So You Think You Can Dance: Crossroads of the West and Beyond!

soyouthinkyoucandance5Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could stop time and savor these precious moments? Because I swear, time is flashing before my eyes. And I don’t mean in the Lost way. Nigel’s back with Mary for the Salt Lake City auditions, and Mia Michaels joins them, and it felt like we’d never get to Las Vegas. Yet, all of sudden we’re here at the point where the good and the great are separated and proven worthy. Luckily with the Vegas rounds around the corner, or in your case, mere paragraphs ahead, I only have to focus on the ones who really stood out. So let’s get those guys out of the way first before we head on to Sin City.

“There was no gravity going through your body.” – Mia
Bryan Boyer is the best b-boy to hit the So You Think You Can Dance audition stage. He’s confident without being cocky which is a difficult feat. It’s even harder when you’re that crazy good. He can walk on air, stand up on his head and crash on concrete without breaking any bones. He’s a hip hop superhero. Well he was until he quit before finishing choreography. Superheroes don’t quit, Bryan!

“You’re a little competitor. I like that.” – Creepy Nigel who also got his own Creepy Nigel montage.
It’s strange how you can get one vibe off of someone and instantly dislike them. Hayley Cloud had herniated a back disk while she was practicing her dance, and she has permanent nerve damage. But after hearing her “story,” I thought about Allison Becker with spinal meningitis and Jessica Jensen who lost a hand, and I can’t really bring myself to care about her disc! But she danced her butt off, and her skill totally won me over. That’s a true performer.

“Can I see that again?”- Who else? Creepy Nigel
Ariana Rowley aka Satine La Rouge is a burlesque dancer. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what she could do with a chair and a bow on her butt. I almost threw up a little bit in my mouth. I have to be drunk to watch that or at least mentally prepare my self. Come on, guys! They actually put her through to choreography where she was painful to watch. At least she didn’t strip off any more articles of clothing.

“I love when someone gets so taken over by talent…It’s magical.” – Mia
Iveta Lukosiute
, I just want to say thank you for coming to America. You immigrated from Lithuania and are thankful for finding a place where dreams come true, and I’m thankful you made me forget the horrible memory of Satine La Rouge that’s burned into my retina, even if only for a few seconds. She looked fantastic, had a killer accent and spun circles around that floor. She made Mary cry and kind of became my new favorite.

Megan Kinney and Genise Ruidiaz also wowed the judges with some ridiculous moves and great presence. Surprisingly, Megan got a lot of screen time last year but almost nothing this year. Also, ballroom pairings Ryan and Ashley Di Lello and Leigh Ashay and Josh Murillo peaked the judges’ interest. The Di Lellos are married, but husband would beat wife in a dance off. And after killing her routine, Leigh  had a  very bloody toe since she lost her entire big toenail. Did we really need a close up? I don’t know if I’ll be able  to fall asleep tonight! Josh, however, gets cut after the choreography round. So 33 contestants move on from Salt Lake City. This makes a total of 152 dancers who would fly to Vegas where Adam Shankman, Debbie Reynolds, Tyce Diorio join Mia, Nigel and Mary to make the big decisions.

Nathan Trasoras got a ticket to Vegas during last season’s auditions. He was so good; there was no doubt he deserved it, but since he was only 17, he would have to hold onto it for a year. Ellenore Scott was just so entertaining you couldn’t deny her. Thomas Hamilton ruined his audition by climbing up one of the stage equipment, and William de Vries and Jacob Jason, the gay ballroom dancers, were split up. Only 111 made it past round one and onto the hip hop round with Tabitha and Napoleon.

Teddy Tedholm
and Jean Lloret are on two different levels this set, but somehow Jean just can’t pick up the choreography and Teddy kind of killed it. But oh-so-close Ryan Kasprzak almost gets cut after a poor showing which makes me feel like they’re playing the favorites game. (They’ve known him like eons longer than every one else when you think about it in audition time.)

soyouthinkyoudcandancebigLouis van Amstel is up for the second round. It’s such a lightning-fast, ballroom routine that Billy Bell gets an elbow to the nose and stars gushing blood. He can’t even get to learn the entire dance until he stops being a human geyser and that still left him a tiny amount of time, but he works well under pressure because he makes it through. Teddy doesn’t put out a solid performance and is sent home. On a surprising note, Krumper Russell Ferguson seems at ease with ballroom and SLC Iveta only makes it look that much easier for him. And after a rough prior round, Ryan just can’t pull it together. There’s no denying the look in his eyes screams “I want this!” but it’s no where near good enough. It was a little sad, though, when he made that call to his brother Evan, a last season semi-finalist.

“If this is dancing for your life, it needs to look like this is the last time you’re gonna dance.” – Tyce
That sums it up for what b-boy all-star Legacy and John Litzler have to do to ensure they’re time in Vegas isn’t cut short. John just doesn’t emote to make enough judges care to give him a yes. It’s unfortunate because he really does have the face and abilities to do well in this type of competition. Legacy, however, kills his solo. It’s fantastic how effortlessly he moves on that floor. Now, he just can’t drop the ball in any of the other styles he’ll have to tackle.

We got see some really fantastic dancing in these early Vegas rounds. Though some of my early favorites were picked off, I have a whole lot of faith in the group that’s still left. The judges like to say that every season is shaping up to be better than the last, and I agreed wholeheartedly when they said it last season. I can’t agree this early on since I think there’s still more to prove, but I am excited. And now that we’ve reached Vegas, this is where the momentum starts building. So what did you think? Was there anyone you think left too soon?

Season 6, Episodes 6-7: Vegas Callbacks Part 1(originally aired October 6 and October 7, 2009)

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