Lost Review: Are You Satisfied?

So we got some big answers this week, but were they satisfying?

MIB/Smoke Monster/Esau is one and the same for sure. Jack took the job and is now keeper of the island. Widmore was recruited by Jacob to bring Desmond back as some kind of fail safe.

This show always makes me question characters’ hidden agendas and even in this last episode before the two-and-a-half hour series finale on Sunday I still have my doubts as to whether or not Ben and Widmore were good or bad.

In alternate reality 2004 Jack wakes up to find a cut on his neck, we’re clued in that something bad happened in the real timeline (aka the bomb assault on the island where Jack was “rescued” by Locke/MIB). He goes to have breakfast with his son David and newly found sister Claire. It’s a very touching family scene where David and Jack talk about a concert and Claire says the baby is kicking again. Their conversation is interrupted when Jack receives a phone call from Oceanic informing him that they have found his father’s body.

It turns out though that the person on the other end of the line was Desmond who is speaking via cell phone in the parking lot of Locke and Ben’s school. Ben notices him and is threatening to call the cops when Desmond begins to tenderize his face, triggering flashes of Desmond beating him in the original timeline. Desmond tells Ben that he wasn’t trying to hurt Locke but was actually helping him “let go.” Of course it’s no coincidence that these were the exact words that Jack had told Locke the last time they met in the hospital.

Locke and Ben chat in the infirmary where they talk about Desmond and the beating. Ben tells the wheelchair bound man about Desmond’s true purpose in helping him let go. This startles Locke because they were the words Jack had said too. Ben admits that he believed Desmond.

Desmond in the meantime goes to the police station where Miles and Sawyer work and turns himself in. Before that, Miles is seen dressing up and telling Sawyer that he can still be his date to the concert that he’s been telling him about for months. Sawyer passes. He goes to lock Desmond up in a jail cell with Sayid and in the next cell is Kate. Later on they are being transported to a different police station when Desmond asks the other two if they want to get out. Confused and not entirely believing this strange man locked up with them, they both agree on the condition that they must do exactly as he says. True enough the police van stops and Ana Lucia, whom Desmond has bribed to let them get away, releases them. Hurley shows up and gives her the money and it appears that he’s remembered a lot more now of the real timeline because he recognizes her and realizes that he’s not supposed too. Desmond tells Sayid to go with Hurley while Kate and him are headed to a concert. This concert is presumably the same one that Jack, David, and Miles are attending as well.

Ben, upon leaving the school, runs into Alex who is a student there. She insists that he can get a ride home from her mom and her and here we meet a very normal Rousseau who is also a widow in this timeline. Rousseau invites Ben to have dinner at their house and we learn that even in this alternate reality, Alex and him have a close relationship where the girl thinks of him as a father.

Locke goes to see Jack at the hospital and tells him about the day’s event with Desmond showing up at his school again. He finally believes that this is all connected and that perhaps Jack is supposed to fix him (hmmm could this be a foreshadowing event to the real 2007 timeline?). Jack naturally says it’s just a coincidence but is happy to be able to help Locke. I love that we’re reminded of the difference between these two characters as a man of faith versus a man of science.

Back in the real timeline, a whole lot of stuff has been going on. We finally see Miles, Richard and Ben head back to the Dharma houses where Ben has hidden C4 that they intend to use to blow up the plane (gosh that seems like ages ago already). In an unexpected moment, Miles is able to sense Alex’s dead body underground and Richard tells Ben that he buried her after she had died. Widmore must have a bad sense of timing because he shows up soon after with Zoë. Ben is ready to kill Widmore but the other man reveals that it was Jacob who invited him back to the island for a reason.

Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Jack mourn for the deaths of Jin and Sun. I’m wondering though why no one has even mentioned Frank Lapidus at this point! I guess they forgot about him? Anyway, Jack tells them that they have to go rescue Desmond because Sayid told him that Locke wanted Desmond dead. As they trek into the jungle, young Jacob shows himself to Hurley demanding that he give him the ashes of his burned adult body. As soon as he gets it, he dashes off with Hurley trying to catch up to him. He runs into the adult Jacob who instructs him to bring the rest of the group. This time everyone can see Jacob and he finally reveals some answers.

Kate was crossed out because she became a mother, but it doesn’t really signify anything because she can have the job if she wants it. The reason that they were all here was due to the mistake that Jacob made in last week’s episode of creating the smoke monster. He picked them specifically to be candidates because they were all flawed like he was and that maybe they needed the island as much as the island needs them. He also goes on to explain that the light source has to be protected from MIB and that he won’t chose for them because he wants to give them the choice, something he never had. Jack (no surprise there) steps up to the plate. I honestly felt like this was anti-climatic, all this build up and then Jack just does something very much to his character which is obvious but a little boring. Jacob takes him over to a nearby stream where he chants over the water and then has Jack drink it. He then says that now “we’re the same,” the words his mother had used after he became the new guardian. Jack asks him how long he has to protect the island and Jacob responds “for as long as you can.”

Meanwhile Locke/MIB is making his way to the Dharma village where, as the smoke monster, he takes out Richard (though we don’t know if he’s dead) and strikes a deal with Ben. Miles flees before MIB arrives while Widmore and Zoë hide inside Ben’s closet. MIB tells Ben that he needs him to kill some people for him and in exchange he’ll give Ben control of the island. Does he have the power to do that? And what does Ben want to do with the island anyway? He agrees and gives up Widmore and Zoë to MIB.

Inside the closet, MIB quickly slices Zoë’s neck and she bleeds to death. A threatened Widmore reveals that Jacob brought him back because he wanted Desmond on the island as a fail safe somehow. This isn’t further explained to the viewers because Widmore whispers it to MIB before Ben goes trigger happy and kills him claiming that he doesn’t get to save his daughter (MIB was intending to go after Penny once he got off the island if Widmore didn’t tell him why he came back). Next they go off to the well where Desmond had been and find it empty but with a rope dangling on the side. MIB though says that it’s a good thing that Desmond escaped because now he was going to use him to destroy the island.

Random thoughts/questions about this episode:

-       We still don’t know what happened to Claire.

-       I’m guessing Desmond is going to be used as a bomb somehow to destroy the light source.

-       MIB saying he’s going to destroy the island now contradicts what he said to Ben about giving him the island once he leaves.

-       What’s going to happen at this concert in alternate timeline 2004?

-       Maybe Miles helped Desmond escape while Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley were with Jacob.

-       It’s too predictable that Jack is the new guardian; something else is going to happen.

-       Aaron and Ji-Yeon should get together in the future in a spin-off show.

At this point I think I’m just soaking in as much of what’s left and happy to just get some questions answered. What did you think of this episode?

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Season 6, Episode 16: What They Died For (originally aired May 18, 2010)

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Photographs courtesy of ABC and Mario Perez.

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