Glee Review: A Walk on the Wild Side

This week the Glee club focuses on boosting their popularity by pursuing bad reputations. Everyone acts/reacts a little out of character, some with a walk on the wild side.

Sue’s Secret Video

The episode opens with the glee club thoroughly amused by a video of Sue performing Olivia Newton John’s “Let Get Physical” that Kurt stole from her office. They decide to be “badasses” and post it to YouTube.

Once Sue catches wind of her video on the internet, she immediately blames the Glee club. She also brings to Will and Principal Figgins’ attention the “Glist.” Sue is not used to be the laughing stock of the school and faculty, including jabs by new teacher Brenda Castle (Molly Shannon). While visiting her sister in her nursing home, Sue has the revelation to help someone who is worse off then her—Emma.

Sue encourages Emma to stand up for herself—and since she has baby monitors in Will’s apartment (sort of crazy!) to spy on him, informs Emma about April’s sleep over and the makeout session with Shelby. Sue encourages Emma to “communicate her feelings to Will in a public place.”

Emma confronts Will telling him that she has been seeing a therapist to try to work through her OCD to be with him while he was fooling around with April and Shelby. An angry Emma continues by yelling multiple times “You’re a slut, Will!” Later on, Will tries to apologize but Emma does not accept and says she now sees him in a different light.

Meanwhile, the real Olivia Newton John has seen Sue’s video and calls to invite her to redo it with her. Sue decides to give all the profits from her participation to her sister’s nursing home. We see a surprisingly softer side of Sue as she tells her sister that she “only wants to impress her” and “will always love her.”

The Glist

A list emerges that ranks the Glee club members based on hotness and sexual promiscuity, which was created on a school computer using the glee club password. Principal Figgins tells Will that the person behind it will be suspended, or if no one comes forward, the club will be disbanded.

Will confronts the club and all immediately point their fingers at Puck, who claims innocence. Will assigns the project of “rehabilitating bad songs” with the hope that they could change their own growing bad reputations. Will performs, as an example, “Ice Ice Baby” which Jesse declares, “this song should be arrested for the crime of sucking.” (Nice dance moves Mr. Schu!)

Artie, Tina, Mercedes and Kurt are upset about not even making the list and decide to “cause a scandal.” An annoyed Brittany joins their little group because she was only fourth on the list. Their first attempt—decked out in hammer pants, they perform “U Can’t Touch This” in the library.  The librarian describes their performance as “very cute” which is not quite what they were going for. Next, Kurt decides to do something drastic and admits to Sue (mind you after she already heard from Olivia Newton John) that he stole the video from her office. Instead of being furious she tells him that she “can’t thank him enough.”

Will begins to interrogate each glee club member—in a way that causes Kurt to suggest he has been watching too much Law & Order since his wife left. Still no one comes forward, but Will catches (drum roll please…) Quinn posting the next glist! An emotional Quinn admits to it, after Will tells her that he understood that she lost the most, i.e. no longer head Cheerio, becoming pregnant, losing Finn, and had the most to gain by trying to gain a reputation. He tells her that she will have a better life in the future. Will covers for Quinn by telling Figgins that no one came forward, plus, since the glists have stopped, to “call it a victory and move on.”

Rachel & her Leading Men

Rachel is not a happy camper when she discovers that she is last on the glist and decides to get “musically promiscuous.” For her assignment she makes a video of “Run Joey Run” with Puck’s help, which she insists might help his reputation because he’s trying to be nicer. While working, they almost kiss…

When we finally see Rachel’s little project, it turns out Puck isn’t the only leading man in her video but also both Jesse and Finn! The boys were in the dark and are pissed! Finn calls it garbage while Jesse says it is mortifying that he, her boyfriend, was triple-casted. Finn tells her that she made the video so it looked like three guys were fighting over her and asks “is your reputation more important than your relationships?”

Rachel tries to defend her video because of her desire to be popular. Jesse understands her need for popularity but “as the guy who gave up everything to be your one and only, I can’t see past it.” He tells her that she broke his heart first. The episode ends with a performance of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Rachel, Finn and Jesse.

Glee is usually always funny but this episode especially cracked me up with some of the one-liners! Jessie has totally grown on me! Despite my earlier suspicions that Jesse was spying on New Directions, I have to admit that I am more comfortable with him, and why not…he is quite adorable and has an incredible voice. Plus, I’m sort of sad he is a senior. Will Jesse be lost to graduation? What will happen to the Rachel/Jesse power couple? Perhaps a rekindling of Finn and Rachel?

Next Week: Puck loses his Mohawk. Rachel loses her voice. Plus, a Kurt and Brittany hookup?!

For another take on this week’s episode, check out Gleeks Gone Bad by Stephanie Jaar.

Season 1, Episode 17: Bad Reputation (originally aired May 4, 2010)

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Tuesdays at 9pm on Fox

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