The Vampire Diaries: Does Betty Ford Treat Blood Addiction?

Oh, Stefan, are you ever a mess. His cheery disposition may seem like a nice change of pace considering his usual somber attitude but it’s because he’s been throwing back the human blood (stolen from a blood bank) and since he had been off of the stuff for many years, he now can’t get enough. Think of an alcoholic falling off of the wagon – only gorier.

Stefan thinks he’s putting on a pretty good act that he no longer has the cravings but Damon puts two and two together within minutes when he is told by the sheriff and evil Uncle John about a recent blood bank robbery. When confronted, Stefan claims that he is fine and has the situation under control but as a viewer we’re led to believe that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The backdrop to all this drama is the Miss Mystic Falls pageant for the upcoming Founders Day holiday. Both Elena and Caroline are selected to sit on the court and while Caroline craves the big win more than anything, Elena is indifferent at best but goes forward with it in honor of her mother who would have wanted her to. The competition includes rigorous interviews, dancing lessons, and culminates with a very uppity pageant event complete with violin covers of Coldplay songs. Elena naturally chooses Stefan as her escort and everyone expects that the crown is hers to lose.

On a side note, Bonnie (Katerina Graham), who has been MIA for the last few episodes is back in school after mourning her witch grandmother and is acting all kinds of awkward. She basically blames Stefan and Damon for her grandmother’s death (accurate) and is taking it out on Elena and their friendship. In a nutshell we have yet another character on the show whose allegiance is now in question when the shit starts to go down – and with the end of the season approaching it’s probably going to be going down real soon.

On the day of the pageant Damon confesses to Elena that Stefan isn’t really as in control as he is putting on and has been drinking stolen human blood. She reacts with total shock and of course, Stefan walks in just in time to figure out what they’re talking about. He takes it pretty poorly and runs off with another debutant, Amber (Spencer Locke), in tow. Poor Amber doesn’t appear to be the brightest girl in the world but we can’t hold it against her too much since Stefan puts her under a little mind control spell to chill out while he drives out to the woods where he can suck her blood in private.

When they reach their secluded destination, Stefan struggles to resist taking a big old bite out of her but fails miserably and does it a little bit at a time. At one point he even lets her run away only to catch her again for the final bite but that’s when the cavalry arrives in the form of Elena, Damon, and Bonnie who puts a sort of calming spell on Stefan causing him to run away instead of rabidly pummeling all of them.

Luckily for them he goes straight home where Elena and Damon team up to tranquilize him and lock him in the cellar where they hope to have him sweat out his cravings and go back to being the pleasant, nice vampire that we have all come to know and love. And for his love life’s sake I hope he does it fast because there was some serious sexual tension between Elena and Damon during their impromptu dancing at the pageant (after Stefan bailed to eat another chick) and I can totally see something developing between them quickly.

Oh and Caroline won the Miss Mystic Falls pageant but no one (including me) really seems to care.

Creepy Uncle John on the other hand is on a quest to find some kind of “invention” from the 1800s not realizing that by now Apple probably has an App for whatever it is he’s looking for. He believes Pearl has it and sure enough, she shows up at the end of the episode and gives it to Damon as a peace offering for the whole torture episode a couple weeks ago. We’re not really sure what the thing does but neither do they so we’ll hopefully know more very soon!

And finally, on a non-storyline front, has anyone else noticed the lighting on the show getting progressively darker by the episode? I realize they are trying to set a Gothic mood and it’s not going to be lit with floodlights BUT there are frankly scenes where you can barely make out these gorgeous actors’ faces and I think there are probably ways to light the show and retain the mood without losing 3/4 of the screen to complete black. Just a thought.

Season 1, Episode 19: Miss Mystic Falls (originally aired April 22, 2010)

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Photographs courtesy of The CW, Bob Mahoney, and Quantrell Colbert.

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