Project Runway: The One About the Models

projectrunwaypr6-ep4-rr-ch-fI’m sure Lifetime’s aiming for a little cross promotion, but it won’t work with me. I only have so much TiVo model allocation. Anyway – last week, Michael Kors was away and Qristyl barely outlasted Mitchell. The previews teased us that we might have another prom dress challenge and I was oddly looking forward to it.

And so! Tim meets the designers in the workroom with this week’s clients: The Models! The designers must create a look for the ladies who will attend an industry event. The outfits must help the girls stand out and be noticed. They have $100 and one day to make it happen.

The designers struggle to balance their aesthetics with the desires of their models. Specifically: Johnny calls it a “simple” challenge because he and his model have the same “vibe” and  “it would be like designing something for myself if I was a black girl.”  ….  And, moving on.

Epperson’s model wants fresh, simple, romantic, punk, interesting, sexy but not overly so, something that will show off the body without exposing too much, not too big, something tight, and Tiger. Epperson, understandably, worries.

Logan interviews early that he’s concerned that he and his model will have differing aesthetics. Uh oh! Since we never hear from Logan, I take this to mean he’s going to do poorly. Logan’s model wants an artistic, edgy, 1950’s look with lace or leather – all things he’s not comfortable with.

Tim Time. He thinks Barbie’s 3-piece suit has a wow-factor potential. He calls Epperson’s look innovative and chic. He tells Qristyl that her two tone semi-draped look appears messy, and she begins to second-guess herself. Logan says he doesn’t want his work to look like “a smurf prom dress,” and Tim tells him he has a conundrum. Tim thinks the upper, one shouldered portion of Carol Hannah’s dress may “rob [her] model of her youth.” I think it’s a great dress, so hopefully she doesn’t change too much and/or end up in the bottom.

We have a short moment where Epperson calls home near tears, an interview about how much he loves and misses his family, and we watch as he sews his dress while barely keeping his emotions under control. Yeesh. I really want him to pull out a strong dress here.

Qristyl starts over on a new design. She reminds me of Sweet P, where Tim came in, critiqued, Sweet P followed his advice, and then pulled out a great design. That’s the only reason Sweet P lasted so long. Except instead of taking any advice or sticking with her design, Qristyl just starts over and pulls together what she can. Not that smart, I think.

Enter the models! Epperson’s lady loves the new direction he went in. Johnny’s model doesn’t like his dress, but she plays it off and he starts to get snippy. Logan calls his look Gothic Cinderella. His model likes it, but he worries because it’s so different from everyone else’s.

Pre-Runway jitters. Qristyl’s dress is simple and black, and though she worries that it might be too simple, she says every woman wants a great black dress in her closet. Irina says “no one’s really looked like crap” except Barbie’s, and it might have been better if she’d “stapled it together.” Nicolas thinks Epperson made a “rag,” and Johnny produced an “awful” dress. Christopher says that the judges will either love or hate Epperson’s design.

Runway. Guest judges: Marc Bouwer, Zoe Glassner, and Jennifer Rade. Where the heck is Kors?projectrunwaypr6-ep4-rr-qristyl-f

Qristyl: Nice, black TJ Maxx dress. Nicolas: Chic, beautiful. Irina: Cute. Gordana: Blah. Shirin: Kind of boring. Logan: I almost like, but model-esque? Christopher: Well, it’s different. Epperson: Chic, sexy. Johnny: Looks messy, ill-proportioned. Barbie: Skirt looks unfinished? Louise: Cool black dress. Qristyl, please take note. Ra’mon: A sheath with a big flower. What? Carol Hannah: Sophisticated, cool.

Safe: Louise, Irina, Christopher, Nicolas, Gordana, Shirin, Ra’mon.

The judges call Carol Hannah’s dress beautifully executed and sophisticated, and Bouwer loves the juxtaposition of softness with a hard edge. Zoe and Heidi both call Logan’s dress prom-esque (in, naturally, a bad way), and Jennifer tells him to trust his instincts – he had wanted to change the silhouette but didn’t. Jennifer also tells him he’s cute and she loves his silver pants and matching sneakers. She promises this will help him. Mark Bouwer assures us that the work Epperson did was difficult and incredible. Jennifer gives him a golf clap and a job well done after enthusiastically congratulating his vision and skills. Heidi wishes the model’s boobs had had some support, and … I’m kind of with her. I hate that look, but she concedes it might be all that Victoria’s Secret brainwashing. I immediately make plans to go bra shopping at VS this weekend.

Johnny’s model says she wanted flirty and pretty. Jennifer says that the purse that Johnny didn’t make was the most interesting thing about the outfit, and that “the world really doesn’t need more of that dress.” Heidi calls it “bridesmaid,” and there’s an audible gasp. And yes! I’ve been around a lot of bridesmaid dresses lately, and she’s so right! Zoe calls it “wearable,” which isn’t always a good thing. The bridesmaid comment really nails it though.

Heidi says Qristyl’s model, Valerie, doesn’t look youthful, and that Qristyl “aged her 10 or 15 years.” Jennifer says that Qristyl didn’t take a risk. The model claims to like the dress, and Jennifer says, “But that’s why Valerie’s not a designer. Right?” Valerie smiles and says yes. Jennifer says, “Thank god.” I love Jennifer. Bring her back! Everyone loves Barbie’s outfit, and even Jennifer gushes to no end about it.

The judges deliberate, and then bring them back out! And…Barbie wins! Not a surprise the way the judges went on and on. Carol Hannah, Epperson, and Johnny are safe. Between Logan and Qristyl, Logan is safe and Qristyl finally receives the boot. She takes it well though she feels she’s leaving too soon. I think it’s a little too late. The good news: we’ve finally weeded out the worst of the bunch, so let’s get this party started!

Next week: Kindergartners are designing, Zoe is back, and Tim thinks the designers are stalling out.

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Season 6, Episode 4: What a Woman Wants (originally aired September 10, 2009)

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Thursdays at 10pm EST on Lifetime

Photographs courtesy of Lifetime

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