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IMG_1902lostcopyrightAfter five years of innovative and suspenseful storytelling, Lost approaches its final season with many questions and plotlines still up in the air. While the show has been uneven at times, it has also been undeniably thrilling. We rabid fans (and there are no real casual viewers of this show) know that executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have frequently toyed with us, teasing with deliberately misleading information and only providing answers in a way that causes even more questions. Since it was their final year at Comic-Con, though, Damon promised that “we will be as forthcoming as we never were.”

The Panel:

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were the first to be introduced and said that the theme of the panel was fan appreciation. What Carlton finds most satisfying is that they were able to make an intelligent and thoughtful show that audiences embrace. They then played their favorite fan-generated content. Highlights included a clip of The Muppet Babies voicing an argument between Jack and Charlie about the latter’s addiction and a showcase of the epic love story between Sawyer and Jack set to music from Brokeback Mountain.IMG_1913lostcopyright

One question everyone has been asking is if they are making it up as they go along. Damon stated that there is really no way to prove that they weren’t. The final scene is written and each of them pulled out a page, which they put in a lockbox with two keys. They announced that they will open it on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the night of the finale. More on this later.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) stood up during fan questions to ask if what he filmed for the Mr. Cluck commercial (see below) meant that the last 5 seasons were wiped away, which would be “a real big cheat.” Damon said for him to trust them, but Jorge responded that the last time he trusted them was when he was told that Nikki and Paulo were going to be awesome. Jorge also asked if they will answer everything by the end of the season, to which Damon replied that they will “answer everything that’s important.”

Michael Emerson (Ben) then joined Jorge at the microphone and gave him a hard time for asking lots of questions. He snidely remarked that there wasn’t a vast difference between Jorge and Hurley. “Dude,” Jorge responded. He accused Michael of wanting his role and showed an amusing audition reel of Michael as Hurley, dressed in a KTUH t-shirt, bandanna, and shorts.IMG_1933lostcopyright

Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) was introduced with a clip of him giving himself a pep talk backstage (“Richard Alpert isn’t immortal, you are”), applying eyeliner, and then lashing out at the cameraman when he realized he was being recorded. He then joined the others onstage.

Soon after, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) arrived in character and was greeted with deafening screams from the audience. He tasered Damon and stole his lockbox key and demanded the second one from Carlton through the clever use of nicknames, including Lurch, JJ Abrams, and “your girlfriend, Linda,” the taser, a pitcher of water, and Damon’s unconscious body. Carlton opened the lockbox and Sawyer stared at the stolen pages for a moment before Michael exclaimed, “you don’t know how to read!” Sawyer insisted he just left his glasses on the island, but Michael took the pages and began to recite lines from a script involving a circus tent, Sylar, and Matt Parkman, which the producers stole from a guy from Heroes.

Finally, they showed an In Memoriam reel for all the characters who have died, ending with an extra-long segment on Charlie. At that point, Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) walked out on stage, looking dapper in a tie and waistcoat. He, however, did not say anything and the panel ended moments later.

Video Clips (may be footage from the new season)IMG_1931lostcopyright

• An Oceanic Airlines commercial proudly announcing that the company had never had an accident.

• A commercial for Mr. Cluck featuring Hurley, the Owner and CEO of the fast food chain. He said that he had a dream while in Australia and decided that they needed to add an Outback-style chicken meal to the menu.

• A clip from America’s Most Wanted concerning the manhunt for Katherine Austen. She had attempted to murder her stepfather, but it was his assistant that died in the explosion instead. She escaped from a federal marshal and was considered armed and dangerous.


• The poster for the final season includes all the major characters from the show lined up in a row, including ones that were killed off. John Locke is in the center and facing backwards.

• The Dharma Initiative will not have as big a role this year except in Mysteries of the Universe, a 5-part ‘80s-style investigative documentary on ABC.com.

• Season 6 will have similarities in tone to Season 1.IMG_1944lostcopyright

• The flashforward and time travel seasons are over and they are going to do something different for season 6. But, Damon joked that they will still seize the opportunity if they can show a child being horribly mistreated.

• We will see many characters not seen since the first season.

• Daniel Faraday and Juliet will be on the show again.

• We will be seeing a lot of Richard Alpert in the final season. He will get a flashback showing his complex backstory.

• While the show does deal with Biblical imagery, it might be “too much” to say that Jacob’s friend is Esau.

• The mysterious food drop from season 2 may be addressed before the finale.

Got theories on the final season of Lost? Post them in the comments section below.

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Photographs courtesy of Poptimal.com and taken by Ayang.

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