Entourage Review: A Fallen Star

I know Hollywood likes a comeback, but Vince is really stacking the deck against himself.  What began as harmless, flaky behavior has escalated into a self-destructive, dangerous lifestyle.  Vince is going on epic benders and shirking his responsibilities.  In short, he’s behaving like an addict.  He fails to come home, forgets to make an appearance at Ari’s son’s baseball game, and isn’t answering his phone.  His jealousy about Sasha’s job causes a fight on the set of her movie, and they finally break up when she refuses to quit.  Vince has never been a jerk.  Despite his fame, talent, and good looks, he’s always carried himself like an approachable, humble guy.  Now he’s a grade A douchebag, demanding favors and reminding old friends about all that he’s done for them.  He looks like shit and is acting even worse.  While Eric and the gang try to track him down, Scott tells E that Vince showed up at his house in the wee hours of the morning looking for coke.  Drama decides that Vince needs an intervention, and everyone assembles at his house, even Sasha.  Now here’s where I have a problem.  Sasha isn’t too far off from needing re-hab herself; I don’t think she’s in a position to be judging Vince.  In fact, she’s the one who ushered in this new lifestyle, and now I’m supposed to believe that she’s as classy and concerned as someone like Sloan?  Nope, I’m not buying it.  I digress.  Of course when Vince arrives he responds with hostility to the intervention.  He downplays everything and is in serious denial.  He storms out and the intervention is a failure.  Meanwhile, his reputation as a druggie is gaining steam.

Ari has to be the most stressed out.  His marriage is crumbling and his star client is teetering on the edge.  He plans a lavish birthday party for his wife, hoping to make amends for his mortifying stunt with Amanda at the restaurant.  Mrs. Ari wants little to do with him, and he’s disappointed to find that she called in reinforcements in the form of her sister, who acts as an abrasive buffer between the two.  He bribes her sister to help him get her back to the house for the surprise party, but at the last minute she is a no-show.  Cristina Aguilera is even there to serenade her with her favorite song.  Ari was warned to cancel the party, that it was too soon and bad timing.  He proceeded anyway, and like most things lately – it blew up in his face.  His wife calls and says that she needs some space and distance from him.  I know that they love each other a great deal, but they have been having difficulty aligning their priorities for quite some time.  This was almost inevitable.

Turtle and Mark Cuban have managed to reach an agreement about financing for Avion, with Cuban agreeing to take a back seat and just provide the 5 million for another factory.  I would love for Turtle to finally become successfully independent and wealthy.  He is a good character and he looks great.  He doesn’t perpetually rock a fitted Yankees hat anymore, and he’s lost a lot of weight. Go Turtle, I see you!

To be honest, Entourage has run its course.  It pains me to say that, as it’s one of my favorite shows.  They have really taken Vince’s character everywhere.  From up-and-comer to “it” boy, with a comeback mixed in for good measure.  Now they are turning him into druggie and an asshole.  That’s not the Vince we know and love.  Stick him in re-hab and let him bounce back.  The episode ends with Vince crashing an Eminem party, making an ass of himself with an actress, and getting into a huge brawl.  Johnny has his back (as always), but Vince has now made his problem a very public issue.  While he was getting his ass kicked at the club, I actually wondered for a second if Vince was going to die.  He ends up in the hospital, his face a battered mess.  I suspect he will lose his role in Air-walker because of this.  They needed him to come in the next day to do some shoots, and his face is in no shape for that.  Plus, the police found a bag of coke on him at the hospital, so I suspect he’ll be in jail at least for a couple of hours.  Way to go Vince! I’m glad he will be put out of his misery after one more season.  This has been a disappointing season for me, and the addiction storyline had a natural progression but still seems forced.  Vince isn’t new to Hollywood, and he’s been down and out before.  Now he develops a drug problem?  It will be interesting to see how these conflicts are resolved in the next and final season.

Season 7, Episode 10: Lose Yourself (originally aired September 12, 2010)

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