Gossip Girl: A Farewell to Headbands

gossipgirl1Last week people had complicated relationships held over from the summer and this week we’re off to college!  Blair and Dorota are getting Blair ready for her first day at NYU and all the Dorota fans out there go crazy!   And then Blair goes crazy on Chuck’s mouth before he objects to her living in the dorms so she can establish herself as the queen of NYU, but Chuck thinks the only queens she’ll meet will have tickets to see Liza (how outdated).  Down the block, Serena is not happy about shipping off to Brown but she wishes Dan good luck as he joins his peers (i.e., the intelligentsia snobs of Greenwich Village).  He meets one of those potential snobs in the form of an attractive co-ed, Katie, who’s enamored of Dan’s writing and wants him to join her writers’ group.  Unless it’s at a Learning Annex, writing groups are by definition snobby, I mean look at Poptimal.

Anyway, Rufus wishes Serena good luck at school and she carts her stuff off to . . . Chuck’s hotel room/apartment.  She’s skipping school and crashing with Chuck.  And just as Blair is passing out headbands to all her new freshmen friends, Georgina runs in and gives Blair a big hug to welcome her as her new roommate.  Blair is not amused and they start to fight.  An “I’m too cool for school” Vanessa walks by and looks like she wants to vomit all over Georgina’s perkiness and Blair’s conceit.  But Blair is not going to let Georgina get her down.  Oh yes, you guessed, she’s having a party and putting Grandmaster Dorota on the case.

At the bookstore, Vanessa apologizes to Dan, then Georgina apologizes to them (after shocking Dan) and wants to be friends with them since she’s so lonely.  Over Dan’s objection, Vanessa makes nice.  Speaking of making nice, Nate is in bed with Bree hiding their scandalous Romeo and Juliet romance and singing Timberlake in the shower.

Chuck’s working on buying a building to convert it to a speakeasy (remember Victrola?!?).  During negotiations, drunk Serena stumbles in and spills the beans to the building owner what Chuck’s really planning.  Chuck’s pissed at Serena–apparently a board won’t approve of a place with coat check girls who give happy endings.  Really?!?  So Serena’s homeless again and crashes at the loft with Dan, who tells Serena to talk with Rufus about her non-college issues.  But after a lousy visit with Rufus, Serena says she’s not going to Brown and calls up Carter to go out partying that night.  And by party, she means crash another one of Chuck’s business meetings.  Mission Accomplished, S!  Only Carter calls Serena out on her silly games.gossipgirl2

So back at the dorm, no one shows up to Blair’s sushi party, but no one cares.  I suspect Georgina is part of the plan to shut out Blair by making her seem like an out of touch snob.  I guess too many wasabi facials will give off that impression.  As the second part of Georgina’s plan, she’s throwing a rooftop party and telling Blair that she’s a loser who will never fit in.  Au contraire, Georgina.  Blair is forming her own alliance with Dan, who’s her date to Georgina’s party under one condition: no headbands.

And now’s the time on Gossip Girl when we swirl our martinis and party!  Dan introduces Blair to Katie and we get a great laugh line that Blair has no idea that Dan’s a writer.  Dan extends an olive branch to Georgina and asks her to lighten up with Blair; Georgina calmly says that Dan’s being used.  Well knock me down with a feather, never would have guessed that one!

So night has fallen at the roof deck and Blair grabs the mic and talks about Georgina a “Jesus freak,” which is the code word for a group of evangelists from Georgina’s camp to come parading in with pamphlets and songs.  A silly cheap laugh but Georgina is furious at Blair but it works to Blair’s advantage because she’s corralling people to party with her at Monkey Bar.  But Dan isn’t having any more of Blair’s games, so he grabs the mic and stands up for Georgina while trashing Blair.  But before anyone can slow clap, the freshmen of NYU agree to stay at Georgina’s party.

A defeated Serena shuffles back to talk with Rufus and says she called Brown and decided to defer for a year so she can take the year to discover herself (and a pair of clean underwear, we hope).  Does this mean she’s growing up? Probably not, but we get a touching scene between B and S saying farewell to their youths on the steps of the Met and hello to B’s stability with Chuck and S’s nosedive into the whirlwind known as Carter.

Oh and Dan and Georgina hooked up after her party.  Stew over that one until next week, folks.

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Season 3, Episode 2: The Freshmen (originally aired September 21, 2009)

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Photographs courtesy of The CW, Giovanni Rufino

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