So You Think You Can Dance Review: Say What?

For the first time in the history of So You Think You Can Dance we saw the exact same six dancers two weeks in a row. Last week, for reasons known only to them, the judges couldn’t decide whether to let Jose, Billy, or Robert go. This should have been an easy decision. Jose should have gone home last week.

I suppose maybe they were undecided because Billy totally wimped out and didn’t dance – even though the doctors had cleared him. At any rate, we were treated to six, thankfully healthy, dancers again this week.

Kent drew another Cha-Cha with Anya, this time playing the role of bad boy to her naughty school teacher. I thought it worked. He tackles each project with such intense gusto, it’s hard not to appreciate both his drive and his talent. He didn’t look scared like the last time he danced with Anya, much earlier in the competition. Nigel agreed, saying that now “he’s a man.” Mia took issue with his facial expressions yet again and I resisted the urge to yell shut up at my television. Where’s the mute button when you need it? Kent’s second dance of the evening was an old school Broadway routine danced alongside Jose. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Kent belongs on Broadway. The number was “fantabulous,” to quote Mia. At this moment, I just don’t see how Kent can lose this competition.

Robert shone in a Contemporary number with Kathryn, a great piece about lovers saying goodbye as one leaves for war. He’s shed some of his goofiness in the past couple of weeks and the boy’s talent, especially in his own style, is undeniable. I’d like to see him land in the top 3. Robert shocked the world with his second routine, a completely outstanding Bollywood number. I’ve never seen anyone do this kind of spot-on rendition on this show and believe he outdanced Billy by a country mile. He impressed the judges as well and I had to believe he’d done enough to stay in the competition.

AdeChike lucked out with a sexy jazz piece with Courtney…except he still can’t be sexy, in my opinion. He’s so stiff and un-emotive on stage. It fell flat for me even though, once again, he technically danced it beautifully. I’ve thought AdeChike belonged in the bottom 3 since week 1 but he’s never been there. It might be his smile, his charm, or the fact he’s been handled roughly by the judges. Maybe a combination. Either way, I’m not sure he belongs in the top 4. He ended the night with the foxtrot, with Lauren as a partner. It wasn’t great, and it wasn’t terrible. Kind of how I’d describe the majority of AdeChike’s routines on the show.

Jose’s light seems to be fading these past couple of weeks as he realizes his lack of training will continue to impede him but seems unsure how to overcome it. He hasn’t handled the challenge as well as, say, Legacy did last season. Jose’s been skating through on charm instead of genuine improvement, and its about to cost him his spot, I’d guess. He kept up a tad better in the Broadway routine with Kent, but the disparity in both their dance and showmanship was apparent. Nigel said what everyone was thinking – this will probably be Jose’s last week.

Lauren, bless her heart, is improving each week by leaps and bounds and appears to be the only contestant with even a shot at giving Kent a run for his money. She and Allison, another great contemporary dancer, took on an all-girl Broadway routine that showcased them both in a fabulous light. The judges thought they were amazing. Her foxtrot routine with AdeChike did seem a bit off, for her, but she danced it ten times better than he did. After the show, Lauren didn’t join the other contestants on stage and Cat mentioned she was with the medics. Turns out Lauren was a bit dizzy but returned on Thursday night. Here’s hoping it’s nothing serious.

Last, but not least Billy. Billy has been one of the strangest contestants for me. Some weeks he is outstanding, other weeks just so-so. He doesn’t appear to have the drive or stamina of some of the others. Wednesday night, though, his Contemporary routine with Ade reminded me and everyone else of why he is on the show. It was stunning, perfect, poignant, and danced with heart and soul. One of the best routines of the season. He ended the night with the Bollywood routine and Robert, which he danced technically well but without Robert’s heart and ambition.

Thursday night revealed a healthier Lauren, which pleased me and likely everyone else watching the show. The first two in the bottom three were Jose and Billy – really no surprise there. Robert and Lauren were next onstage and Cat shocked the world when she revealed Lauren would be joining the other two in the bottom three. For the first time in weeks, Robert was safe. I think Robert deserves his spot in the top 4 – AdeChike, not so much. Still, once Lauren landed at the bottom, the judges’ choice made itself. They sent Billy and Jose packing, giving Lauren another week to reconnect with the fans.

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Season 7, Episode 18 & 19: Top 6 Perform & 2 of 6 Voted Off (originally aired July 28 and July 29, 2010)

Photographs courtesy of Fox and IMDbPro

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