Year One – Very Silly

Wow. This was probably the silliest movie I’ve seen in some time.  I’m not sure how it saw the light of day, quite honestly.  Jack Black (Nacho Libre) and Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno) are funny dudes, and that helped – but the material had all the weight of a feather.  Set in some unknown time long long ago, the movie follows Zed and Oh as they trek across the ancient land searching for adventure.  They are forced to flee their village after Zed accidentally burns it to the ground.  While on their journey they encounter various biblical and historical figures, while escaping slavery and attempting to rescue their love interests, Maya and Eema from the evil clutches of the King of Sodom. Yep, Sodom. Of Sodom and Gomorrah .

Black and Cera have good comedic chemistry, and Cera in particular has great timing and delivery.  Jack Black is a fool, and he just seems like he’d be fun to be around.  Nothing was really wrong with the movie, it was just stupid.  And not funny enough to get away with being so stupid.  It was a totally non-descript movie.  So inconsequential I’m not even sure you’d watch it on TV or allow it to be anything more than background noise.  Save your money, it’s not worth it unless you really like Black or Cera, which I don’t think describes anyone over the age of 20. If you insist, don’t go sober.

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