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IMG_1973gleecomicconcopyright“It’s like if High School Musical was punched in the stomach and had its lunch money stolen.”   – Cory Monteith

If you saw the pilot episode of Glee after American Idol back in May and were worried that future episodes could not live up to the high standards it set, worry no more.  The second episode is every bit as funny and full of musical performances as the first.  Plus, the always fabulous Jane Lynch makes a return appearance as Sue, the delightfully un-PC cheerleading coach, which is never a bad thing.


Season Premiere: Showmance

The season premiere is called “Showmance” and will air on September 9, 2009.

Basic Storyline: The Glee Club recruits students at an assembly because they need to have 12 students in order to compete, but only have 6 (or 5.5, according to Sue).  Sue tries to undermine Will and the club.  Will and his wife want to buy a house to raise their new baby in and he takes on a second job to help pay for it.


  • Sue offers Will a position with the Cheerios as her assistant if he “euthanizes” the Glee Club kids.
  • Terri finds out she’s not pregnant, but lies to Will.  She tells him to quit his second job so they can “work on us.”
  • The kids hate the disco song Will chooses for the assembly and go behind his back to perform a sexed up version of “Push It,” which their classmates love.
  • Mercedes belts out the intro to “Gold Digger” and demonstrates why she deserves more solos.
  • Rachel and Finn kiss.
  • The Cheerios’ budget is cut to pay for the Glee Club’s new costumes.
  • The school’s list of pre-approved songs for future Glee Club performances all include the words Jesus, Balloons, or Circus in the title.IMG_1965gleecomicconcopyright
  • Many relationships are explored, including those of Finn and Rachel, Finn and Quinn, Will and Terri, Will and Emma, and Emma and Ken Tanaka.
  • Quinn and her friends try out for Glee Club so she can keep an eye on her boyfriend.  As we all know, Sue doesn’t care so much about that and uses them as spies once they get in.
  • Quinn wins Rachel’s solo.
  • Emma is caught pining after Will and goes out with another teacher.
  • Rachel sings a heartbreaking version of “Take a Bow.”
  • Balloons were mistreated in the making of this episode.


Le Freak
Gold Digger
Push It
All By Myself
I Say a Little Prayer
Take a Bow


“It’s all about the teasing and not about the pleasing.”

“If the balloon pops, the noise makes the angels cry.”

“They can’t fire me because I’m a minority so I’ll always be able to provide for you.”

“Can we take a break?  Singing kinda makes me hungry.”  “I’ve prepared for that.”

“I looked under the bed, made sure that you weren’t hanging out under there.”

“But I gained 10 pounds!”  “That was probably from eating.”


Producers Dante Di Loreto and Ian Brennan
Actors Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, and Matthew MorrisonIMG_2077gleecomicconcopyright

High School:

None of the actors admitted to being like their characters in high school.  Lea was a volleyball player and a champion debater.  She did, however, confess that “Little Lea Michele” was a lot like Rachel.  Cory dropped out in the 9th grade and did odd jobs, like washing cars, and is glad the acting thing is going well.  Matt was That Guy in high school –the Prom King who dated the Prom Queen, a star soccer player, the Class President, and the lead in the school musicals.  Dianna is Jewish, unlike her character, and was very non-confrontational.  She has been dancing since she was 3 and was the target of the Mean Girls, not one herself.


Cory had never sung before for an audition, but did songs by REO Speedwagon and Billy Joel.  In his original tape, he left out the singing but included a clip of himself playing Tupperware drums with pencils.

Lea sang 2 musical theater songs and found herself doing a lot of Rachel things during her auditions, like getting upset with the pianist for getting something wrong.

Dianna was the last one cast.  She sang “Fly Me to the Moon” and was offered the job immediately.

Matt was doing South Pacific on Broadway at the time.  He and his ukulele performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which he was persuaded to sing for the audience sans ukulele. (Cory: “I’m in love with you.”)  Co-creator Ryan Murphy, however, told him he got the part because he liked his boots.


They have done about 60 tracks so far and have up to 7 songs per episode.  Artists they have borrowed from include Barbra Streisand, the Rolling Stones (in the same episode, no less), and Van Halen.  In addition to “Gold Digger,” Matt will be rapping a couple more times this season.

The writers focus on the theme of the episode above all else and will create plots and choose songs around them rather than writing storylines because they want to perform certain songs or do episodes about specific events.

Guest stars are chosen based on the story.  Kristin Chenoweth will perform a power ballad by Heart in the 4th episode.  Josh Groban will also appear this season, but does not sing.  Other special guests include Victor Garber, Debra Monk, and Eve.

The cast will be doing a 10-city, 12-day promo tour in several weeks and will be visiting Hot Topic stores.

The highly-anticipated Glee soundtrack is expected to be released by November.IMG_1958gleepanelcomicconcopyright

Glee returns to Fox on Wednesday, September 9 at 9/8c.

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Photographs courtesy of Poptimal.com and taken by Ayang.

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