So You Think You Can Dance: I Am Shaking My Finger At You, America

soyouthinkyoucandance8If you read my article last week, you’ll know I’m not happy about Wednesday night’s results. America, you have disappointed me. In my opinion (which we’ve established contains no authoritative knowledge of dance), the two best girls on the show ended up in the bottom two this week. First, a recap of Tuesday night.

Noelle and Ryan were partnered this week, and they began the night with a hip hop routine. They were both sexy, got into the characters, and received high marks from the judges. Their second routine was a smooth waltz, and Ryan was fabulous in his element. Noelle looked beautiful and elegant, the effect chilling (in a good way). The judges loved this one too, even Mary Murphy unable to find fault with their ballroom style.

Asheleigh drew Legacy’s name out of the hat, a pairing that screamed awkward from the get-go. They started the night with an extremely odd contemporary piece in which they spent most of their time rolling around on the floor and jumping around like monkeys. I didn’t understand the style, but according to the judges it’s difficult and both Ashleigh and Legacy did well. I’ll have to take their word for it. Their second number was a hip hop routine, Legacy dressed as Dracula (I think). It wasn’t all that great at all, to be honest, but I had to agree with Nigel when he blamed the choreographer instead of the contestants. They did fine, except for the missing chemistry, but the dancing wasn’t difficult at all.

Kathryn paired herself with Nathan this week, a dubious place to be because of all the recent criticism heaped on the show’s youngest male contestant. Their first routine was an adorable Broadway number which earned both of them high praise. They dove into the characters and the style, making this dance one of my favorites of the night. Their second draw was a rumba. I agreed with the judges’ assessment that it was passable, albiet containing several good moments for the highlight reel. Their chemistry could have been better, but to be honest, I’d have trouble acting like I enjoyed spending hours on end with someone as narcissistic as Nathan seems to be as well. Then again, maybe everyone’s like that at 18.

Ellenore, apparently blessed by the So You Think You Can Dance gods, drew Jakob out of the hat. Far and away the best technical dancer, male or female, Jakob can’t take a wrong step on this show. They drew the quickstep, generally considered to foretell doom and elimination, and danced the pants off of it. They smiled, they stayed together, their footwork was right, and the judges couldn’t find a bad thing to say. In fact, they couldn’t stop smiling. Their last piece of the night, a lyrical jazz routine, made those grins stretch even wider. It should have made everyone smile. The contemporary pieces are the ones that seem to engage people as they tell stories that can find a place inside everyone’s soul to burrow and nest. It was lovely, and seemed to solidify their passing into next week.


Mollee, also looking for a partner to shake up her run of dismal reviews, landed Russell. A favorite of both the crowd and the judges, it seemed to spell good luck. Their first number was a contemporary routine and they were beautiful doing it. The judges complimented both of them on their growth, their tenacity, and their amazing potential. As partners, they clicked and it showed on the stage. Their last chance to impress was a jive routine, and it was fun and quite charming. Even following Ellenore and Jakob couldn’t kill their mojo and they ended with rave reviews of their own.

Everyone shot some tape, and almost all of them managed to drip a tear or two. Okay, a few of them even choked me up. All the dancers had a chance to perform a solo as well, and the usual suspects stood out in that department. The girls, solo wise, rank Mollee, Kathryn, Noelle, Ellenore, and Ashleigh. The boys are harder to rank because their styles are so vastly different. For me, I would put them Jakob, Russell, Legacy, Nathan, and Ryan. America got the boys right, placing Nathan and Ryan in the bottom two. The girls, however, broke my heart as Noelle and Kathryn came up with the lowest number of votes. Seeing that they were my favorite two girls, I was none too pleased about losing one of them. Without a doubt, though, Kathryn should have been the one to stay. Kathryn is gorgeous and she hasn’t done one style poorly the entire competition. The judges were just as shocked to find her there, in my opinion it probably should have been Ashleigh. Notice it was couples voted in the bottom four, even though we voted for individuals this week. It could be that both Noelle and Kathryn were brought down by their pairings, while Ashleigh and Ellenore were elevated by theirs. Luck of the draw, as it were. After performances by the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and Snoop Dogg, Noelle and Nathan were sent packing. If Kathryn is in the bottom again next week, I’m going to have to take drastic measures. Like actually vote.

Oh yeah, and I would just like to go on record saying that I’ve never seen anyone who can rock a dress as hard as Cat Deeley.

Information on all songs, choreographers, and artists can be found here.

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Season 6, Episodes 19 & 20:  The Top 10 Perform & Two of 10 Voted Off (originally aired December 1 & 2, 2009)

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