Scott Pilgrim vs The Alternate Ending: How The Movie Originally Ended

Back in February I had the opportunity to catch a work-in-progress version of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I was blown away by the movie and could not wait to watch it again. Luckily, I was able to catch a screening of the finalized film during San Diego Comic Con along with it’s changed ending. See Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Beyond Epic by Bilal Mian.

If you have not seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World STOP! This article contains spoilers for the end of the movie and a few other scenes.

If you’ve seen the movie then please read on.

The Original Ending

The first significant change comes after the fight with Evil Exes Five and Six, Kyle and Ken Katayanagi. Scott jumps off the stage to confront Gideon, but is intercepted by Knives. The scene plays out the same as the finalized version of the film till the very end of the clip. Scott walks away, leaving Knives by herself in the crowd. As Knives looks in the direction that Scott left, the black box that gives out character information as seen early in the movie (e.g. Scott Pilgrim, Age 23, Rating Awesome) pops up again displaying Knives Chau, Age 18.

The next major change occurs after Scott “deals” with Nega-Scott. Meeting up with Knives on the street, Scott and her look off into the distance where Ramona stands in the street. A silent understanding takes place between Ramona and Scott where each understands that Scott is better suited to be with Knives. Ramona walks off into the darkness and Scott and Knives share a kiss. The movie comes to an end with the two of them at the arcade laughing, having a good time playing the Ninja DDR game.

And that’s that. The original ending for the movie.

Personally, I prefer the new ending that can be seen in theaters. It flows better with the movie. For those that have seen the movie, you can definitely see that the film hints towards this ending.

When I initially saw the original ending I felt a bit sideswiped by what just happened. After dwelling on it a bit, I came to terms with the ending, but I could possibly see others being put off. I would definitely say the “Knives’ Ending” is more of a character building ending than the “Ramona Ending.”

Hopefully viewers will get a chance to see the original ending as part of Extras on the Scott Pilgrim DVD/Bluray.

Photo by Kerry Hayes – © 2010 Universal Studios.

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