Gossip Girl Review: Daddy Issues

Last week on Gossip Girl, Lily shocked the family by announcing that she is sick with the “c” word and has been receiving secret medical treatment from her ex-husband and father of her children, William, played by that clone of Alec, Billy Baldwin. Rufus was hesitant about it to be sure so you can imagine his shock this week when William announced that he would be moving in downstairs. I knew right then that things were going to get real weird and this episode certainly didn’t disappoint.

Serena is still trying to establish a relationship with William and attempts to put her best foot forward. Eric, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with him and tells him so quite powerfully. Eric is such a likeable little guy I wish he’d have more to do on the show but instead he is upstaged by drama like Serena moving back into the condo and wanting Jenny’s bedroom. Serena doesn’t get her way and pouts. Thank god, it got better than this.

On the other side of town Blair runs into the girls from Columbia University who treat her like a celeb and cause her to once again consider switching to Columbia and even pretend like she is. When word gets around via the Gossip Girl blog about Jenny keeping her room over Serena and Blair shrugs it off the girls demand the old Blair spirit and let her in on the gossip that Jenny used to deal drugs. Blair happily passes that little morsel of information on and┬ábefore you can say “catty,” the whole city knows it.

Meanwhile, Serena finds out that Rufus had William’s application to buy a condo in their building blocked by the board which sets both her and Lily off and ultimately pushes them closer to the once dead-beat dad.

Everyone then ends up at a gala event in William’s honor and at first, Rufus refuses to go but is convinced to get over his dislike when he sees that William has arranged a play-date for Eric with his boyfriend. I personally found this weird but it’s quickly forgotten when Rufus arrives at the event just in time to hear William proclaim his regret for leaving his family back in the day because he “still loves them.” In my mind I wanted to hear that little piece of music that Uma Thurman hears every time she is about to kill someone in Kill Bill but the look on Rufus’s face certainly filled that void. He’s so mad that Lily tells him to sleep in Brooklyn so he takes Jenny and off they go to borough banishment.

And just when things couldn’t get worse Serena runs into their neighbor, Holland (Sherri Saum), who you may remember had a couple sexy encounters with Rufus earlier this season when Rufus was under the impression that Lily was cheating on him. Well, not knowing the full story and being touched by William’s speech, Holland spills the beans to Serena in hopes that Lily doesn’t end up with Bad Guy Rufus. Oops. The episode ends with Lily, Eric, Serena, and William all sitting together over hot chocolate and I was thoroughly creeped out.

But that’s not all that went down in this fairly busy but well-crafted episode. Dan and Vanessa try to set new boundaries in their now awkward relationship to avoid hurt, artistic feelings just as Vanessa finds out that she’s also been accepted to an exclusive CNN Documentary internship that will require her to be in Haiti for three months. She initially wants to turn it down in favor of preserving their relationship but Dan convinces her to take it and they prepare to give a long distance relationship a try.

Squints is still at rock bottom and binging hard in the aftermath of the big breakup to the point where he has yet to contact Lily since finding out that she is sick. Luckily, Blair is able to get through to him and he reaches out to Lily at the event in a very touching little scene.

Blair, having resigned herself to be unhappy at NYU forever, randomly meets a man from admissions at Columbia who tells her that she has been accepted for the fall semester! And it turns out that it was Squints who actually sent in her application. That may in fact be fraud but I guess it’s still kind of sweet.

And finally, my nemesis, Jenny gets a complaint about the the pills she sold to a girl awhile back, which turned out to be mere antibiotics. But wait a minute….weren’t those Lily’s pills? Wouldn’t cancer-fighting pills be a little more potent? That’s Jenny’s hunch and she’s got Squints on the case now too. This is getting juicy with only two episodes of the season left to go. Brace for impact. This is going to get rocky.

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Season 3, Episode 20: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad World (originally aired May 3, 2010)

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Mondays at 8/7C, The CW

Photographs courtesy of The CW, Giovanni Rufino

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