Dancing With the Stars: Grumpy Stars

This week on Dancing with the Stars the celebs seemed to have a bug up their collective butts.  There were tears, frustration, and Tony threatened to quit.  Who would think most of the fireworks would take place away from the ballroom? Some stars built on strong first week performances, others faltered a bit.  Let’s get to it.

Shannon & Mark
They will be dancing the Jive and Shannon is worried about the memorization involved.  Last week the judges told Shannon her routine was too complicated, so this week she wants to “dumb it down” and Mark is not having it.  I wasn’t too impressed by their routine, but what do I know? She’s not bad, and her Jive was decent but I thought it was a bit awkward.  Once again, the judges disagreed with me.  Len said she showed how the Jive was fast, fun, and energetic but that she should work on her finesse.  Bruno said the energy was good and that she was better than last week.  Carrie Ann said she was very solid but that she should work on her musicality.  Carrie Ann: 7 Len: 6 Bruno: 7

Aiden & Edyta
Aiden had a rough time last week and seems to be carrying over some of the frustration.  He struggles with the Foxtrot in rehearsal, succumbing to the pressure.  Edyta is frustrated with his lack of progress and he snaps at her, threatening to leave.  He’s kind of an a-hole, in my opinion.  Eventually they calm down and finish with rehearsal.  Their Foxtrot is charming and he appears very light on his feet.  They were able to channel their frustration and Aiden really took on the persona required for the Foxtrot.  Bruno says he can see a glimmer of hope for Aiden and that his frame was good.  He needs to keep focused.  Carrie Ann said he let the dance flow through him and they had a great connection.  Len said it was economic in movement but his footwork was very good.  Carrie Ann: 7 Len: 6 Bruno: 6

Evan & Anna
Evan was in second place so he’s one to watch.  Anna and Evan visited his hometown during the rehearsal taping.  Their Jive should be good because he’s very athletic and should have the necessary energy.  He’s really good.  Great actually; his footwork was amazing and his ice-skating background was evident.  This performance should keep him near the top of the judges’ leaderboard once again.  Carrie Ann said it was great and his connection with the audience was there.  Len was equally pleased, agreeing that he didn’t struggle with the routine like most tall dancers in the Jive.  Bruno told him to point his feet and not to go “wobbly,” but he enjoyed it.  8s all around.

Niecy & Louis
Niecy and Louis have difficulty communicating in rehearsal.  After a few clashes they start to hit their stride.  Damn she is hilarious too.  She brought grace to the Foxtrot, as she promised in rehearsal.  The judges raved.  Len said that compared with last week she is a revelation, prompting her to run over and hug him.  Bruno said she was light and frothy like a strawberry milkshake.  Carrie Ann said she was spectacular in a wonderful way and challenges her to be even better next week.  7s all around.

Jake & Chelsea
Jake is nervous about the Jive, and with good reason.  He and Chelsea take a lot of spills during rehearsal, but their Jive ended up being pretty good.  It was fun and Jake put on a solid performance.  Bruno says that his determination and effort are great, but he should work on his precision and technique.  Carrie Ann harps on him for a perceived lift, but says that he was a joy to watch.  Len said it was heavy at times and he should be lighter on his feet, but he thinks he has great potential.  Carrie Ann: 6 Len: 7 Bruno: 7  Wow it looks like Carrie Ann really did penalize them for a lift.

Buzz & Ashley
Buzz had a score of 14 last week, so he has nowhere to go but up.  Hopefully.  His wife stops by rehearsal to provide some encouragement, saying that Buzz likes a new challenge.  He did the best Foxtrot he could muster, which was a slight step down from last week’s score.  All things considered he wasn’t half bad.  You can’t help but root for him.  He receives a standing ovation from the crowd.  Carrie Ann says it was charming and tender. The emotional part was there but the dancing part wasn’t quite there.  Len says he inspires people and anyone can dance, no matter their age.  Bruno slammed Buzz, saying it looked like he was dodging craters on the moon.  Carrie Ann: 4 Len: 4 Bruno: 4

Nicole & Derek
Nicole is similar to Mya from last season: head and shoulders above the rest.  She is excited about the Jive but gets angry when she finds out she will have to perform the 50s-era dance to a contemporary song. Their Jive is perfect; she dances nearly as well as the professionals.  I thought their routine was sexy and fun.  Len said that parts were fantastic, but he didn’t like the beginning because it was not traditional.  Bruno thought it was phenomenal (of course).  He said he’s never seen a Jive that good in week 2.  Carrie Ann said it was perfection and she loved it.  Carrie Ann: 10  Len:  8  Bruno: 10

Erin and Maksim
Erin had a strong performance last week and will be performing the Foxtrot this week.  She continues to be stubborn during rehearsals and doesn’t take direction well.  Hopefully they can stop bumping heads long enough to nail the dance.  She begins the Foxtrot with a brave solo, and she and Maks seem like Cinderella and Prince Charming.  She was graceful and elegant and she seems to be one of the stronger contestants at this early stage.  Bruno said she was a natural, taking to the dance like a duck to water.  Carrie Ann said she was a beautiful, lyrical dancer and that it took a lot of courage to begin the dance with a solo.  She warned Erin to be mindful of her hold.  Len said that she and the other contestants need to shut up and listen to their pro partners.  Carrie Ann: 8 Len: 7 Bruno: 8

Pam & Damian
Damian wants a romantic, old Hollywood Foxtrot.  He tells Pam to channel Marilyn Monroe.  Her Foxtrot is romantic and airy and she manages to still bring a provocative quality to the elegant dance.  Actors have a natural advantage on the show because they are used to playing different characters.  Pam really captured the spirit of the dance.  Carrie Ann complimented Pam’s versatility and said she really brought Marilyn Monroe to life.  Len said it had an elegance and cheeky charm but she’s got to work on her center rather than her bust.  Bruno said it was a well-executed delicious tribute to the original blonde Bombshell.  He said she exudes so much sex appeal that people forget she can dance.  Carrie Ann: 7  Len: 7 Bruno: 8

Chad & Cheryl
Chad did well last week and will be dancing the Foxtrot this week.  During rehearsal it is awkwardly apparent that the chemistry between he and Cheryl is off the charts.  He flirts shamelessly, but rather than dismiss him Cheryl simply says that he’s “charming, cute, and a beautiful human being.  We have a lot of chemistry and will it go anywhere?” She says she doesn’t know! She also rewards him with kisses during practice!  I’ll let you do the math.  Now for the dance: I love Chad, but his Foxtrot was horrible.  I mean in every way, from start to finish.  He was awkward and his moves were stilted.  He seemed uncomfortable the entire time.  Len said there was little he could say in the way of positive encouragement and that it was like snow: you’re glad when it’s over.  Bruno said he took a step backwards; there was no musicality.  He will have to refocus.  Carrie Ann said that he has great potential but that he has to stop over-thinking the dance.  Chad honestly looks like he’s going to cry! Awww  Carrie Ann: 6  Len: 5  Bruno: 5

Kate & Tony
Here comes the Drama Queen.  I’m gonna be straight with you: she sucks.  Kate is one of those rare people who are completely awkward on the dance floor, with no rhythm.  Tony wants her to listen and Kate complains about his teaching.  They have a complete breakdown in communication and Tony actually quits.  For about 5 minutes.  Then he regained his composure and apologized to Kate for over-reacting.  By the time they hit the stage I knew it was going to be a disaster, and it was.  Kate couldn’t remember all of the steps, and the ones she did remember weren’t executed particularly well.  She’s awful.  And on top of that she has a questionable attitude.  She better shape up or she’ll be shipped out!  Bruno said that she turned the song into a nightmare.  She did not portray the character.  Carrie Ann gave her credit for making it through the routine.  That’s how you know it was bad.  Len said she needs to find a way to shake off the nerves.  Carrie Ann: 5 Len: 5 Bruno: 5

The judges’ scores will be added to their scores from last week and factored in with the audience vote.  Nicole remains at the top, and Buzz is at the bottom.


After looking at all of the dances this week, I think Buzz, Chad and Kate had the worst performances.  Buzz is a fan favorite so I’m not worried about him going home.  If I had to put money on it, I’d wager that Kate would be the first star sent home this season.

Brooke Burke tells us right away that Pam and Damian are in the bottom 2.  That’s a bit surprising considering their performance on Monday.  Next up the judges reveal their choice for repeat performance, and it’s no surprise to see that it’s Nicole and Derek.  They are clearly a favorite with the judges, but it’s the fan vote that counts.  After they dance we are subjected to the first of what will be many professional routines.  At least this routine was choreographed by a guy who worked with Michael Jackson.  It’s okay, but let’s get to the results!  The first couple who is safe from elimination is Buzz & Ashley, followed by Aiden & Edyta.  Joining them is Niecy & Louis.  Two of the lowest-scoring couples are safe so far.  Looks like there will be at least a mild upset.  After some stupid segment with Len we learn that Evan & Anna are also safe.  Next up is John Stamos performing with the Beach Boys. *sigh*  After that we are shown a touching piece about a Haitian group of choreographers that have been affected by the catastrophe that devastated their country earlier this year.  Their performance was amazing and emotional.  Meanwhile Chad, Shannon, Pam, Erin, and Kate await their fate.  Chad is safe, and then Erin.  In a surprise revelation Kate is also safe.  She was awful.  It’s come down to Shannon and Pam, neither of whom were in the bottom two.  Shannon didn’t earn enough votes to stay and is the first star to be eliminated.

It will be interesting to see how the viewers continue to respond.  Obviously personality, likability and fan appeal count for a lot.  I hope the stars who perform the best remain around the longest.  Will Kate’s attitude improve?  How long can Buzz stick around?  We’ll see next week!

Season 10, Week 2: Round 1: Part 2 and Results Show (originally aired March 29 and 30, 2010)

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Photographs courtesy of ABC, Adam Larkey

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