Glee Review: The Gang's All Here – Minus One

Hey everyone, I’m excited!

After what I felt was a lackluster season finale, I’m pleased with how the sophomore season of Glee has started off. There are already character changes taking place – some recurring people from last season are now gone to make way for fresh meat. Ken the football coach and Matt (he who was always in the background and danced) are the first causalities. Their disappearance isn’t major, but it makes way for the two storylines this episode:

THE BEISTE. Coach Beiste (pronounced “beast,” it’s French) has taken over as the new football coach. She – yes, she – is a very manly woman who was no doubt brought in to serve as competition for Sue. Beiste’s first order of business is to request more funds for the football team, thereby cutting the budget for Cheerios and Glee.

Now Schuester and Sue have a common enemy with the mutual agreement that The Beiste must go. Schue learns the fine art of bullying from Sue, but it doesn’t take long until Schue realizes he wasn’t cut out to be mean. In fact, I felt really awful for The Beiste during her bullying. I genuinely wanted to reach through my television screen and give her a hug. Nobody deserves that kind of bullying. Shame on you, Schue! I blame Schue because he’s supposed to be the symbol of goodness on this show and if we lose him, then what’ll happen to Glee?!

AUDITIONS. Glee club is down one member since Matt transferred and fliers are going up around the school to announce auditions for new gleekers. As you can imagine, no one is in a rush to sign up. Rachel meets Sunshine, a Filipino exchange student who is damn good at singing. Rachel’s not stupid though, and she knows if Sunshine joins the Glee club then her solos will probably be greatly reduced. After a long battle with the other Glee members and an awful prank sending Sunshine to a crack house, Rachel finally gets the young girl to audition for Glee club. But not all is dandy afterwards and Sunshine gets snatched up by the Number 1 enemy, Vocal Adrenaline.

Second potential new Glee club member is Sam Evans, also new to McKinley High’s football team. He’s a great singer but he enjoys being a cool Quarterback and doesn’t want to be stuck with the “nerd” label by joining Glee. I’m sure he’ll come around eventually, but for now I can’t stop staring at his mouth every time he comes on screen. Thanks a lot, Puck.

WRAPPING IT UP. It was a better season premiere than I anticipated with some great moments with all the characters: especially Tina, Mike, Artie, Quinn and Santana. There was no sign of Emma Pillsbury, but I’m not complaining. The songs were cringe-worthy, except for Lea Michele’s finale.  I’m hopeful for the rest of the season, particularly next week’s Britney Spears episode!

Season 2, Episode 1: Audition (originally aired September 21, 2010)

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