V for Void

v4V opens with a way too overly used scenario: Georgie is bleeding, Erica is tending to him, and then Ryan comes up and shoots his gun in Erica’s direction. Then, change shots, and it’s 14 hours earlier. I am beyond tired of this set up. It doesn’t accomplish anything for this scene. The only show that did this whole jumping around in time to frame a creative story line was Alias.

So, we are taken 14 hours back in time for absolutely no reason, and Anna is pissed about Dale’s murder and Joshua plays dumb asking who would do something like that. Well, he would. Back at Erica’s house, she has no time to listen to Tyler so he watches the news covering the healing centers established by the Vs and Anna announces how they are going to offer a vitamin supplement to help strengthen the immune system. Would this ever fly in real life? Where are all the Republicans to stop universal healthcare when you need them to fend off lizard-aliens? But I digress.

Erica gets an urgent call from Ryan and the four V resistance fighters meet up and Ryan tells them that the vitamin injections are a lie (duh) and that this is Anna’s plan to do something bigger (shock) and remembers this scheme from before, and knows some names of the scientists involved, one being Peter Combs. Erica wants to know how Ryan is so smart, but he offers no explanation while Georgie wants to go Rambo and make an example out of the Vs by skinning one and showing the public. This group needs to regroup and get on the same page.

Needlessly caught up to the 14-hour mark: the fantastic four are going to intercept Peter Combs. Georgie goes rogue and starts shooting him, he shoots Georgie, Erica shows up, and Ryan shoots Combs, thus saving Erica’s life. Then Combs takes a suicide pill and the jig is up for Ryan when Erica figures out he’s a V, but is cool with it because he’s got her back and he (kind of) explains the fifth column.

Back on the mother ship, Anna interrogates the medical team and says she will make an example out of a random member if the guilty party doesn’t step up. Joshua’s partner takes the heat in the name of the fifth column and gets skinned as a punishment. It does not sound pretty.

v2The vigilantes go raid Combs’ storage facility to get the injections, which turn out to be R6: some bad drug that they aren’t putting in a vitamin, but in our flu shots. Erica (who is looking like a member for the boxcar children right now) gets all philosophical about how this was so calculated by the Vs, and how they are using predictable human nature to manipulate us. Is getting a flu shot really that indicative of human nature? I know it’s swine flu season but come on… Ryan uses the fail safe to blow up the building and sends a message to the mother ship: “John May Lives”. How the hell is he living undetected in New York?

Anna is using all her lizardy wiles to try and butter up Tyler since she and Lisa think he is “the one”. No comment. She also sends some weird naked trippy message to the Vs. Tyler notices Lisa kind of zoning out and she says that her mother just gave them a gift: bliss. Looked like she slipped them LSD, but I guess it’s all culturally relative.

The show ends with healing center discoveries: Ryan’s fiancée is preggers and Scott Wolf is going to have a brain aneurism, which poses a problem for both because a) I’m not so sure how inter-species babies are going to pop out, and b) Scott has a huge ego. End scene: super zoom out to a galaxy far, far away where there is a fleet of V ships. Not that earth shattering and not really enough to keep me guessing or caring until March.

For another take on this episode, check out V is for Reinforcements by Paul Secrest.

Season 1, Episode 4: It’s Only the Beginning (originally aired November 24, 2009)

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Tuesdays 8/7c on ABC

Photographs courtesy of ABC and Sergei Bachlakov

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