Entourage: All That Glitters is Not (Ari) Gold

Entourage 6.1(2)This just in!  Lloyd has a backbone!  I’m going to say something sure to draw the ire of many Entourage fans: Ari is not that great.  Yes, he’s funny.  But he’s an asshole and he’s not immune from the Johnny Drama test.  Would you like this guy in real life?  Nope.  I for one am not always amused by his verbal assaults and constant berating of Lloyd.  Yes, I realize Lloyd has to pay his dues and that having thin skin won’t get you very far in Hollywood, but Ari routinely crosses the line.  Well this time he’s gone too far.

A while back Ari approached him about his future at the agency, and Ari promised that if Lloyd followed his strict instruction for 100 days, Ari would make him an agent.  Lloyd is being courted by Adam Davies, but has no problem resisting his overtures and remaining loyal to Ari.  He simply approaches Ari to reiterate his earlier promise.  He is in no way disrespectful or threatening.  This is Lloyd we’re talking about.  How does Ari respond?  He flips out and begins to tack on extra days to his agent boot camp.  The way he speaks to Lloyd is unacceptable, and Lloyd has finally had enough.  Remember during season 1 when Eric had to bail as Vince’s unofficial manager because Vince was reluctant to give him an official title and seemed to be taking his services for granted? Well that’s what Lloyd is doing and I commend him.  Of course I hope they kiss and make up, but that would mean Ari has to do the one thing he’s not particularly good at: apologize.

I have to acknowledge that this episode was actually pretty good, with some clever writing.  It turns out that Vince doesn’t really have a stalker after all.  Some sorority chicks (schoolmates of Turtle) broke in to steal his boxers rather than Vince’s as a prank.  All this comes to light after Drama hilariously goes on a Commando-style mission to thwart the would-be stalker before he can get to Baby Bro. The guy was identified by an ID found in Vince’s sofa cushion.  The fellas assumed it was left by the intruder, but it actually was lost by an employee at the furniture store from which the sofa was purchased.  Great!  Nice detailing there.

As the season draws to a close, I’m glad we get another semi-decent episode that shows promise.  Lloyd and Ari have an intriguing conflict going on, and Vince is going to be back on set soon.  He has a project with Frank Darabont, and I look forward to him working again.  First Scorsese now him?  Vince is on a roll, he’s ballin’  and things are more interesting when Vince has a movie in the works.  We’re sputtering towards the Season 6 finish line, but it looks like there’s still some gas left in the tank.

For another take on this week’s episode, read Stalkers, Sororities and Sabotage – Oh My! by Renata Sellitti.

Season 6, Episode 9: Security Briefs (originally aired September 13, 2009)

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