An Introspective Glee

Last week’s Glee was all about sex, Madonna and showy performances whereas this week’s Glee is much more subdued and contemplative. Sometimes the episode seemed a little sluggish with less elaborate performances and slow songs—different than usual, but not necessarily bad.

Mercedes & the Cheerios

This week Sue is being interviewed by Splits magazine. Mercedes attempts to deal with the high demands of being a Cheerio especially when Sue tells her she must lose ten pounds before the interview or else she will be kicked off the team. Ditto for Kurt. In the cafeteria, Kurt criticizes Mercedes’ healthy choice of chicken and salad, with dressing on the side, since he is only eating celery. He tells her “we are finally part of the in crowd. Don’t screw it up.” Quinn observes Mercedes questioning Brittany and Santana about how they stay so skinny. At a midweek weigh in, Mercedes has actually gained two pounds and Sue tells her to do whatever it takes.

Mercedes basically starves herself, begins imagining the other kids as food and then passes out. In the nurse’s office, Quinn gives Mercedes a granola bar and tells her that she understands how she feels. Her relationship with food has changed since becoming pregnant and Quinn realized that she should eat healthy, not only for the baby but for herself too. In a touching moment, Quinn tells Mercedes that she should be comfortable in her own skin because she is beautiful.

Later, the Splits magazine writer attends a Cheerios school pep rally. Mercedes changes the performance and asks if anyone has ever felt fat, ugly or not popular. Many people, including Quinn, raise their hands as Mercedes confesses that she sometimes feels that way and invites anyone with similar feelings to sing “Beautiful” with her. After the song, Kurt hugs her and apologizes. The writer tells Sue that he was going to write an unflattering piece but has changed his mind because she is redefining cheerleading by having a team of all different sizes.

Mr. Schu & April

After discovering the auditorium padlocked, an angry Will confronts Sue, who tells him that she has booked it for the week. She also admits to blackmailing Principal Figgins. While searching for a new location for glee club to rehearse, Will checks out a roller rink and finds April—a former crush—(the uber talented Kristin Chenoweth) there. They immediately sing a great duet of “Fire.” Will learns that since he last saw April, she has become the mistress of a tycoon of strip malls and is the owner/operator of the roller rink. April insists that the glee club use the rink to rehearse and Will mentions that he needs to sublet his apartment because of his divorce. April, who needs a new place to stay, is interested in checking out his apartment.

Later, Will informs the club of the good news about their new rehearsal site and then Kurt performs “A House Is Not A Home.” That night, April shows up to check out Will’s apartment and plans on staying over—she is told that she must sleep on the couch. They begin singing a beautiful mash-up of “A House Is Not A Home” and “One Less Bell To Answer.” Wow, their voices are amazing, especially together. The obviously lonely April and Will end up sharing Will’s bed that night.

Will tells April that she deserves more than just being someone’s mistress. She agrees and decides to do something about it. The episode ends with April telling Will that the tycoon died and his wife paid her two million dollars in hush money. She used it to buy the school auditorium for the glee club and plans to go to Broadway to put on an all white production of “The Wiz.” Then April and the club perform “Home” from “The Wiz.”

Finn, Kurt and their dating parents

At home, Finn is not happy that his mom, Carole, is selling some of their older furniture. He prevents her from selling his dad’s recliner. Carole wants a fresh start and admits to dating Burt, Kurt’s dad. We learn that Kurt introduced Burt and Carole because he thought it would allow him to spend more time with his crush, Finn.

The four go out to dinner and Kurt is hurt when Finn and his dad “guy talk” about sports. During an argument, Kurt suggests that even though his mom died eight years ago, maybe his dad shouldn’t date seriously yet. Kurt and Finn team up to break up their parents.

At home in an emotional scene, Finn threatens to flush his father’s ashes down the toilet and his mother confesses that she talks to the urn every night. She tries to get Finn to understand that they don’t need more ghosts or memories but a family and a home.

Later, Finn plans to have it out with Burt, but Burt tells him that he loves Carole and he would never hurt her. Burt acknowledges that he can’t take his dad’s place. Finn is touched by Burt’s statements and suggests they watch the basketball game together—he even lets Burt sit in his dad’s recliner. A crushed Kurt witnesses this from a window.

Although it wasn’t a typical upbeat episode, nor did it have a lot of songs by the ensemble glee club, it used Kristin Chenoweth’s guest star role to the utmost and highlighted her amazing vocal abilities. April is a fun and quirky character that I hope to see again in the future. Two weeks ago, Idina Menzel guest starred and this week Kristin Chenoweth was back, wouldn’t it be great to see these two original Broadway Wicked stars perform together on an episode of Glee?! I think so!

Next week expect some drama when a list emerges that ranks the glee club members based on hotness. Plus, Molly Shannon and Olivia Newton John guest star.

For another take on this week’s episode, check out You Are Beautiful by Stephanie Jaar.

Season 1, Episode 16: Home (originally aired April 27, 2010)

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