Supernatural: Nothing Like a Good Old Body Swap

Last night’s episode of Supernatural brought back the wit, charm, and hilarity that the show does well. With the episode barely crossing the line from being another monster of the week episode, I couldn’t help but forgive it for what it brought to the table in terms of comedy.

Like last week Sam and Dean are back helping an old friend of the family. The damsel in distress this time happens to be a daughter of an old babysitter that used to take care of the boys while their father was out saving. The babysitter’s daughter had been attacked by a poltergeist with the last encounter leading to the words “Murder Chyld” cut into her stomach.

While searching through old town files and the Internet at a local fast food joint, Gary, a nerdy high school employee, pays close attention to Sam and Dean as they discuss what they plan to do next. Unfortunately for Sam, a body swap occurs after he gets hit in the neck with a tranquilizer dart while searching the town at night for a lead. Sam wakes up in the middle of a forest wearing Gary’s work clothes as he tries to figure where he is and how he got there. Dean on the other hand has no clue a body swap has taken place causing Gary to go undetected.

The comedy was nothing but a nonstop ride from this point on. Not being a scrawny 17-year-old anymore, Gary took full advantage of Sam’s body. And what does every 17-year-old boy want, especially with a body like Sam’s?  Sex of course! The most memorable scene takes place in a bar where Gary hits on and leaves with an older woman. As he is stepping out the door he stops to tell Dean, “I’m going to have SEX!” The expression on Dean’s face at that moment and during the entire episode only added to the comedy.

The episode takes a dark turn towards the end when Gary and two of his high school friends turn out to be witches who have been studying witchcraft from an old spell book. Are guys called witches? I honestly thought only women could be witches and men warlocks. I digress. After communicating with demons they learned of a bounty set on Dean’s head. Wanting to get rich quick Gary’s friends tie up Sam, who’s still in Gary’s body, and summon a demon to inform that Gary has Dean. Unfortunately, the demon possesses one of Gary’s friends and kills the other when he asks for too much. The demon takes off and tries to convince Gary to see Lucifer. Gary, scared to meet the dark lord, turns down the offer and with the help of Dean they both send the demon back to hell.

While the episode was mostly monster of the week, the realization that Sam does not need to be the one to say yes to the devil brings a scary thought for the brothers. Any manipulation of Sam’s mind or body could cause him to accept Lucifer. With no official announcement for the renewal of the show for its sixth season there should be no more need for monster of the week episodes. The apocalypse is coming leading to the major question. Why are the Winchester boys fighting high school kids?

Season 5, Episode 12: Swap Meat (Originally Aired on January 28, 2010)

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Thursdays at 9/8C on The CW

Photographs courtesy of The CW and Jack Rowand.

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