Smallville: Interview with Lindsay Hartley

Smallville’s got a new villain in town. This may come as no real surprise to loyal viewers as every week there’s a villain in town but this new chick, she’s crazy and that’s a special kind of dangerous. This week Lindsay Hartley joins the cast of Smallville as the uber-villain Mad Harriet. This chick is lethal, crazy… and, oh yeah, she gets off on the pain.

In an interview with Lindsay Hartley the mad plans of Mad Harriet are revealed, Superman is brought to his knees, and Freddy Krueger does some good in this world, if only for art’s sake.

Keshaunta Moton: You’re going to be on Smallville as Mad Harriet, can you tell me more about that character?

Lindsay Hartley: Sure, Granny Goodness is basically her {Harriet’s} goddess or her hero. Granny Goodness has this team of women that she’s training to help do whatever Granny Goodness wants them to do. Whatever Granny Goodness’ plans are Mad Harriet, who is the leader of these women, will do. My character, Mad Harriet, has a claw and that’s her special gift… it’s powered by kryptonite {Superman’s mortal weakness.} She’s a character who thinks that killing Clark Kent will help fill her purpose in life.

KM: Do you have intense fight scenes between you and Superman {played by Tom Welling}?

LH: I don’t. They’re not intense. When Clark Kent is around kryptonite he’s so weak he’s nothing, he has no strength. He’s like a baby… He’s so weak she just wipes the slate with him. She owns the scene with her power because he’s worthless and has no strength.

KM: I saw a picture of the claw, that claw looks insanely intense, what was your first thought when you saw it?

LH: I loved it. I loved it; I thought it was so hardcore with that. They are real metal blades. They handmade that. It was a real piece of equipment. They modeled it after the Freddy Krueger hand and as you see it, you’re going ‘yeah, that makes sense.’ It helps create the character the more committed the clothing is. And I think costume is a big thing. You’re wearing that, that’s representing your character … that piece is an extension of who she is and I dug it, I loved it.

KM: What would you say was the most demanding part of this role?

LH: There was a fight sequence; I don’t know if it was demanding, we had time before to work on it. Had we not had a special day to practice it… I wouldn’t call it demanding but that was the most intense work I had. I wanted it to look really good.

You can judge for yourself, Mad Harriet debuts this Friday on Smallville. The episode, “Abandoned,” will also feature former Lois & Clark actress Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane’s mother. Smallville airs Fridays at 8 on the CW.

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Fridays at 8/7c on The CW.

Photographs courtesy of The CW and Jack Rowand.

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