Glee: The Material Girl Takes Over McKinley High

Two words to describe this Glee episode: Madonna and sex. With a Madonna featured episode, we all knew it would be a little risqué and Madonna-esque. McKinley High made Madonna proud and did a masterful job performing the icon’s songs.

We learn that Sue is obsessed with Madonna—calls her “the most powerful woman to ever walk the earth.” Since she is blackmailing Principal Figgins, she convinces him to loudly play Madonna music all day in her honor. Cheerios wear WWMD (what would Madonna do) bracelets, are encouraged to date younger men like Madonna and Sue will “no longer acknowledge that they have last names.” Oh Sue Sylvester, you crack me up!

The Glee club girls are having issues with boys this week. Rachel hypothetically discusses (because she said she broke up with Jesse) how her date wanted to “do it” but then got upset when she said no. Mercedes wishes she had a boyfriend and Tina is upset that Artie is trying to change her by telling her to “lose the goth thing.” Mr. Schu overhears and encourages them to talk to someone like Emma. However, Emma doesn’t believe she can help with sex issues because she is not experienced. Emma and Will make the decision to work together to help the girls and maybe it will also help Emma.

Will catches an impressive Cheerios performance to a Madonna song, and he decides to assign the group to perform a Madonna number. Mr. Schu also tells the guys that they have not been treating the girls very nicely and need to change that. The guys are not too thrilled about performing Madonna and Puck insists that her music isn’t “show choir” material. In an attempt to change his mind, the girls perform “Express Yourself”—decked out in Madonna-looking attire—but it doesn’t work.

On a side note, Quinn doesn’t look very pregnant. Shouldn’t she be a couple of months along and showing more?? Also, more Puck please…he hardly gets any time to shine.

Santana is struggling with Sue’s order to date a younger man and Brittany suggests she ask Finn out again. So Santana approaches Finn and offers to take his virginity plus lets it slip that Rachel is still seeing Jesse.

Next, Emma questions Sue as to why the Madonna music isn’t playing in her office. Sue bluntly informs her that she had the intercom disconnected because she lacked sexuality and doesn’t deserve to listen to Madonna’s music!

Finn asks Rachel if she is still dating Jesse and she confesses she is. Rachel pleads with Finn to still be her friend, which he agrees to, except if her relationship hurts the club. Next, they sing a mash-up of “Borderline” and “Open Your Heart” and end awkwardly staring into each other’s eyes. Hmm, will they get back together soon? After this, Finn tells Santana he is in to “lose the big v.”

Sue is furious when she discovers that Will has copied her and given a Madonna assignment to glee club.  However, Will stands up to Sue and even insults her with a hair joke of his own which Sue doesn’t take well, i.e. throwing students out of her way in the hallway.

Kurt and Mercedes who have been working on a video dedicated to Madonna, overhear and nicely offer to help her find a new look. Later on we see their video—Sue’s “Vogue” video, which is fantastic but I found myself wishing they hadn’t shown it at the end of the “Hell-o” episode but left it as a surprise.

Jesse and Rachel meet up and he apologizes for trying to force her to “do it.” Jesse tells her that she deserves “epic romance” and he will wait. However, Rachel says that she is ready, although her face tells a different story.

Emma decides to take a page from Madonna’s book and informs Will that she is “planning on doing the nasty” with him that night.

During a performance of “Like a Virgin,” we witness Finn, Emma and Rachel preparing to have sex and a little foreplay with Santana, Will and Jesse. The next day, we learn that both Rachel and Emma didn’t go through with it but Finn did and regrets it because it wasn’t with someone he cared about. Will and Emma set up a no dating policy until his divorce is final (he filed) and suggests Emma see a counselor to get help with her issues.

In two surprising twists, Jesse transfers to McKinley because he “cares about Rachel more than winning another national title.” Although many of the members think Jesse is just spying and Brittany thinks he is Mr. Schu’s son. Plus, Mercedes and Kurt, who have grown extremely frustrated about not getting leads in songs, join Cheerios (they perform “4 minutes”) because they will have “more opportunity to shine” while still remaining members of glee club.

The glee club guys, minus their new member Jesse, finally sing a Madonna song, “What It Feels Like For a Girl.” After doing so, they realize that they haven’t been treating the girls too nicely and need to “make it right with the girls.” Artie apologizes to Tina. Finn also apologizes to Rachel telling her that “I really liked you and I could have had you but I blew it.” Jesse interrupts to challenge Finn to a sing-off but instead Finn welcomes him into New Directions and says he will try to stay away from Rachel.

Next, with a choir as backup, New Directions sings an amazing rendition of (and perhaps one of the best Glee numbers), “Like a Prayer.” Maybe this will be a future regionals number…

Okay, let’s be honest, Jesse’s transfer to McKinley High is awfully suspicious and Vocal Adrenaline looks pretty strong. If Jesse infiltrated New Directions…why? The mysterious drama continues and I have to admit, I still don’t trust him.

Happy to see Mercedes, Kurt, Artie and Tina get some more air time this week! Don’t get me wrong, I like Rachel and Finn but I hope the other characters continue to get to show off their stuff…they are all so talented!

Next week Kristin Chenoweth is back! Plus, don’t forget to add some time to your DVRs in case Idol runs over again.

For another take on this week’s episode, check out What Would Madonna Do? by Stephanie Jaar.

Season 1, Episode 15: The Power of Madonna (originally aired April 20, 2010)

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