Project Runway: Where in the World is Project Runway?

projectrunwaypr6-rr-irina-f_0In missing last week, I didn’t get to talk about Bob Mackie, Christina Aguilera, the second coming of Nicolas’s Xanadu-cum-Ice Capades ensemble, and Nina Garcia saying “Lady Marmalade” (as in the orange stuff your grandmother puts on biscuits).  And Shirin went home, which is a tragedy only because it means I’m already wrong with my predictions for this season.

This week Heidi tells our Final Seven bunch that they are taking a road trip to Rodeo Drive to meet a famous designer.  (So now Logan’s Dopey dwarf hat makes sense!)  In honor of this, it’s time for another Troop Beverly Hills clip.  As for the designer, it’s Michael Kors, who is so excited about today’s challenge: design an outfit inspired by a famous locale.  Carol Hannah hasn’t been to many places but she selects Palm Beach.  Nicolas, who is just annoying me more and more each week, picks Greece.  Althea selects St.Tropez, Gordana selects New York, Irina selects Aspen, Christopher selects Santa Fe, and Logan is stuck with Hollywood (California, not Florida, I hope).  This is a one day challenge.

As usual, we sketch, Mood, and fling the fabric across the model forms while they all make catty comments about each other (and do lousy Michael Kors impressions).  Enter Tim to check in on everyone.  He begins with Gordana , and he wants her to start on her dress and stop working on a neck piece.  He cracks a joke with Althea about what man would wear a shirt like that and the producers cut to Logan; I’m not sure what that means.  Tim advises Christopher to avoid being a cliche, as we cut to Irina making a snotty comment about him still being there.  In talking with Carol Hannah, he’s concerned that there’s nothing special about her Palm Beach dress. Bleh comments about Nicolas, Logan, and Irina so let’s skip that.

The next day it’s showtime!  Nicolas doesn’t see Greece in his outfit but he explains that it’s something you could wear in Greece.  That was the assignment, right?  Design an outfit that can be worn anywhere.  Anyway, Christopher laments that he gets passed over for jobs because he doesn’t have proper training, and I think this is just a set up for him going home, which wouldn’t surprise me because he’s one of the remaining folks I picked for the final three.

Runway.  Heidi introduces our judges: Nina AND Michael are there, plus actress and L’Oreal spokesmodel Milla Jovovich (also of The Fifth Element and The Messenger and some other stuff I haven’t seen and can’t be bothered to look up).  Logan’s up first and I don’t see how it’s a Hollywood outfit.  Althea can see her model streetwalking in St. Tropez or something; I guess I can see that.  Nicolas’s isn’t Greek at all.  Carol Hannah gets more of a South Beach look than a Palm Beach look but I’m sure they won’t know the difference.  I sort of see Santa Fe in Christopher’s number, and Irina did a good job capturing Aspen, but a white fur would have been better.  And we end with Gordana’s take on New York and I think it works but, again, I’m usually wrong on this stuff.projectrunwaypr6-rr-chris-f_0

Heidi sends Althea out and starts the questioning.  Milla likes Irina’s “grande dame” of Aspen look; Michael thinks it recalls Aspen in the 80s (which is the only time I’ve been so that’s probably why I think she did a good job).  Nina doesn’t think Christopher captured Santa Fe at all, Michael agrees, but Milla likes the belt.  In looking at Carol Hannah’s some more, it reminds me of something previous contestant Uli has done–no one mentions that, of course, but the judges all like this one.  Michael thinks Nicolas got confused about Greece, commenting that he designed for Grease with John Travolta and not the country.  Gordana apologizes too much for her outfit and talks about spending all of her money on the necklace part of the dress; the judges, however, like everything about this piece.  We end with Logan who designed for Lindsey Lohan or Mary-Kate, but Nina doesn’t think there’s anything special with the styling; Heidi disagrees but Michael notes that he designed clothes, not fashion.  Ouch.

Of note during deliberations, Michael makes a few cracks at Nicolas’s selection of grey menswear fabric as inspired by Greece and Ms. Jovovich thinks Logan did a good job if the show is called “Project I Didn’t Mind It.”  Ha!  Anyway, Heidi calls everyone back in for the results.  Carol Hannah is in, and Irina wins for giving them so much on a limited budget. Gordana is also in and gets a comment about not being so apologetic on the runway (told you so).  This moves into an admonishment for the remaining guys to pump up the volume.  She sends Logan out, and in a surprising upset, Christopher is in and Nicolas is out.  And it looks like Ms. Jovovich is getting emotional, wondering how the judges do this every week.  Well, don’t worry, this season only Heidi’s doing it every week.

And since this is his last week, I’ve figured out what bothers me about Nicolas.  It’s his laugh that he throws out there to diffuse tension or in a “just kidding” after saying something that’s not really funny.  I’ve known a few people who’ve done this and I don’t like being around them either.  But they were bastard people.  My lawyers have advised me to be sure to note that I’m sure Nicolas is a wonderful, kind person in real life and we wish him all the best in the touring company for Xanadu.

For another take on this episode, read Greece is the Word by Jaimie Campos.

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Season 6, Episode 10: Around the World in Two Days (originally aired October 22, 2009)

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