Merlin Review: First Love

Well it’s about time Merlin received a little romantic action for himself! Unfortunately though, as I’ve come to expect with this show, it doesn’t last.

A druid girl has been captured by the bounty hunter Halig. Halig is in the business of selling sorcerers, witches, Druids and anything else magical to Uther and receiving a pretty penny for it. And given Uther’s distaste for magic, we all know the horrible fate awaiting those poor souls.

While accompanying Gaius back from a late night physician’s visit, Merlin sees Freya (Laura Donnelly), a young druid girl who is being held captive by Halig like some sort of wild animal. While Halig’s off celebrating his latest capture, Merlin helps the girl escape and he hides her in a cave and begins visiting regularly to bring food and water.

Before long, the two form an intimate bond. Merlin is free to do magic around Freya – she’s a druid, after all – and they relate to each other because of their status as “outsiders” and the loss of their families. It’s a very sentimental episode, to say the least, as we see these two vulnerable characters bond.

But with the dark comes the light, and thank goodness we have Prince Arthur to provide some comedy! Although perhaps sometimes unintentionally. Merlin has been stealing Arthur’s food to give to Freya and he plays it off by telling the prince it’s only to keep him in shape. Even in medieval Camelot, health and body image is important!

Meanwhile, Merlin wants to think his new girlfriend is perfect, but truth is she’s hiding a secret from him that’s bigger than just magic. Freya was cursed as a child and at night she turns into a horrible winged beast. She’s already transformed a few times while hiding in Camelot and even killed a few people. Gaius figures out pretty quickly what – or more specifically, who – the beast is, but Merlin refuses to confess he knows where Freya is.

Merlin is so love drunk, he prepares to leave Camelot for good with Freya. When he comes to retrieve her for their great escape, Freya is already gone. That is, until the knights of Camelot catch up to her and she changes into the big beastly creature. Arthur strikes her with a deadly blow, but not until Freya manages to whimper away and have one final moment with Merlin.

“The Lady of the Lake” was a very strong episode. We got to see so much more real emotion from Merlin and some more bromance moments between Arthur and Merlin. You can never really go wrong with those!

Season 2, Episode 9: The Lady of the Lake (aired June 4, 2010)

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Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy

Photographs courtesy of NBC Universal and SyFy.

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