Burn Notice Review: Can you face the KHAN!!!

Last week on Burn Notice, Michael Westen burned a spy. Delicious though the irony is, to Michael, a burned spy himself, this is a major faux-pas that leaves him with much guilt and as you can probably guess, obligation. So, this week Michael and crew take up this obligation to Jesse, newest member of the bitter and burned spies club.

Now, Fiona and Sam are more than a little wary about working with Jesse. Seeing as how Jesse wants to hurt and possibly kill whoever burned him (also known as Michael), this hesitancy seems understandable. But Michael insists. So, the trio (Michael, Sam, and Fiona) take Jesse on as a client.

Jesse is being hunted by an old enemy he met while working as an agent, Ming Khan. Khan thinks that Jesse stole $2mil from him; whereas before when Jesse was protected by the government, now he’s on his own, and vulnerable. He needs Michael’s help to get Khan off of his back. The plan is that Michael, formed as an enemy of Jesse, joins up with Khan to hunt Jesse out. Of course, as Michael already knows where Jesse is, what he really wants is to be in a position to get Khan and his crew busted with illegal weapons.

Khan’s #2, Lee, doesn’t like Michael and would rather hunt Jesse alone. But Michael convinces Khan that it would be in his best interest to work together. During this time Fiona and Jesse bond over auto-mechanics. Jesse tells her about his history as a field operative. His problem was that he wanted to go after all the bad guys, not just the ones pointed out to him. “Turns out some guys can watch a dude smack around his girlfriend in a bar, and some guys can’t.”

While Michael and Khan are getting together to go hunt for Jesse, Michael manipulates them into driving with the illegal weapons they were going to use on Jesse. Sam, the concerned citizen, calls the cops and reports a possible drug deal. The cops come and since Khan’s car struggles to carry the weight of the guns, he is caught by the police. Just as planned…

Not as planned, Michael gets a phone call from a free Khan. Turns out he knows people in the DEA. And if that’s not bad enough, he has Jesse. Khan, still unaware of Michael’s involvement, invites Michael over to help in the interrogation, per their agreement. Michael agrees. This plan has now become a rescue mission.

The crew figures out that the best way to free Jesse is to convince Khan that someone else stole his money. The fall guy for this plan is Lee, Khan’s #2. They get Lee’s banking information and in a subtle interrogation move Michael tells Jesse what information to give to Michael’s questions. Lee freaks out when he hears his financial information. Khan freaks and Lee freaks-out and they two shoot each other. During the confusion Michael takes Jesse away.

And before you forget about Vaughn, Vaughn chose a hand-off approach to ‘handling’ Jesse, at Michael’s request. Now, in trade Michael has to get information from Jesse to help in their counter-terrorism job. To keep Jesse close and Vaughn far away, Michael offers to help Jesse with his life post-burn. Jesse agrees, as long as Michael understands that Jesse will kill whoever burned him. Michael agrees.

Also, Madeline is Jesse’s new roommate. Well actually he’s her tenant.

Wonder what’s next for the quartet.  Stay tuned next week.

Season 4, Episode 2: Fast Friends (Originally aired June 10, 2010)

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Thursdays at 9/8c on USA

Photographs courtesy of USA Network and Glenn Watson.

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