Glee: The Sue Strikes Back

Glee 1.6 (1)(2)We begin with a shoving match between Sue and Will, now that Sue’s the co-director of the glee club.  But even in the heat of battle, Sue is elegant and regal.  But we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves.  A few days earlier, Figgins called them in to discuss their progress as co-directors.  They both lie about things going along well, and Figgins warns them not to curry favors from the students.  But Will asks the group for their ideas and Sue wants to create a toxic environment, much like when she salted her backyard before selling it to a couple who wanted her to pay their closing costs.  Now why didn’t I think of that when I sold my home?!?

Finn’s with Quinn as she gets a sonogram of her uterus, correction: her soon-to-be daughter.  Will is out in the waiting room as he sees Finn unravel again under the stress of his impending parenthood, even though Quinn plans to give the baby up for adoption.  Back at school, Rachel’s denying that Quinn’s pregnant to the in-school Gossip Girl (well more like Yenta Boy), Jacob, and she’s willing to do whatever she can to keep him from running that story.  And in rehearsal, Sue’s forming Sue’s Kids –an elite group of singers, featuring “Santana, Wheels, Gay Kid, Asian, Other Asian, Aretha, and Shaft.”  (I’ll let you figure out who those characters are.)  And that’s how Sue “C”s it.  But all of the tension between Will and Sue isn’t helping Will at home–he wants to know why Terri’s shutting him out of her pregnancy and he’s coming with her to her next appointment.

The next day, Jacob needs a new pair of panties from Rachel, and this time he wants real Rachel Berry panties.  She’s not amused.  But her elite kids are impressed with Sue’s recent Sue’s Corner on loving minorities and she may even move to California to become a minority. In her rehearsal, Sue’s stroking all of the kid’s egos as they break out into our first song of the night: “Hate On Me” (Jill Scott).  Will spots the rehearsal and later accuses Sue of sabotaging his club.  She agrees, doesn’t like his birds’ nest of a hairstyle, and is going to do everything she can to get him fired.

At home, Terri’s apologizing for being a bad wife of late–somehow I don’t think this includes her lying about her pregnancy–but she wants to help out at school and tells him to get down in the gutter if he wants to win this.  His first move?  Failing all of the Cheerios so they can’t attend rehearsal.  Sue snaps and calls Will into Figgins’s office, but he’s got a test and records showing that most of her Cheerios are functionally illiterate.  She doesn’t understand why they want to learn the dying language of Spanish (unless they want to be dishwashers) when instead they can learn how to do a round-off and become bankers and captains of industry.  Figgins backs up Will and tells Sue the free passes are over.  She reminds him about that anti-embolism stockings commercial he did but he already posted it on YouTube and no one watched it.  She storms out and throws things . . . and people.

Finn comes up with a name for the baby (“Drizzle”) but Quinn doesn’t like it and yells back at Finn.  Finn uses this moment to tell her that he wishes she’d be more supportive of him, like the way Rachel is with him.  Quinn doesn’t want to hear that and tells Finn that if he’s going to cheat on her while she’s pregnant, she hopes it’s not with Rachel.  Let’s have another song by the temporarily (and covertly) reunited glee club: “Ride Wit Me” (Nelly).  Will walks into practice with his remaining people and wants them to sing something together: “No Air” (Jordin Sparks) and it turns into a weird montage of Rachel and Finn flirting (and flitting) around school while Quinn jealously sings backup.  After it ends, Quinn recites some lines from Sue about Will not wanting to include the backup singers.  So Puck and a Dutch cheerleader leave and join up with Sue.

The next morning Will corners Sue in the faculty lounge about her stealing the last of his singers.  She agrees to give them back if he agrees to pass her Cheerios.  He won’t.  Across town, Terri and her sister are meeting with the sister’s former obstetrician to blackmail him into saying Terri is pregnant.  Since this show is all about threats this week, Quinn’s threatening Rachel into backing off of Finn; Rachel turns the tables and tells Quinn to stop being Sue’s mole.  This leads us into Quinn’s awesome cheerleading-themed take of “You Keep Me Hangin‘ On” by The Supremes.

At group rehearsal, Will’s group starts singing their song and Sue quickly interrupts and wants her kids to walk out.  Will interrupts her and begins telling her off.  This just fuels her bile as they go at it in front of the kids, which brings us full circle to the fight that started the episode.  Finn interrupts the bickering and then Mercedes, being a strong black woman, leads a walkout and then Rachel tries to take the credit for it.  Sue and Will share a panicked look on their faces.

Glee 1.6(2)Will leaves and heads to the obstetrician and is wondering why the doctor is putting up a screen so Will can’t see anything.  With some brilliant stagecraft by the doctor and Terri, they manage to convince Will that there’s a baby inside of Terri . . . oh and it’s now a girl.  Will starts to cry, not because it’s a girl, but because of his realization that he’s going to be a father.  And if you’re not hating Terri for letting this charade continue beyond this point, you’re a heartless bastard.

Will returns to school and goes to Sue’s office.  She preemptively announces that she’s stepping down from glee club because it’s too fruity, but she wants to stay on as his consiglierie.  He thinks she’s trying to trap him but she says she just wants to win.  Will and Sue go to the club to announce the changes and to salute the minorities in the minority group of glee club.  Sue drops the bomb that Quinn is pregnant and walks out; earlier that day, Sue found out from Jacob and can’t believe that Quinn would keep this secret from her.  Meanwhile, Finn is  comforting the emotional wreck that is Quinn, set to the entire club’s rendition of Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Hanging On”.

Next week: Finn and Quinn become losers and Sue finds love.

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Season 1, Episode 7: Throwdown (originally aired October 14, 2009)

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