Project Runway: When You're Good to Momma

projectrunway5161Ask any of the chickies in my pen
They’ll tell you I’m the biggest mother hen
I love them all and all of them love me
Because the system works the system called reciprocity.

We begin with a wake up call to the designers that this is a competitive show and people will be sent home if the judges don’t like their designs.  That and they’re shocked to find gambling in this establishment.  As Malvin bites an apple whilst leering at Logan in a very modern form of the Garden of Eden, Heidi and her leopard print go-go outfit introduces this week’s challenge: create an actual look for an actual supermodel and television star and it must be formfitting.  In walks a very pregnant Rebecca Romijn, who we all know was pregnant with twins some time ago during her Ugly Betty sabbatical and before her husband starting going to law school.

The designers head back to their room and install fake baby bumps on their dress forms.  Gordana explains where the bump goes in relation to the boobage because she’s been pregnant twice (an odd phrasing).  Anyway, they head to Mood and you know the drill.  You also know the drill where we run through what all of the designers are doing, or at least the designers in the top and bottom groups.  So let’s just skip to Tim’s Take.

Tim’s Take.  Tim is confused by Althea’s evening gown for lunch thing.  He is equally concerned about Louise’s 1920s nightie-like ditty.  Mitchell and Tim are concerned that Mitchell’s model not come out naked again like last week.  He likes Shirin’s idea of include a jacket, provided she does it right.  Then we get to Malvin’s Mother Hen thing and Tim is as complementary as he could be with this outfit; note that he’s “not bored.”  We get to Ra’mon’s dress with panels and there’s a constructive back and forth with Tim, and a subtle dig at Ari who went home last week.  After Tim leaves, Mitchell tells Ra’mon that his dress makes the bump look like a bowling ball.  Then he takes it back after Ra’mon freaks out.  Let’s send in the models while I take a breather and skip the size zero models getting stomachs for probably the first time in their lives.

The next morning Malvin is concerned that his “little egg nest” is not literal enough.  Oh boy.  Ra’mon reminds us of Stella when someone hammers leather and I need to excuse myself to cry in the corner.  In come the models for final fitting and off to the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Room and the Garnier Hair Studio.

Runway.  Heidi introduces the judges: Nina Garcia; Monique Lhuillier; and Rebecca Romijn, who’s wearing a beautiful dress.  (Where’s Michael Kors?)  I won’t go through them all but some of them are pleasantly surprising.  What’s most amusing is seeing the models wear these fake stomachs.  Maybe they should do a Big Momma fat suit one time; the panel could be Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and critically-acclaimed sociologist Tyra Banks.projectrunwayDSC_4188

Evaluation.  Heidi calls out those who are staying and Qristyl shouts out that she’s safe.  We begin with Ra’mon (and his douchy wool cap and scarf) and his purple cocktail dress.  Monique thinks it’s too busy, with sloppy construction.  Nina and Heidi think there are arrows pointed at the stomach.  Rebecca likes Louise’s lingerie-style piece that she would wear on a date with her husband; Heidi thinks the tiers would accommodate the different trimesters.  Rebecca loves the lines on Althea’s evening gown, which Monique thinks is “perfections.”  Malvin tries to explain his salute to poultry.  Nina thinks the feathery look is very beautiful but she does not like the sling; Heidi thinks it looks too much like an egg.  No one likes Mitchell’s shorts–she’s a mess, per Nina and Heidi, and Rebecca all but says there’s something to be desired in the execution.  We end with Shirin’s jacket and dress combo and Monique suggests she get into the maternity business.

Privy Council.  They did not like Ra’mon’s bowling ball.  Mitchell’s problem is poor construction because shorts aren’t that difficult to make.  Perennially pregnant Heidi thinks no woman wants to be referred to as a chicken, so that ends Malvin’s chances.  They think Shirin’s was just beautiful and the most wearable.  Althea’s was similarly very flattering of the form.  Louise isn’t going to win but Rebecca still liked it.

Results.  Louise is safe and Shirin wins.  I like to think it was a close call between her and Althea, so of course Althea is also safe.  Ra’mon is in.  It comes down to Malvin and Mitchell.  With Mitchell’s second time in the bottom two, who will it be?  Malvin’s “chicken-egg concept” was too bizarre and Mitchell was sloppy and unacceptable.  Malvin is out and Mitchell “just squeaked by,” for Heidi.  Back in the room, Malvin says he was “too conceptual for America.”  I’d add “and good taste” to that sentence.

So the two most “out there” designers are already off the show and I’m pleased again.  Now the real question is whether Mitchell will be this season’s Wendy Pepper?  Discuss.

Next week: Team challenge!

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Season 6, Episode 2: We Expect Fashion (originally aired August 27, 2009)

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