The Office: Happy Hour

So Andy and Erin have admitted to the documentary crew that they are in a romantic relationship. But they do not want anyone else in the office to know, because, as Andy says, “he doesn’t want any drama.” The extents to which they go to keep their relationship secret include the reverse psychology approach of acting super hostile to each other in the office, and then flirting with other people on the company sojourn to happy hour that defines most of the action in this episode. (Andy flirts with a woman, Erin takes his cue and flirts with a man, Andy gets angry.)
This happy hour comes together as the result of the machinations of Oscar and his elaborate attempts to get closer to Matt, a warehouse employee. The moments amongst Oscar, Matt, and Darryl as potential matchmaker are the choicest comedic nuggets of what I thought was an unusually nuggetful episode of this series.
Also nuggetful (I promise that’s the last time I’ll ever use that word) are Michael’s horrendous botching of an impromptu date with a friend of Pam’s, which was arranged for him by Pam and Jim, and Dwight’s not-so-difficult choice between Angela, and what he analytically rationalizes as a far more attractive woman.
Michael in particular ends up connecting better with the bartender. Their hostile exchanges only seem to generate heat on the part of the bartender, and it almost calls to mind the same effect Steve Carell’s 40-year-old virgin had on Elizabeth’s character in the eponymous film that made him a breakout star. In that scene, his torrent of questions, no matter how absurd, lead to stronger favor with the woman involved, and here in this episode of The Office, he achieves the same victories with each increase in his level of hostility.
The episode ends with Andy getting on a microphone and announcing to the entire bar that he and Erin are dating. As was the case with all their overtly secretive antics throughout the episode, no one cares. Hilarious episode.

Season 6, Episode 20: Happy Hour (originally aired March 27, 2010)

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