The Vampire Diaries: Blood Bender

In last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries Stefan got his first taste of human blood in years and the scrumptious treat is now taking its toll. The poor guy has tried to get back to his diet of squirrel blood but even a make-out session with Elena leads to a near rabid feeding frenzy. This was all before the first commercial break so I knew things were going to get ugly this week.

One of the ways in which Stefan tries to fend off his cravings is by turning to booze so you can about imagine that if he’s not jittering for a fix, he’s wrecked off of the sauce and frankly neither option is ideal for his friends, especially Elena who understandably begins to worry about his well-being pretty quickly. This is compounded further when he gets aggressive with a guy we’ll call Jerk #1 on the dance floor at the annual Founders Day Party and looks ready to kill. Hell, even I was nervous so I can’t blame Elena for fretting.

The party becomes even more of a disaster when Matt’s trainwreck mom, Kelly, (just days after her daughter’s funeral) gets sloppy and starts to make out with Tyler (Michael Trevino). Matt spots them in their inappropriate embrace and freaks out by starting to beat Tyler up. It eventually breaks up without too much fuss but Kelly has a slight cut on her forehead and boozy Stefan smells it from the other end of the party. He somehow stops himself from gnawing on her face but after touching the wound and briefly licking his fingers, he nearly makes dinner out of Jerk #1 in the parking lot. Luckily self-control prevails and he only beats the guy up a little bit.

Of almost more concern is the sudden appearance of Elena’s Uncle John (David Anders) who is in town to raise the alarm about the expected vampire resurgence in Mystic Falls. At one point in the party he boldly confronts Damon telling him he knows that Damon and his brother are in fact vampires. Damon promptly responds by snapping his neck and tossing him off a balcony for dead. But sure enough, John strolls back into the party moments later and we know that Uncle John is more than meets the eye. He wears the same magic ring that Alaric possesses, which protects him from vamp attacks so he’s clearly going to be a big problem in weeks to come.

As the episode comes to a close Elena and Stefan pledge their love to one another and promise that they’ll get through this but shortly after, Damon leaves his struggling brother with a nice whiskey tumbler full of blood and you better believe Stefan chugs it down. It makes me wonder if different blood types taste better than others but that’s probably best left for another day because Stefan will clearly take any flavor. He has an addiction and the only cure is…well, there actually doesn’t seem to be one. This is going to get real ugly.

Other points of interest:

Matt kicks his mom out of the house after her whorish escapade at the party. I know she’s a hot mess but I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Jeremy continues to be suspicious about the recent recovery of Vicki’s body and thinks Elena knows more than she is letting on. Obviously he is correct and proves it by reading Elena’s diary. This boy is about to go postal for sure. Shall we take bets on how many episodes he makes it through? I say not many.

Only three episodes remain before the sure-to-be-epic season finale! Lets hope they’re all good ones!

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Season 1, Episode 18: Under Control (originally aired April 15, 2010)

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Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW

Photographs courtesy of The CW and Bob Mahoney.

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