Doctor Who: The (Eleventh) Doctor is in the House

If there were ever a time to start watching Doctor Who, now would be it.

Every so often, when an actor’s contract expires and they decide not to renew, the famed Time Lord goes through a process known as regeneration. He’s the same person mentally, but he takes on a completely different physical appearance. It’s also usually the ripe time for a new assistant to join him on his travels.

Now, I had caught a few episodes of Doctor Who with David Tennant in the lead before, but it’s only with the introduction of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan that I’ve really gotten hooked. It’s like a fresh start for the show, and I’ve found it easier to follow along with everything through Gillan’s character, Amy Pond, who is just as much a newbie as I am.

The lovely Amy Pond first meets the Doctor at the age of four, but he doesn’t come back for her until she’s in her early twenties. There’s a lot revolving around Amy: she’s due to get married the morning after she runs off with the Doctor and something about her wedding date has to do with these bizarre time cracks in the universe that keep popping up.

So far, Amy and the Doctor have traveled way into the future to a time when England is no longer on Earth but in a giant spaceship being driven by a creature called the star whale. They’ve also gone back in time to World War II and Venice in the 1500s battling evil aliens along the way.  The amount of aliens on this show is endless!

We also end up meeting River Song, another time traveler, again. Her character is pretty huge, yet very mysterious. She knows a lot about the Doctor and has apparently already met him several times in her past, his future. Yeah, these time traveling shenanigans get confusing after a while! Amy guesses that the two eventually marry, though it seems her involvement is far bigger than that. The Doctor’s eventual downfall, maybe?

After Amy’s had her fair share of time traveling, the Doctor brings her back to her present day the night before she gets married. But it seems Amy’s affections for the Doctor are getting a little out of hand and she doesn’t want to let him go.

A few episodes into the season, before we forget about Amy’s pending nuptials, the Doctor thinks it might be a good idea to invite Rory, Amy’s fiancé, to join them in the Tardis. The Doctor’s brilliant idea comes about after Amy starts getting a little too frisky with him, and even Rory is now beginning to get jealous of the close bond between Amy and the Doctor. Rory’s presence was definitely a welcome change during the Venetian episode – he provided some great comic relief trying to sword fight a vampire-like sea alien with a broom.

It’s been a very exciting season so far, and news from across the pond is that it’s only going to get more intense. Matt Smith has successfully managed to keep the charm and passion that David Tennant so wonderfully played in my eyes and Karen Gillan is a great fit for this eleventh doctor. This season has me hooked for good!

New episodes on BBC America, Saturday at 9pm

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Photographs courtesy of BBC America. 

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