The Good Wife: Hello Love; Bye, Bye Privacy

goodwife2This week’s episode of The Good Wife is filled with emotional drama and romantic tension. Now The Good Wife is centered on emotional upheaval (the whole my adulterous husband is in jail, and oh yeah, I have to get a job and raise the kids, thing. Not to mention everyone knows my story; Privacy, bye-bye.) So, yes there’s a little drama. But kudos goes out to the writers for the excellent use of subtlety that really shows the strength of the characters. And this subtlety, this understatement goes a long way in another great episode of this truly beautiful series.

So, we begin the episode out with Peter Florrick in an interview in the courthouse. Denying the intention to make a political run after his release, Peter says that his focus is only on his family… oh and that appeal thing that he has coming up. This little family focused idea is almost completely negated when we learn of the new woman in Peter’s life. Yes that’s right; Peter’s got a new image consultant. Because every disgraced politician who is not trying to get back into politics needs one of those, right? Alicia doesn’t like her by the way, and doesn’t like the suspicion that Peter hired her. But maybe that’s just his track record…?

Anyway, Alicia’s case this week is a woman, Professor Whitman, who is charged with arson after a fire in her office laboratory. She’s innocent of course, but also really, really nervous which makes her an unreliable witness. So, that one needs a vow of silence. Instead Will and Diane decide to focus on other witnesses to make the defense. One of the witnesses, Walt, is a coworker who just happens to have totally hit it off with the good professor and just happens to be her alibi, in a completely innocuous way of course. And then we figure out, Walt’s lying, his alibi doesn’t stand. So, in order to protect their client Will and Diane decide to keep Walt and let him perjure himself on the stand. Oh, by the way he did it. Unrequited love is always the worst, no? In order to keep Whitman from getting tenure he decided to burn her work to the ground to keep her near him. Who said romance was dead?

So, at the bail hearing for Peter, Alicia is called to the stand where she’s asked does she want Peter home. She sidesteps a lot, saying all the right answers without saying that she actually wants him back. I need to learn double-talk; it’s so totally useful when you don’t like the truth. But anyway, Peter doesn’t get the bail because the Assistant District Attorney swears, falsely it seems, that Peter asked him to bribe the judge. So, back to lockdown you go.

goodwife3Some really great things about this episode, we really got to see Casey in action. He was forceful, direct, devastating in his quite approach. It was lovely. And also, another scene worth mentioning, after the request for bail when Peter and Alicia’s children discuss his possible return, the viewer can see as the reality sinks in on her and she doesn’t seem completely settled with the idea of him coming home. How is this going to work…?

Next week: the other woman and national tv. This can’t be good.

Season 1, Episode 8: Unprepared (originally aired November 17, 2009)

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