Project Runway: "The Heart of the Matter"

I’m going to go ahead and apologize right now for all the puns I’m about to make. But where there is ammo…

We begin with Heidi’s weekly teasing that usually leads to a not-what-we-were-hoping-for result. She tells the designers they’ll be creating a “look for a fashion week gala.” Sounds promising, no? Well, not so much. Tim and Laura Walker, the VP of Innovation for Campbell’s Soup, explain the heart-wrenching (see? puns.) reality – designers are to create a signature dress for the Campbell’s “Address Your Heart” program. With specific guidelines of red being the prominent color and utilizing the Campbell’s Soup logo, it sounds mm mm good.

The designers are given a budget of $100 and a day to work, and instead of their usual skinny models, they get to work with real women who have curves. The basis of this turn of events was the fact that each of these women were impacted by heart disease. Some of their stories hit home with the designers. Anthony and his model share the hardship of dealing with a mother with heart problems. Jay’s model causes him to break down at her story of dying for two minutes. And she has the nerve to laugh at him! I tell ya…

Seth, who doesn’t seem concerned with the heart of the project (Ok, ok! I’ll stop!) instead is facing the issue of having the biggest model. Poor baby. “I want my mommy,” he cries. But he manages to stay safe with his adorable dress. By the time shopping at Mood is over, the work room is so red it hurts. No big issues this time so we’ll jump right into judging.

Onto the runway! Our Guest Judge is Georgina Chapman, co-founder of Marchesa. Of the thirteen looks, my favorite was Jesse’s. (I swear I’m not biased at all! I mean, is it my fault if the guy is pretty to look at? Of course not…) It was a very cute dress and with the jacket it reminded me of a 50s kind of look. However, the judges disagreed, saying it was costume-y and didn’t stand out enough. Everyone’s a critic!

The top three designers were Amy, Mila, and her mini-me Maya. They seriously spent too much time expanding on how alike these two are. Snore! Amy’s was very attractive and flowy – beautiful, said all of the judges – while Maya’s was cute but a little off. Her idea of a half heart on the dress was creative, but the execution was a little rocky. Along with Nina, I did like the clutch. Mila’s dress, on the other hand, looked more like a superhero dress with all the stars, in my professional opinion. (And by professional, I mean that my fashion sense would probably be considered nonexistent.)

Bottom three designers were Jesse, Jesus, and Anna Marie. Since I covered Jesse above, we’ll move onto Anna Marie. Her dress was a bit too much fabric, resembling a puffy curtain. Nina like the bottom half which…sounded a bit more disturbing than it was. But ultimately it looked like a “bag tied in the middle.” Jesus’ dress was the epitome of a tacky Hollywood dress. The judges went on to say how he had bad taste, but Michael had the quote of the week: “You basically took a checklist of everything that could look tacky and put it into one garment”. Ouch.

The winner of the challenge was Amy, giving her immunity. Jesus, unfortunately, was out. I think he could easily dress a prostitute. There’s hope for you, Jesus!

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Season 7, Episode 4: Design Your Heart Out (originally aired February 4, 2010)

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Thursdays at 10pm EST on Lifetime

Photographs courtesy of Lifetime and IMDbPro

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