The Good Wife: Bound in Matrimony

On this week’s episode of The Good Wife, Peter Florrick finally comes home in a move that’s relatively anticlimactic but the results of which are very rewarding as it brings to head a moment of revelation that has long been waited for.

This week’s episode picks up where the last one left off, with Alicia prepping her family for Peter’s return. He returns, accompanied, of course, by a police officer and strapped with an ankle bracelet. Now, of course the ankle bracelet comes later, after said officer briefs him on the very many don’ts that will immediately terminate the program and have him sent right back to jail; but you get the point.

The stipulations of Peter’s house arrest include having to stay in the apartment 24/7, and no wireless internet. When the officer straps the anklet on Peter, Grace, his daughter, in a telling moment says “Just like Cinderella.” Now, you can psycho-analyze this however many ways you want; she’s trying to put this (house arrest) into terms that she can understand (fairy tales). Either way, it seems really striking.

The case this week: an investment broker, Miles Wagner, is murdered. Found standing over him is the defendant (and client) Brad, a former employee who invested almost $100,000 with Wagner. Did I mention he lost almost $100,000 with Wagner? Well, he did, but then again, so many other people did too and the courtroom is full of them. Angry former clients yell their happiness at his death, while Diane is happy their anger brings reasonable doubt. For wouldn’t the $80 million he lost for others prove more reasonable incentive for his death? Without warning, Diane removes Alicia from the case in favor of Carey. This is troubling to Alicia what with one month left in the competition for junior Associate.

At home, Peter is tired of being home. So he calls up his lawyer and PR agent to get to work. As they are going around the house looking for bugs, Zach pulls Peter aside to show him the incriminating pictures someone (Childs) sent. In a show of anger, and outrage, Peter calls for a meeting with Eli Gold.

In the first meeting, Peter and Eli prod each other, parrying like two bullfighters trying to figure each other out. Eli agrees to work for Peter and suggests that he fire his PR agent/investigator Kaya, a suggestion with which I wholeheartedly agree. His reasoning is because Zach does a better job than she does. Bringing more information to the party, Gold identifies that the person in one of the pictures is an FBI agent, and states that Peter is under investigation.

At the firm, Diane meets with a Ballistics expert in hopes of getting him to work on the case. I don’t know his name, so we’re going to call him Ballistics. Ballistics is straightforward, won’t work for guilty people and the guy has morals. He seems like an outdoorsy type of guy, and I mention all of this because something about him has Diane all aflutter. Maybe it’s because of his abrupt manner, or that straightforward thing, but by the time he leaves her office Diane seems… giddy. This doesn’t last long, and you can delve into it later, as Alicia comes in immediately after and demands to know why Diane pulled her off the case in favor of Carey. Alicia states that she is better than Carey, and though Diane agrees she says that it was not her choice to pull Alicia off. It was Will’s.

Alicia confronts Will about being taken off the case and questions what she has done wrong. On the contrary, Will states that he has been feeling guilty keeping her away from her family so often. Peter’s return doesn’t stay unspoken for long, and Will says that she might want more time to spend at home with him. She doesn’t, she wants to do her job. “I want to be here.” she replies. “I want you to be here,” he answers. *Alright, a little personal note: this scene is amazing. It really is. It’s full of subtle meaning and communication between these characters that demonstrates they’re on the same wavelength. And it’s so excellently portrayed by Marguiles and Charles that it just creeps up on you. It’s just beautiful. After it was over I thought ‘What just happened?’ These two have gotten on an accord acknowledging that something is there between them, even though they may not know to what end it will come. It felt like yearning, but I can’t quite call it that. It was just… beautiful. That’s all I can say.

Back in court, Carey jovially rips apart a Santa Claus and Diane finds a new suspect; Wagner’s partner Knox. Knox’s alibi is his wife, with whom he claims he was with the night his partner was killed. Alicia gets called back on the case to question Knox’s wife. Although his wife is disgusted with her husband she knows that she is unable to testify against him. Although she says, if they could find a way to get her on the stand, they would be very happy with the results.

Asleep on Alicia’s couch at the firm is Eli Gold. He introduces himself and after trying to probe Alicia about Kaya, announces that they, he and Alicia, will be the best of friends. “You’re cautious, and so am I. Your husband isn’t.” (Are you wondering what that means, so am I. Can’t wait to find out.)

At the Wagner case, it turns out $50,000 has gone missing. Alicia ties this to a donation the Knoxes gave to charity. And because of a possible conspiracy, where did the money come from (i.e. she helped to dispose of the money), Mrs. Knox is allowed to testify. She does, and her husband’s alibi is shot. He left home, and returned an hour later with a suitcase full of cash. You don’t need a plea bargain after all.

At home, Peter tells Alicia about the videos that were sent. She feels betrayed that the kids kept this from her. She questions several times how they are going to get through this. Peter just says they will.

Next week: Peter’s got suspicions. What is going on with Alicia and Will?

Season 1, Episode 15: Bang (originally aired March 2, 2010)

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Tuesday at 10/9c on CBS

Photos courtesy of CBS and Jeffrey Neira.

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