Glee Review: Can I Uncover My Eyes Now?

There was only one word that kept flashing through my mind while watching Glee: AWKWARD. A Schuester and Sylvester romance? I was covering my eyes. Terri Schuester going all cougar on Finn? Pass me the barf bucket, please. The musical numbers had me putting the volume on mute, and Jesse’s mutiny still has me scratching my head.

Even now, all I can think is, “What did I just watch?!” I’m still not so sure.

The gleeks find out right away that their newcomer, Jesse St. James, has already jumped ship and transferred back to Vocal Adrenaline. Now that Shelby and Rachel were reunited, his job at McKinley High is done. I always knew this would happen, but overall am disappointed with the way Jesse’s character was handled.

The Vocal Adrenaline group puts on a performance of “Another One Bites the Dust” and vandalizes the choir room, putting the Glee kids into a serious depressed funk. Sue also announces that she will be using the choir room to house her trophies since Glee will lose regionals and thus won’t be allowed to form again next year.

Will decides that playing nice with Sue and ignoring her hasn’t been enough to stop her from harassing Glee. So he figures it’s time to give the wicked witch a taste of her own medicine. Schue starts flirting and woo-ing Sue which is just all sorts of weird and awkward. He eventually asks her out to dinner, and Sue accepts showing up with a dainty pearl necklace to compliment the red tracksuit. How romantic! Will stands her up, however, and at first Sue rages like a bull, but then secludes herself and falls into a deep depression.

It’s funny seeing the Cheerios squad so completely out of their mind without Sue – disheveled hair and a backwards uniform for Brittany just about sums it up. But hearing Sue talk to Will about her most intimate feelings was bizarre. What is it about Will that just makes these characters reveal everything to him?! Anyway, Sue admits she doesn’t like being alone and would very much enjoy having a trophy husband to come home to in the evenings. It seems a bit strange and out of character, but by the end of the episode, Sue’s back in the game and has won the Cheerio’s squad their sixth consecutive nationals.

The musical numbers from the kids were really not that interesting or great, to say the least. Quinn sang “It’s a Man’s World” with a bunch of other pregnant teens; Puck and Finn sang “Losers;” and Puck, Finn and Mercedes rapped to “Good Vibrations.”

Finally, in order to get out of their funk and show Vocal Adrenaline what they’re made of, the Glee kids put on a show to “Give Up the Funk.” Their plan apparently succeeds because Vocal Adrenaline is terrified since they’ve never been able to pull off a funk number. Is that really all it took to intimidate their competition? A funk song? Really?!!?

That’s really all I can say about tonight’s episode which was just all over the place. Next week is the season finale. This show goes through so many highs and lows, you never really know what to expect. But I’m still looking forward to seeing what’ll happen when Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions pull out all the stops for their final confrontation.

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Season 1, Episode 21: Funk (originally aired June 1, 2010)

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