a strong self-conscious vibe. The difference is, Brandon et al don’t talk about that. They do as they’re told without admitting that it makes them uncomfortable. Not saying either way of handling these things is better or worse. Just saying.

The dance begins, and oh, this is really cute. Evan is way into the acting aspect of it, as Evan tends to be (and rightly so, since it’s definitely his strong suit. Well, that and jumping over people’s heads. Oh, and the gangster walk from the opening). Randi is also great at the acting, which is interesting since it doesn’t seem to go with her personality. Aww, this is adorable. I’m barely even noticing the dancing because I’m into the story they’re telling. Which is the point, right? Awwww! I think they’re not completely in sync, but I don’t care. Also I like that their costumes make them look like relatively normal people.

Nigel points out that their routine included a few lifts, which one shouldn’t be doing if one is pregnant. Good point, actually. He also notes that Tabitha and Napoleon didn’t require Randi and Evan to “be urban,” but instead wrote a routine that better fit Randi and Evan’s personalities. That’s interesting, if it’s true. Mary says she was expecting a train wreck (why does Mary have such low expectations of everyone?) and compliments Evan for not falling down. Then she gives a very brief shriek. Tyce loved the storytelling, and thinks Evan needs to “find more” and “come out and really explore what this is.” He says Randi did “a very good job.” Tyce is not a very helpful judge.

Next, Brandon and Janette, doing an Argentine tango. Awesome! There is no one in the world I’d rather see do an Argentine tango than Brandon and Janette. Their choreographers are Leonardo Barrionuevo and Miriam Larici. Brandon tells us the dance exudes sex. Oh, Brandon.

The dance begins, and man, Brandon cleans up well. He’s wearing a suit with a shirt that’s actually buttoned, and the persona to go with it. Janette also of course looks amazing and mucho glamorous in a red dress that’s totally covered in the front with a way open back. Janette does some awesome stuff with her legs that I’m sure the judges will explain. Wow, she’s amazing. As, to be fair, is Brandon, although for once you can tell from looking that this isn’t his usual style. They’re both beautifully in character. Love it love it love it.

All three judges, led by Nigel, give them a standing ovation. Wow, really? Well, I don’t know what the tango is supposed to look like but I guess that was it. Nigel says it was the most perfect ballroom routine that’s ever been done on the show. Mary is dumb but screams nonetheless. She puts them on her train and tries to hit on Brandon. Poor Mary is always on the wrong track. Tyce humors her, then calls Brandon and Janette a “power couple,” which seems like a very appropriate description for them. Then he talks about orange juice and Brandon and Janette pretend to understand. Does anyone else think the judges are maybe high?

Before the next set of performances, Cat breaks the news to us that next week the partners will be switching. So now we get interview packages where the contestants tell us what they’ll miss about their partners. I strongly suspect that there will not be any interesting information in these interviews but if there is, rest assured I’ll mention it. The partner switching will be fun though. Poor Evan will be stuck dancing with a woman who’s like six inches taller than him, and you know they’ll totally put her in stilettos. And maybe when Kayla’s partnered with someone as good as she supposedly is I’ll be able to see her awesomeness for myself.

First up are Melissa and Ade. They love each other and will miss each other. Enlightening. They’re doing a waltz choreographed by Ron Montez. Wow, Ade looks good. The dance is pretty and kind of boring. Melissa’s dress is distractingly swirly and not in a good way. They do some amazing lifts, like they always do. They’re both smiling a lot, which is nice. Ade does some spinning that I don’t associate with waltzes but I do associate with Ade.soyouthinkyoucandance6

Nigel compliments the choreography and the benefits of Melissa’s classical training and Ade’s strength. The judges really need to come up with new things to say about Melissa and Ade. Maybe the new partners will help with that. Mary says it was beautiful but says Ade’s footwork wasn’t powerful enough, and that Melissa is peaking at the perfect time. You know, with all the love for Melissa that’s been shown from day one I wonder why they don’t openly gush at her like they do for Kayla. I think they don’t want Melissa to win. I can see that it would go against the premise of this show, which is way more based on hip-hop and “contemporary” and whatnot, for a trained classical ballerina to outshine everyone at everything. But if that’s the case they should never have put her into the top 20. Tyce says something I don’t understand about how Ade is so good he doesn’t look impressive.

Next, Kayla and Kupono, doing Broadway choreographed by Joey Dowling. Their story is love at first sight on a rooftop. How do you randomly see someone for the first time on a rooftop? They complain, as Randi and Evan did before them, that Joey is hard to follow. Hmm.

The dance is to a song from West Side Story. I guess if you live in the West Side Story universe then falling in love on a rooftop does make some kind of sense. As does the period-ish outfits they’ve got on, although Maria would never have gone out in a skirt as short as Kayla’s. The love they fall in is of a very playful, young variety, with lots of giggling and hiding. The steps feel kind of simple, though. And they’re kind of overacting. But I guess their first number was too stressful for them to put a ton of acting energy into this one. And in any case, it’s nice to see Kayla relatively clothed.

Nigel says the performance was lacking the ‘60s emotion he remembers from his own days of falling in love on rooftops. He points out that they weren’t in character enough, which was basically my issue too. They danced it well though, he says. The audience boos, but I mean hey, someone has to be in the bottom three. Mary says they did a good job but could’ve done more. Tyce compliments Joey’s choreography and talks about how awesome West Side Story is, and says Kayla and Kupono didn’t go far enough into the journey or something.

Next, Caitlin and Jason, doing lyrical jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore. This is the specialty style of them both, apparently, so they’re psyched, but I assume the expectations will be high as a result.

The dance begins, and I’m distracted by Jason’s prominent pectoral muscles. Funny, I think we’ve probably seen Jason’s nipples in more than half of the routines they’ve done. I’d be glad that they were giving the men relatively equal nudity to that given the women, but I don’t recall ever seen Phillip or Evan unclothed (and no, Phillip’s ripped pants don’t count). The dance is indeed quite cool, and you can tell this is their thing. It’s just very pretty. Lots of leaps, lots of spins and writhing around on the floor and Caitlin sticking her legs out artfully. It also looks very romantic. I didn’t really get into it, though.

Nigel notes that they put a lot of work into it but that he doesn’t always see chemistry between them. Yeah, me neither. Mary says she sees chemistry between them but the dance wasn’t magical enough. She tells Jason he’s cute and says Caitlin is very strong but the performance wasn’t memorable – just “very good.” I kind of wish the judges would be harsher on this show. Do they always love everyone, but just with different degrees of love, like here? Or is this just for this season? Tyce says Jason and Caitlin played it safe and need to take it further. Tyce is all about telling people stuff like that without explaining what he means or how they should go about doing what he suggests.

Three more routines to go. And we’re already 3,000 words in. Oh boy.

Next, Jeanine and Phillip, doing the jive, choreographed by Tony and Meredith. Their story is that Phillip is a sailor who’s just come back to town, and Jeanine is either his wife or his mistress or a local prostitute (that part’s never made clear). The dance involves booty grabs and chest shimmies, which Phillip delights in telling us about and Jeanine is clearly relishing.

The dance is cool, although I’m distracted at first because I don’t see any sort of sailor coming back to town stuff happening, and their costumes have nothing to do with being a sailor or sailor’s wife/mistress/whatever, and there is a lot more overt chest shimmying than I was expecting. Once I rewind and pay more attention, though, I do like it. The audience seems to be very into it, which I don’t remember noticing in any routine before now. Huh. Not really sure what to think.

Nigel liked the choreography and says this is the best Phillip has been so far outside of hip-hop. He also points out that Phillip slipped and looked nervous, neither of which I noticed. He says he hopes Jeanine makes it to the top 10, which I think basically guarantees she will. Then Mary says the same thing, so that must be nice to Jeanine to literally have a free pass. Mary says she expected Phillip to fall down and be out of the show. What is up with this expecting people to fall down? Melissa’s the only one who’s fallen down tonight, and everyone just seemed to think that was cute. Then Mary shrieks about Jeanine and puts her on her train. Tyce says “I say call 1-888-fan-friggin-tastic.” Oh, Tyce, you need a writer. See if you can borrow Paula Abdul’s.

Next, Randi and Evan are doing a “sultry samba” choreographed by Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis. They are told to be “raw” and “wild” and the focus is all on their hips, which both of them are nervous about. Poor Randi feels really silly. Evan notes that this is out of Randi’s comfort zone. Uh, what is in Randi’s comfort zone? Fox.com/dance says her specialty is jazz/contemporary. I think maybe she’s just happier doing solos.

The dance is… uh. They’re in animal prints, with Randi showing a lot of midriff and Evan showing as much pasty white chest as Evan ever shows. He, as usual, is playing the part quite well, but Randi actually does look kind of nervous at times. The dance is cool and intricate, and Randi’s fantastic, but the dance is just so non-Evan that it’s kind of hard to watch. Evan makes some hilarious “intense” faces. He’s really going for this. Okay, I’m getting used to it, and enjoying this. It’s nothing compared to what the real ballroom dancers can do though. Man, I wish Asuka were still around. It’s a crime that we never got to see her dance with Max.soyouthinkyoucandance3

Nigel says “Hmmm” at first, then points out Evan’s character was very much not Evan. He says the dance “wasn’t as hot as I would like it.” Also, he mentions that Pasha and Anya were once contestants on this show, which is interesting. Mary says it was “a slow sizzle,” if not hot, and not dynamic enough. Evan looks really sad. Tyce interrupts Mary and tells Evan to do more research next time and says Randi carried the routine. Mary cuts back in to call Randi a hot tamale.

And finally, Janette and Brandon are doing a jazz routine by Wade Robson. Oh no, not the crash test dummies guy. In their interview they note that Janette brought Brandon out of his shell. That’s interesting. It explains why I only recently started liking Brandon. The dance is about two thieves. Brandon is calculated and Janette is crazy. I will say for Wade Robson that I like that his routines aren’t all about sex.

Then, the dance starts, and it is very cool. Lots of jumping and prancing. Way more fun than the dummies. I think it helps that Brandon and Janette both so incredibly excellent, too, and you can really tell watching it. Also the song they’re dancing to isn’t one I’ve heard before, but it’s perfect. They’re always perfectly in sync even when they aren’t looking at each other, which I would imagine is a very hard thing to pull off. You can sort of tell from the way they’re moving, too, that they’re giving this performance their own spin ever so slightly – it’s evident from the way Janette struts, for example, that she’s throwing in a little Latin flavor, and Brandon spins ever so slightly when the opportunity presents itself. They’re acting, too, in that way-overacting way that you do with this kind of performance.

Nigel loved it and loves their versatility. He especially calls out Janette for this and points out that Brandon overcame his initial Mia-related disadvantage. He also compliments Janette for keeping up with Brandon, who’s had more training than she has. I hate it when they talk about “keeping up” with one’s partner. Nigel and Mary both say they’re the best couple of the night. Aren’t they kind of always the best couple? Mary howls some more and then the drugs start to hit her and Cat has to shut her up. Tyce tells Brandon and Janette that they “have that thing.” He points out that they don’t act like victims of their choreography, they just do whatever’s handed to them, which is an interesting point, especially when you compare them to, say, Phillip and Jeanine.

So, assuming they do a bottom three again, I’m guessing Jason and Caitlin, Kayla and Kupono, and… I always say Randi and Evan but it never happens, so let’s say Phillip and Jeanine because of the Russian folk dance. Which is fine, because Jeanine has an explicit free pass and Phillip has an implicit one. (Although if anyone could’ve pulled off the Russian folk dance it would’ve totally been Randi and Evan. And so, for that matter, could have Brandon and Janette, because those two literally can do anything.)

Results night. Cat’s wearing a pretty blue-and-gold dress. I would be curious to know how closely Cat works with her stylist and whether she ever chooses her own ensembles.

The group dance is some sort of militaryesque thing, with the women of course in half-shirts and heavy eye makeup. Everyone’s in berets. I describe the outfits because I have no idea how to describe the dancing. They’re jumping over each other a lot. The crowd screams when Phillip moves his fingers. I don’t know. I’m just impressed that they learned this, and also two other partner dances, in this amount of time. Janette does something crazy and cool at the end, and then everyone dies except Jason. Okay, sure. At the end, they all salute Cat, so I guess it was indeed supposed to be military. Oh, okay, it was choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. For some reason now it all makes sense.

Cat informs us that today is Nigel’s 60th birthday. I like that he allowed the number to be revealed (assuming it’s the truth). He then makes a joke about Mary and Botox, but I think Mary liked the attention. Then Nigel says they wanted to do a Michael Jackson tribute on the show but they weren’t able to get the music cleared. That sucks.

Cat also informs us that next week the judges won’t be involved in the elimination process. Oh good. The judges are understandably bitter about this but I’m glad it’s not lasting any longer. All this “We love every single one of you! But we love some of you slightly less than others!” commentary is pretty useless.

Outfits! Less exciting as there are now fewer of them, but our old reliables are still there. Caitlin’s in a prettier tutu than usual and has some astonishing abs. Jason is at least not wearing shorts this time. Jeanine looks awful, which is not easy for her to do but man has she ever pulled it off in this gold hooker dress. Evan is doing the suspenders look this time. Melissa is in a sports bra and black tightie-whities. Everyone else looks relatively normal.

The bottom three are Jason and Caitlin, Phillip and Jeanine, and Melissa and Ade. Wow, really? Ade and Melissa don’t look quite as shocked as I would expect, but maybe they’re just good actors. Well, that pretty much removes any suspense that may have remained about whether Jason and Caitlin would be eliminated.soyouthinkyoucandance5

Nigel takes a moment to explain that the judges have already made up their minds about who they’re cutting before the contestants even dance for their 30 seconds of shame. Okay, well, honesty is always good. Or maybe he’s saying this in an attempt to make up for having given Jeanine a free pass last night. Which I do think is pretty awful for them to have done.

Cat gives us a sneak preview of next season’s audition rounds. I cannot think of anything in the world I want to watch less than the auditions for the next season of SYTYCD. I would rather watch New in Town again. Frankly. I might even prefer to watch More to Love. Ugh, now I’m grossing myself out.

Time for the 30 seconds of shame. I’m all thrown off because I was expecting to see a professional performance first, but I guess that audition footage was all we’re getting. Thanks, Fox. Caitlin, who surely must have given up by now, nonetheless does some pretty spins and jumps and such. I wait for the gymnastics and it comes at the end. Then she smiles cutely, because that’s what you do when you know you’re done. Jason jumps around sans shirt, throwing in every spin and strut and head bob and pec flex he can think of. Bless him for trying. Jeanine’s outfit is so distracting it’s hard to focus on the jumps she’s doing, not that it matters what she does. They should kick her off for that outfit alone. I think Jeanine may have lost my love. Phillip does his usual thing, and is fantastic. I do wish he wouldn’t dislocate his shoulders so much because it freaks me out. Melissa dances en pointe in a non-ballet outfit to a non-ballet song and I don’t like it as much as I did when she played Juliet, but it was still cool. Ade dances to a song consisting of computer sounds. I have no idea how to describe the dancing but it looks cool, and he does some gymnastics stuff I didn’t know he could do, I guess because it’s never fit in with any of the routines he and Melissa have done.

Next we get a performance by DJ David Guetta and I Ain’t No Kelly Rowland and some dancing dudes. I know nothing about any of these people, or this song, and I have no opinion about any of it, and anyway I have to go rescue my cat, who has somehow trapped himself in a cardboard moving box.

The judges are unanimous on the women. They think they’re all fantastic, but they’re eliminating Caitlin. Lots of hugs and standing ovations. We see Megan in the crowd, crying. Aww.

They’re unanimous with the men too, and again think they’re all brilliant, and they’re sending Phillip home. Whoa! Did they do that just to surprise us? They say it’s because Phillip isn’t as good in non-hip-hop genres. I’m really shocked. Seriously, is Jason better than Phillip? I can’t think of anything that’s particularly impressed me about Jason, but Phillip really is amazing at the hip-hop.

Cat lets Phillip go off on a rant at the end, and he does, and rambles and rambles and rambles about some random stuff. They she asks Caitlin if she’s happy and Caitlin says “Yes, very,” and that’s all they have time for from Caitlin. Jason is sobbing, aww.

Next week, the format of the show changes, so join me as I once again try to piece things together while not really paying that much attention to anything but the outfits and Cat Deeley.

Season 5, Episodes 14&15: Top 12 (originally aired July 8&9, 2009)

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Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7c on Fox

Photographs courtesy of Fox and IMDbPro

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